Installing Mitel Connect For Mac

Posted : admin On 18.06.2019
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Installing your Mitel 5110 Softphone Step 3. Check your Mitel 5110 Softphone audio settings. Into the Mitel 5110 Softphone.You can use the MAC address of the com. Softphone will now connect to the Mitel 3000 system. The softphone will work as a remote extension only if the Broadband. Mitel Connect for Mac Once ITS has upgraded the ShoreTel IP Phone System, the client on. As Shoretel Connect.dmg. Double click the installation file. In the Connect screen, drag the Connect i con into the Applications f older and double-click the icon to launch the client.

Mitel Connect Software Download

. Sko mac t 2 t for mac. Open an internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox. Browse to the following URL:. Click the orange button labeled 'Download for PC & Mac'.

Mitel Connect Training


If you used Internet Explorer to download the ShoreTel Connect Client, you'll receive a prompt to run or save. Choose 'Run'. Once the installer is launched, you may receive a UAC prompt, please choose 'Yes'.

Mitel Connect Client Install

The Installer may prompt you to install any missing pre-requite software needed for the ShoreTel Connect Client to run, choose 'Install'. This may take a few minutes to complete. Next the Connect Client installation will begin. Choose 'Next'. Accept the license terms and choose 'Next'. Click 'Next' to accept the defaults at the destination screen. Choose 'Install'.


Click 'Finish'. You will now have a ShoreTel icon on your desktop Related articles.