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Posted : admin On 07.02.2019
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I was able to fix this using the method wduser666 mentions above. Your drive is probably not as broken as it seems!! Steps to fix: Connect your drive to a Windows PC. You’ll get a thing wanting to install drivers, ignore it. Download and run the Windows version of the Firmware Update.

Pull out the USB/power cord and wait a bit. Plug it back in and Windows will recognize your drive correctly (you won’t see your files if you had a password on the drive). Eject it properly and unplug. Plug it back into your Mac, and it’ll be back to normal – your old password still applies and all your files are there! This outcome seems to point to a problem in the mac installer.

Shame on you Western Digital for not fixing this and forcing people to pay for ‘data recovery’ or buying a new drive. I wasted my saturday morning with this passport harddrive by WD. Working excellent last night, and after i installed updates no dice. Like all you guys. Finally got it working was very very angry at the whole process, i wont update ever again from WD. There should have been some sort of diclaimer, or just get rid of the link and not let mac users update their firmware, i mean if there are obvious flaws in the software, why even have it as a live link for so so long? Very disappointed with them.

But im glad that you guys helped me. Trying to remove smartware, I followed the WD instructions. Step 1 was installing the latest firmware. After this, my drive was not mounted by my MacBook Pro. Following the thread here, I plugged the drive, passport essential se 1 tb, into my W7 pc, downloaded the firmware updater for Windows, and it found the drive and ran fine. Now the drive mounts on my MacBook.

The Apple formatting, partitions, files and such were not affected. I am back to where I want to be, but still would like to banish the smartware. WARNING – DO NOT BUY WD MY BOOK DRIVES if you plan to store anything of value. I and a friend started buying My Books to build music and video libraries to work with iTunes and AppleTV. He has had all 4 of his drives fail and I’ve had 4 of five fail.

Hot Hot Hot Verkauf Wd My Passport Se For Mac 2017

I work in the software industry and deal with a large amount of hardware and the WD My Book has the highest failure rate of any drive I’ve ever used or seen. In my personal use, it is the only drive I’ve ever had fail.

Ask your local Costco about the number they get returned due to failures. Costco no longer sells the My Book drives. The only WD external drives I own that haven’t failed are the Passports. They seem to work endlessly.

Just avoid the My Books. Hi I have recently joined the growing comminity that have rendered their WD hard drives unusable by updating the firmware. From reading this site I find out that that the firmware update was released long ago (May 20) and the problems with it were first starting to be reported on this site by May 22. Would it not be better to take the link to the update off the web site back then and then focus solving the problem? Saying that the “We’re working on it, and it’s probably being tested now”, in October, doesn’t help build any good will for the product or the company.

Hot hot hot verkauf wd my passport se for mac

That link is a known problem that is coursing the destruction of peoples data on a daily basis since May. I can only assume that the company has known about it since then and chosen to ignore it. My MyBook Elite 1TB wouldn’t spin up after I did the firmware update on my MacBook Pro.

I was sure that I was sunk. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found this forum.

Hot Hot Hot Verkauf Wd My Passport Se For Mac Pro

I learned here about the workaround of running the firmware updater on a Windows PC. After running the updater on Windows, it wasn’t recognized on that machine but when I plugged into my MacBook it mounted immediately and all my files were there.

That’s my story. I’ll be very cautious before I do any firmware updates in the future. I’ll check the forums firstthat is if I decide to stay with the MyBook. Thanks everyone for the help.