Ion Ez Vhs Converter Drivers For Mac

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VIDEO 2 PC even comes with its own EZ Video Converter software that makes things quick and easy. Includes software for capturing, editing, and burning your videos to DVD. Works with most video sources: VCR, camcorder, and more. ION's VCR 2 PC is an innovative new VCR with single-cable USB output. The included VHS Converter. Capturing video with the ION VCR2PC. Does this work on mac?. How do I get the software again my dvd is.

I have splitter RCA cables so I have the VCR video going both to the TV and the Roxio USB device so I am sure some video/audio signal is getting to the USB device but the software/my computer is not recognizing it. How about hooking it up this way! Step 1: Connect VHS player or camcorder via RCA out to the included USB capture device.

Step 2: Connect the capture device to your PC's USB port. Step 3: Capture and transfer movies to DVD, iPhone®, iPad®, Android tablet, post to Facebook™ or YouTube®. Just purchased Roxio VHS to DVD 3 Plus from retailer. Have Windows 7.

Installed Software from supplied DVD. Conneted usb (from roxio & VHS) and have message 'No Video Signal' Device Driver shows two 'Roxio Video Driver USB' entries under Sound.Controllers. Tried uninstalling drivers, running 'Repair' from Roxio Disc, with no change- 'No Video Signal'. VHS is outputting signal because TV shows the running video. Also tried connecting DVD player with same 'No Signal' result.

Very frustrating. Attached picture of Device Manager and PC Properties.

Rating 4.50 (6 Votes) The ION Audio Video 2 PC MKII is a video conversion system that captures and converts virtually any video and audio source. The result is quality digital videos on your computer. In combination with our easy-to-use Mac OS EZCap software, you can quickly capture the audio and video you need. This guide walks through all of the necessary steps to install and use the EZCap software with your Video 2 PC MKII. Installing the Video 2 PC MKII Driver and EZCap Software Included with your purchase will be an installation disc that will run both the installation of the drivers for your Video 2 PC hardware which will allow the computer to recognize the device when it is plugged in, as well as the EZCap software. If the CD has gone missing or if you would like to have the most up-to-date software and driver versions, the download for these components can be found on the under the Documents & Downloads section. Once the CD has been inserted or the installer components have been downloaded from our site, you can then run the installer.

Ion Ez Vhs Converter Drivers For Mac

Follow the steps suggested below. On our introductory page of the installer, it will state that you will be guided through our easy-to-use installer. On the next page of the installer, it will state how much space will be taken for the installation, as well as give you the option to change your install location. By default, EZCap will install to your computer's main hard drive.

Ion Ez Vhs Converter Drivers For Mac Free


When ready, click Install in order to begin the installation. The next page will run the installation of the EZCap software and the Video 2 PC driver. When completed, you will get the final page of the installer, stating The Installation Was Successful. Click Restart when prompted in order to complete the installation.

Opening and Setting Up EZCap After your computer has finishing restarting, you are now able to run the EZCap software and begin your video conversion! To do so, follow the steps suggested below. In your computer's Application folder, there is an EZCap folder. Enter this folder and press the EZCap icon to open the app.

Ez vhs converter software download

Once opened, make sure that EZCap is selected in the Digitizers drop-down menu. By default, the EZCap software uses recommended settings with the composite inputs of the Video 2 PC MKII being the source it receives audio and video from, but this can be changed in RecordVideo Settings from the drop-down menu. If you would like to use the S-Video connection instead of the composite connection for video input, this can be adjusted in the Source tab of this menu. After you have changed all of the settings to your preference, you are now ready to record!. In order to begin the recording, you can either select RecordRecord. from the drop-down menu or process Command+R on your keyboard.

Once Record is chosen, a box will open up that will ask you where you will want to save the converted video file. You can also name the video to your liking in this box. After choosing the location of where you want to save your video, a new window will pop up that you can click in order to stop your recording when you're done. Once you have stopped recording, your video is done converting. The file will be saved in the location that you requested before the recording began.

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