Interactive Kitchen Design

Posted : admin On 24.11.2019
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Not sure what kitchen countertops you want to go with that Masterpiece Style / Chocolate Pear cabinet? What about the flooring? Wait a second, the walls in my kitchen now are beige, how will that look? You Can Be The Designer No need to schedule an appointment with a kitchen designer just yet. Use the tool and see everything yourself.

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Interactive Kitchen Design

Interactive Kitchen Design Tool


We know that you want to see different options and sometimes samples and color swatches just won’t cut it. That is why we decided to develop this custom online tool for you to check out some different combinations at home while watching your favorite television show. With a couple clicks (our touches), you’ll be on your way to mixing and matching different cabinet styles, cabinet colors, countertops, flooring, and wall color. Of course, we are here for when you want to speak to someone directly about options but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this useful tool. Tags Comments.

3D Kitchen Planner. Put the kettle on, take some time and try out our 3D kitchen planner. You’ll need a desktop computer but our 3D planner will allow you to finalise and price every detail of your kitchen design. When you’re ready, either print out your drawings and product list at home, or save your plan to the IKEA website.