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Posted : admin On 02.11.2019
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You don’t need to take computer classes to find your way around Apple devices – although it does make the process a quicker one. However, if you are semi-retired, as I am, with a ton of time on your hands to fiddle with your devices, you can easily problem-solve a technical issue or two. Recently, when I was working on a family-themed video, I ran across a nagging and frustrating glitch in the IMovie App. When I tried to insert audio of any kind, particular from my ITunes library, the music immediately snapped to the front of the video. And, unlike IMovie on the Mac, this audio clip could not be moved to a preferred placement in your video. It was frustrating – I found it impossible to edit the length of the music backwards and forwards.

The MP4 file you wanted for so long is finally on your device and now all it takes is opening it. But, the Murphy’s Law has gone into effect once again and you know what that means. Yes, the MP4 file has no sound.

Then, I turned off the loop music function, selected the video clip and two yellow handles appeared. However, only the back handle ( the one on the right) was editable; the handle on the left would not budge. So the music could be re-positioned from the back and not the front? I then split the clip where I wanted the music to begin, thinking that if I selected that clip before adding the audio clip, the music would place itself below the beginning of that clip. The music gabbed the entire video.


Well, this was a nightmare! So off I went to the Apple Store and posed my problem.

In iMovie ’11, all you have to do is check the Reduce background noise by: box, and then adjust the slider until the background noise is low and the main audio is clear. If you're experiencing issues with audio files that don't sound right, we recommend restarting your browser. And if you're having trouble clicking the allow button in Safari, please click here. If you're still having trouble, please let us know in feedback.

However, six days later the creative team gave up and sent the problem to Cupertino. Did I find a glitch? Well, sort of. No deposit online casino for mac. Not one to give up easily, I continued to play around with the video, exploring every option and this is what I think is a pretty good work around until Apple addresses this issue. The Fix: Once again, I split my video in two, but this time, I decided to add the music twice – one to the first clip and the other to the second.

But, at first this did not work. The audio insisted on attaching itself to both video clips, I had to grab the back handle of the audio clip and move it all the way forward to the end of the first clip. Then, because I didn’t want to hear the audio in this first clip, I double clicked the audio clip to bring up the audio features and turned down the volume all the way to the left.

Alternatively, one could also just set the audio to the “off”position. So, although the music was there, one could not hear it.

Now I was left with the second clip minus the audio. Because this is where I wanted the music to originally start, would adding the audio a second time ignore the first clip with the silent audio track and jump to the second?

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One way to find out! I selected my song from the ITunes library and, wonder of wonders, it grabbed the beginning of the second clip. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah! Then I adjusted the audio level for the music on the second clip, making sure that the music was at an appropriate audio level to compliment the people speaking in the video. And, that was that!

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Looking at the written word, it all seems so simple and usually these problems are. However, it took a while to get past what I could easily do on my Mac where one can just move the audio to the correct placement. Hopefully, Apple will issue an update to address this technical issue in the IMovie App. If one can shorten the video from the back end, one should be able to move the front end to any point in the movie. It should just work, right?

'I am having an issue with iMovie 11 audio, one of my event libraries has been somehow compromised and when I playback the video there is no sound. But there is sound on other events, and there is sometimes sound in the projects that used the events. When I reveal the clip in the finder there is no problem at all with the clip. Is there anything I can do to jolt iMovie to rescan or reimport the contents of the event so that I may work with the files without audio issues? Of note, at the time the files were imported into iMovie everything was fine. There must just be some bug somewhere that is messing things up.'

If your iMovie project appears to be missing one or more audio tracks when you play, import, or export a project, try these steps first: 1. Make sure the audio track has not been muted in the timeline. See if the volume in iMovie is set to its lowest, if this is the case, set the volume slider to maximum. Make sure the computer's audio is not muted. Quit and reopen iMovie, then check the clip to see if it now plays with audio. Quit and reopen iMovie, then reimport the footage. Play the newly imported footage and see if you now have audio.

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If you are using an analog to DV converter instead of a camera, make sure the audio connections are good between your VCR or other analog device and the converter. Check the documentation that came with your converter for more information. Check /Library/QuickTime/ and /Library/QuickTime/ for any third-party plugins. Remove them if present, log out, and log back in.

Check to see if the issue persists. If not, check with the manufacturer of the disabled plugin to see if an update is available. Note: The tilde represents your Home directory. Check to see if any of the video clips you have imported are in the MPEG-1 format. MPEG-1 clips will lose audio when you export them as part of your iMovie project. We can easily fixed the first seven issues by ourselves, if there are still no sound in your iMovie project, the problems must be result from the last issue, which means that the some of the video clips you have imported to iMovie are in the MPEG-1 format. To solve this problem, we can use some third-party converting program such as to encode iMovie project to AIC(Apple Intermediate Codec), which features high performance and quality, being less processor intensive to work with than other editing formats.