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I have been using Quicken for Windows for many years but I am thinking about moving to a new Mac. In the past, there have not been nearly as many upgrades or new releases for the Mac platform and I would like to know if Intuit is planning on supporting Quicken for Mac in the same way they now support Quicken for Windows. Also, 2 specific questions: 1) Is there any difference in downloading transactions from Banks and Credit Card companies?

2) I find that I use Find/Replace quite often. Does that capability exist in Quicken for Mac? I would like to suggest that it might be helpful for Quicken to show sample Register images on the Quicken website. There is a lot to cover here. First, be aware that converting from Windows to Mac is fairly straight forward BUT if you choose to go back, conversion from Mac to Windows is broken because the Windows import routines are broken since QW2013+. Until Intuit fixes this, there is no easy way to go back.


Second, I suggest that you make sure that Quicken 2015 for Mac will meet your needs, since it is was re-written from the ground up and is not the same product as the Windows version, so there are some features that are still not there or are not as fully developed yet (therefore some data may not carry over). You can start here: Be aware of data that will and will not carry forward: Then look at the updates since the original release here: You will also want to look at this comparison done by a superuser which also identifies nuances not mentioned elsewhere: Third, downloading from banks is determined by the banks as to which versions of Quicken they support. You will need to find out if your banks specifically supports Quicken 2015 for Mac. In many cases there are no issues. The faster and more accurate way is to buy QM2015 and try it out because even if it is supported, there may be nuances that do not work for you, as the data feed for one version of Quicken may not be exactly the same for another. You can always use their 60-day refund policy. Third, for look and feel, take a look at the following videos created by a super user: Also these (created for Quicken Essentials but many still apply): Fourth, Find and Replace works differently in Quicken for Mac.

Intuit has had five and half years to either upgrade Quicken 2007 to a robust Intel-compatible program or come out with an entirely new program that compares favorably with the Windows version of.

In fact I find it much more powerful. See this specific video to show you: Fifth, should you decide to convert to QM2015, and you did not specify which version of QUicken for Windows you are using, here is the entire process:Be sure to review all the prep and background info before. If you find that QM2015 does not meet your needs, the alternative is to run Quicken for Windows in a virtual machine on your Mac, using something like VirtualBox, Parallels, Fusion, or CrossOver, or even Bootcamp. If you plan to keep your PC & Mac, you could also run Quicken on the PC and use remote access (several free options, e.g. NoMachine and Teamviewer) to access Quicken from your Mac (see this great article for complete review of many options (most are free): ). Another alternative is to convert your data to QM2007 Lion Compatible (LC), which is closer to the Windows version, though still lacking in some features.

It will run on Mac OS X 10.6.8 to 10.10 Yosemite (so far). Contact Quicken support here:. Be sure to select Quicken for Mac, Quicken 2007 for Lion, Shopping and Buying, Buying Quicken to avoid a tech support fee. They may charge you $15 for the software.

NOTE: This conversion process is more involved. NOTE: If you purchase QM2015, you can get QM2007 for FREE. Just select QM2015 support instead.

Some of the cheapest places to purchase it is at places like Amazon, for as little as $43. Intuit currently has a promo for QM2015 for $20 here.


Roughly 10 years ago, Intuit realized that the existing Quicken for Mac platform (2007 at that time) simply could not be updated to run on modern Macs. As a result, this forced a complete rewrite of the program which resulted with Quicken Essentials. Essentials was released Feb 2010. It was quite an avant garde version of Quicken, but it was short of many features of older versions because of how time consuming it was to rewrite an app from scratch.

Essentials is no longer for sale, but Quicken for Mac 2015, 2016, (and future releases) are basically updated versions of that core program with new features. A few of the big differences between QEM and QMac2016 that come to mind;.


QMac supports detail tracking of investment activity. QMac supports Direct Connect Billpay - for FI's that in turn support this feature. QMac recently released a more robust budgeting feature - annual basis. QMac supports the Mobile app for cash & credit accounts. As John indicates in his reply, QMac is in a vigorus state of development with enhancements rolling out at frequent intervals.

The goal is to reach parity with the old QMac2007 and QWin products. QEM on the other-hand has been 'sunsetted' - meaning no further support from Quicken and no downloading capability. I have a soft spot in my heart for Essentials, as I was one of the few who understood how important the rewrite was.

You are crashing because that program is no longer supported and the servers that supported the back-end have all been unplugged, so to speak. The program will still work function in completely manual entry mode, but any online activity (including importing transactions) won't. 2016 has a more streamlined interface than QEM (Essentials), supports investment accounts at the transaction level (i.e.

Buys and Sells), 12 month budget, Bill Pay through your bank, old school paper calendar view, Mobile support. There have been many other smaller improvements over the years. If QEM served your needs, 2016 will satisfy you as well. Answers to Questions:.

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no import from third party receipt tracking. does support receipt capture, or any document as attachment. QEM to QM2015 was mostly the addition of Detailed Investment Tracking and Syncing to the Mobile App (for Budgets and Cash, credit and bank accounts). See complete for changes since it was initially released. For a comparison of QM2016 to QM2015, see the following link: AND the complete. QM2016 is very similar to QEM though with some changes (see links for Notes above). It should still remain quite familiar.

QM2016 will read QEM data directly. Stay with QEM IF you do not need any of the new features, do not need download capability of your data, and you do not need to upgrade your Mac OS past 10.11 (El Capitan). QEM is NOT compatible with 10.12 (Sierra) and will NOT run. (If you find this reply helpful, please be sure to click 'Like', so others will know, thanks.).