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Posted : admin On 28.12.2019
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I am considering purchursing either the HP psc 2110 all-in-one or HP psc 2210 all-in-one printers. I have read enough about the Mac OS X drivers for these printers to see that thay are decent. I am more interested in knowing about the accessibility of either of these printers. I am in a wheelchair and I have the use of one hand. I have always found my HP LaserJet 6P a breeze to handle. Envelope feeding was also very easy.

I am now looking for something that is color and something that can handle scanning photos (since I do not have space on my desk for a seperate scanner). Therefore, I would like to hear from HP psc 2110 all-in-one or HP psc 2210 all-in-one printer owners. Where do you feed envelopes? Is feeding envelopes to either printer easy, or is it a combersome process? What about the scanning process? Is scanning easy, or is it a combersome process? Are the scans acceptable?


Mac dre youtube. I need to install my printer (hp psc 2200 series all-in-one) to my computer with Windows 7. I'm getting an error message 'my operating system. Comments about HP PSC 2210 All-In-One Printer: It's been great using the HP PSC 2210 to do the things I need to at home and especially couponing. I bought this printer thinking it would be great to use with my Mac since I have space to put a printer next to it than my PC.

Anything else you can tell me about the HP psc 2110 all-in-one or HP psc 2210 all-in-one printers would be appreciated. I can only talk to the HP PSC 2210, and I'm not sitting right at it - YMMV. There's a top-mounted flatbed scanner/copier, which I'd think I could operate without difficulties one handed. The scanner lid has a 'floppy' hinge that would allow small books to be scanned with the lid mostly closed. The front a both the paper-source-tray, and the output tray. For photo printing, you slide photo stock into a slot in the output tray. I think the envelopes work the same way.

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In either case, I think it would be quite doable one-handed. There's slots on the front for at least four digital camera media types - and that all works pretty well. The top half of the printer opens up like a clamshell to get access to the toner cartridges. There's two separate ones, and you have to switch cartridges freqently if you switch back and forth from 'photo' printing to 'color' prining. But they seem pretty easy to do - again, fine one-handed. The only issues I can think of are: 1) Setup might need another body, I dunno. 2) all the buttons areon the very top - I'd want to put it on a very low table for easy access.