How To Uninstall Hp Solution Center Pdf

Posted : admin On 06.09.2019
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Remove Scanner From Hp Solution Center Hp printers hp solution center software frequently asked, hp solution center is a windows software program for hp printers it came with many hp printers manufactured prior to 2011 with it, you can perform many printer related tasks such as scanning an image, ordering supplies, checking ink levels, and more.

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I have an HP 7300 all-in-one. I use the HP supplied 'HP Solution Center' software to run my scanner. I have upgraded to Windows 10 and have had no problem until approx. This is when I got the latest Windows 10 update.

When I click the 'HP Solution Center' Icon on my desktop I just get a tone with no other indication of what just happened. I have checked for Windows updates - I'm at the latest update. I have uninstalled the driver ( along with the solutions center ) and re-installed the latest from the HP website. I have run diagnostics - the printer prints ok. I can scan from the, woefully inadequate, Windows- 10 built-in program so, the scanner is functional. I have also tried, unsuccessfully, to download the 'HP Scan & Capture' App and it doesn't seem to want to download. I can't use my scanner and I am upset - Please help.

How To Uninstall Hp Solution Center Pdf

I had the exact same problem today 1/1/16 on a computer that has been working fine with windows 10 with HP solutions center. Have you gotten any response from HP? I think the problem is with Windows 10. I wish I had never changed from Windows 7. I detest windows 10. I also have the exact same problem. My HP Solution Center shortcut Icon flashes the connection and then it disappears.

How To Uninstall Hp Solution Center Pdf

Can't Uninstall Hp Solution Center

I am not able to use it to scan my documents in. I want to use my HP product to scan. I did go to printer set up and find a way to scan my document using Microsoft.however, it isn't saving as a pdf and I had other issues uploading it to a business website that would only accept pdf. On 12/29/15 Microsoft released update KB:3132372. It has affected HP Solution Center software app for the Officejet 4500 g510n-z. It may be affecting yours. It is affecting gaming, banking, and mail apps among others.

I found this morning that Zillow real estate research site crashes while KB:3132372 is installed. Click cortana, type in updates, in full, click on view updates, right click on KB:3132372, click uninstall. If your app begins working again you have narrowed down the trouble to be with KB:3132372.

How To Uninstall Hp Solution Center Pdf Free

Dear Andul Unfortunately - your response is Not helpful. If you continue down the string of folks having this IDENTICAL issue with WIN 10, you will see this is a Windows 10 issue. Please take a closer look at the problem - as the WIN 10 community continues to grow, this will become a bigger issue. HP is a giant seller of printers and if they are not compatible with WIN 10, then it makes more sense to drop 10 than buy new printers.

Hello, Thank you for posting in Microsoft Community, we appreciate your interest in Windows 10. I would suggest you to contact HP Technical support for issues concerning the HP Solution Center for better assistance. Hope it helps. Feel free to contact us for further assistance on Windows operating System, we will be happy to help you.