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Posted : admin On 25.07.2019
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Note: This guide is not final. It will be fully updated when iLiberty+ is released.

The Jailbreak/Activation/Unlock process for the iPhone is fast and easy with the new iLiberty+ application. Jailbreak - By default, the iPhone jailbreak will install BSD subsystem, Installer, and Cydia. Additional apps can be installed via custom payloads. Activation - Checking the activation checkbox allows you to bypass the iTunes activation process.

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You want to use a pre-paid SIM chip from the official iPhone carrier in your country, instead of getting a contract). Unlock - Checking the unlock checkbox allows you to use the phone with any carrier that uses GSM anywhere in the world. You are traveling and want to avoid roaming fees, or you are in a country that does not have an official iPhone carrier). Run iLiberty+ 4.

On the Standard tab, check the box(es) for Jailbreak/Activate/Unlock as desired. If your phone came with 1.1.2 or later and has a 4.6 bootloader, check the box for Unlock with 3.9FB to unlock the phone via the reversible 3.9 Fake Blank bootloader method.

See Guides for more information. If you wish to add other programs by using a special payload file, click on the Payloads tab, check the box for Select your own payload, and browse to find your custom payload file. On the Standard tab, click on Free my iPhone.

Rise Of Liberty For Mac

A universal GUI tool to jailbreak, activate, as well as unlock firmwares 1.1.4 and earlier, it also has some extra functionalities. ILiberty was first developed as a personal tool for himself, later it integrated iPlus (a CLI utility developed by AViegas) and became a public tool, its name was changed to iLiberty+.

Liberty Player For Mac

Features of iLiberty+ include:. Full range of iPhone hacking, including but not limited to jailbreak, activation, unlocking, 3rd party application installation, etc. Fully script-driven, allow unlimited external payloads. iPod touch support (jailbreak and application installation). Directly download missing payloads in GUI. Proxy support for payloads download. Support both Installer and Cydia.


Mox6/mox8 editor standalone vst v1.6.6 for mac. Automatic online update iLiberty+ is available on both Windows as well as Mac OS X (named iLibertyX), the main developers are George Zhu, AViegas, francis, and pepijin, with help from many people in the community. External Links.