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  • Journal Font, free and safe download. Journal Font latest version: Journal by Fontourist, one of the most used fonts! Journal is a font created by the author.
  • Journal Sans Font See preview journal sans font and download this cool font for free. The font is classified as regular fonts. This font viewed 950 times and downloaded 29 times.
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You’ve started a business, brand, or website and it’s time for you to start distributing content. Where do you start? Sure, you’ll need to learn certain skills like. But have you considered what font you’re going to use? Here are the different elements of typography:. Typeface. Fonts.

Line length. Leading. Kerning.

Tracking Your typeface is the characters that have the same design as your font. Line length, leading, kerning, and tracking all have to do with space and difference between characters, lines, and letters. Now you need to find a font. You want to search for fonts that are unique to your brand, but also easy for your subscribers to read and comprehend. With so many business expenses, you shouldn’t have to spend money purchasing new fonts.

Free fonts from the category: Script » Journal (Sorted by date - starting at most current and newest fonts) You have developed free Journal fonts and Journal ttf and would like to add these to the font collection of Then write us an e-mail. We are pleased about every new True Type Font and every new OTF font (Open Type Font)!

Not when there are thousands of free options available on the Internet. I’ll show you the 20 best places to get free fonts for your brand. Font Freak You can find over.

They also have more than 125,000 free fonts available for purchase, in case you want to upgrade. Font Freak works with about 400 designers to continually grow their library of unique and creative fonts. They even offer updated software so you can build and edit your own fonts. One of the best features is that the majority of fonts are optimized for a Mac and PC version.

So you can discover new fonts suitable for your computer regardless of your operating system. Font Freak also has some tools that can. Instead of downloading fonts one at a time, you’ll have the option to download entire libraries of different designs.

Creative Market puts a distinctive spin on the free fonts marketplace. They offer fonts, but these fonts change each week. There are nearly 23,000 designers contributing to their platform.

Every week, you can download their featured fonts, themes, and graphics for no charge. Are offered at a time. I like Creative Market because you have access to free fonts that would normally cost a fee to download. So you can check back every week and download an additional 6. Just make sure you act fast. Once the clock strikes midnight on Sunday, you’ll miss out on the free fonts from that week. You can still download them, but you will have to pay a fee.

As you can see from the image above, it’s easy to search for different styles by category such as:. Trendy. Basic. Decorative. Fun. Extreme And much more. That’s just a quick glimpse into a handful of categories.

All of their fonts are free and made from designers around the world. There are more than 2,000 designers actively sharing fonts on the platform. I like this website because all of the fonts are clearly labeled.

You can tell right away if the fonts you like are for commercial use or for. Look at these four fonts. See how the top and bottom ones are clearly labeled “Personal Use” only? You may want to consider FontSpace for your brand if you would like to work with creative designers. If you like one of their fonts, just click on the profile to see more work from the same designers. It shows how many times each font has been downloaded, and users can rate the design after each download. The Northern Block is another top option for free fonts.

I really like this platform because their It’s easy to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for. They also offer tons of free options. It’s a UK based website, which gives your company the opportunity to work with creative designers from other countries. Most of the fonts offered are modern and geometric. These styles work well with companies in spaces such as:. Electronic manufacturing.

Mobile video games Check out their website for a chance to get free fonts from award winning designers. Fontstruct For those of you who want to download free fonts and build your own fonts for free, consider. If your company has creative designers, you can let them use this free software on the FontStruct website.

Fonts to download free

Sometimes it’s difficult for businesses to find the best font with so many options to choose from. That’s where FontStruct stands out from the crowd. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Build your own font. Plus, you’ll know that it’s completely unique for your brand. You will even have the option to modify existing finds that were built by other users on the website.

1001 Free Fonts Normally, it’s safe to assume “the name says it all” when it comes to a business or website. That’s not the case with. They actually have more than 10,000 free fonts. You can download some fonts for free or donate to the designer.

The options are clearly posted on each font, as you can see from the graphic above. Search for fonts by name or category.

With more than 10,000 options, I’m sure you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. Jeff Schreiber Jeff is a graphic designer from the Netherlands. Unlike the other font websites we’ve seen so far, Jeff’s quantity is much lower. However, his. Jeff is a talented artist who specializes in:. Illustration.

Graphic design. Lettering. Type design.

Web design. Iconography. Logo design. User Interface design.

Information design He even offers fonts that are. It’s essential that your website is optimized for mobile devices. You also need to make sure your mobile site loads quickly. The majority of Jeff Schreiber’s designs and services are available for a fee.

