How To Uninstall Office For Mac

Posted : admin On 24.11.2019
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I updated my Mac to macOS Mojave, which is a disaster to my work Mac. Now I'm trying to properly uninstall Office 2016 for Mac first and do a clean reinstall to get things work again. Mac OS X doesn't include a system-wide program removal tool. Some programs, such as Microsoft Office 2004 and 2008, include removal tools to simplify the.

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Since most of you have installed Office for Mac 2016, which gets much cleaner interface and more efficient functions compared to Office for Mac 2011, it’s time to uninstall the older version of Office on Mac to avoid any incompatibility. Of course you can simply move the application folder to trash, but if you want to remove Office on Mac permanently, deleting related files by hand is necessary. Things you need to do include: clearing the Application Support Folder and Receipts, removing the Office folder and Dock icons, removing the Custom Templates or Fonts, deleting the Preferences/Subscriptions File/License, and deleting the Microsoft user data. Obviously that’s rather troublesome and complicated to manually remove the Office related documents and data step by step. To uninstall Office on Mac without any hassle, why not rely on a professional Mac cleaning tool to remove Office on Mac radically? Also Read: The Tool We’ll Need is an amazing Mac cleaning expert, which is capable of clearing all the system junks, Internet caches, malicious cookies and unwanted apps on Mac.


It’s also able to uninstall Office on Mac completely, and can remove all the application files or preference at the same time. It only takes several steps to uninstall Office on Mac permanently with MacClean so that you can. Can’t Miss: How to Uninstall Office on Mac Completely Step 1. To your Mac and launch it. Click Cleanup Tools on the left side bar and then choose App Uninstaller to start scan all the apps files on Mac.

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How To Uninstall Office For Mac

If you want to uninstall 2016 for Mac, then follow the given steps: Expel Office 2016 for Mac Applications Open Finder Applications. Order COMMAND + click to choose the greater part of the. Ctrl+click an application you chose and click Move to Trash. Remove files from your user Library folder In Finder, press + Shift+h. On the Finder menu at the top, click View as List, and then click View Show View Options.

How To Uninstall Office For Mac 2008

In the View Options dialog box, select Show Library Folder and save. Back in Finder, open Library Containers and ctrl+click each of these folders and Move to Trash. Not all of these folders may be present.

How To Uninstall Office For Mac

Click the back arrow to go back to the Library folder and open Group Containers. Ctrl+click each of these folders if present, and Move to Trash.

Remove from Dock and Restart If you put any of the Office applications in your dock, go to each one and ctrl + click Options Remove from Dock. Restart your Mac to complete the uninstall. For more details, visit: This entry was posted in and tagged,. Bookmark the. Post navigation.