However, you can still find some options on his website that are free of charge. Typedepot for free fonts. You can clearly see which fonts are completely free based on the banner in the top right corner.

They have a cool blog that discusses different fonts and the evolution of letters and numbers over time. The company was originally founded in 2010 as a side project for co-founders Alexander Nedelev and Veronika Slavova.

These 2 artists quickly found their passion for design. Their studio is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Typedepot is a great place to work with talented and passionate designers.

Download fonts for free or check out their premium designs available for purchase. Fontfabric for your brand. Their website is clean, and it’s easy to download different fonts. They don’t have the largest design library on our list, but they have plenty of free options. Lots of the fonts are simple and great for logos. A well-designed logo can. Fontfabric encourages you to use their fonts for your business.

There are only a few designs that cannot be used for commercial projects. It’s a great place to find fonts that are legible. Sometimes the websites that include thousands and thousands of options have designs that you would never consider using for your brand. That’s not the case with Fontfabric. Font Squirrel has free fonts that are high quality and licensed for commercial use. They also have a really cool feature called the “Font Identifier” search. Have you seen a font somewhere that you like?

I know I have. I’ve spent time browsing through different fonts but couldn’t find a match. The font identifying option from Font Squirrel lets you upload an image with the font that you’ve seen from a random source. They scan the image and help you come up with that specific font or a font with a similar design. Font Squirrel has a blog where users and contributors can discuss different graphic design and web font topics.

You can also create an account and discuss topics on their forum, which acts as a Q&A amongst their subscriber community. Google Fonts is the ultimate place to find and customize free fonts. Once you find a font that you like, just type your content directly on their website to generate a preview. Then select how you want to display your words such as:. Sentence. Paragraph.

Alphabet. Numerals You can also customize the pixel size from 8px to 112 px. Google Fonts lets you further customize the display with options like:. Thin 100.

Thin 100 Italic. Light 300. Light 300 Italic. Regular 400. Regular 400 Italic. Medium 500 Once you finish the customization process, you can to embed the font on your website. Add one font at a time or add multiple font families to your website.


Google Fonts also lets you add or change colors to the fonts on their platform. I would definitely recommend checking out their website as a quality resource for free fonts. The League of Moveable Type Visit for free fonts like this: Based on these few samples, you can see that their website has great fonts for your company’s website banner. Their fonts range from bold and black to bright and colorful. Plus everything else in between. The League of Moveable Type has been operating since 2009.

They also offer nice fonts for subscriptions and newsletters. Their designs are some of my personal favorites. The website’s concept is free and open source content. If you’re looking for high-quality fonts for your brand, it’s one of the first places you should check out for free downloads. Impallari Type I really love the way that Impallari Type has their website set up. They display the font in different styles. Look at the sample above from the Encode Sans font type.

You’ll see what the font looks like as a heading, sub header, and regular font all in one preview. Other websites only display one of these three options on the preview page. To see the additional options, you’ll need to download the font first or make additional clicks.

Impallari Type will save you time and effort. Their display gives you an accurate depiction of what your blogs and website pages will look like if you download and apply these fonts.

They have free options and constantly add new features to their platform. Urban Fonts If you’re looking for some new school designs, check out. They offer plenty of free options for your brand.

You can find really unique graffiti and calligraphy designs on their platform as well. Some of their other popular categories include:.

Fonts For Mac

Comic. Funky. Futuristic.

Gothic. Modern. Celtic Urban Fonts lets you preview your content directly on their website.

You don’t need to download fonts to see what your exact words will look like. Simply type some sample text to generate a preview. Their platform lets you modify the font color and background colors as well.

How To Download Fonts On Mac

It’s really easy to use, and the downloads are free. Abstract Fonts has more than 13,000 fonts on their website. Here are a few of their most popular options. Choose from dozens of categories to narrow down your choices. You can also search by designer if there are certain fonts you’ve used in the past and want to find more from the same person. It’s also a great place for you to upload fonts you’ve created to share with other businesses.

Some of the unique categories that separate Abstract Fonts from the crowd include:. Retro. Stencil. Minimalist. Bloody.

Spiky. Fuzzy. Pixel-Bitmap. Adult If you’re searching for fonts that are different from the traditional styles found on the majority of websites, Abstract Fonts is a top option. It’s easy to navigate their site and download fonts for free. FontZone Want to search a library of over 50,000 free fonts?

As you can see from the image above, some of the fonts are free, and others are free for personal use. Just make sure you double check that before using certain fonts for your brand. Search for fonts alphabetically or by category.

You can even look for free fonts that are grouped by popularity. FontZone lets you preview the options directly on their website before you download anything. That way you can see exactly how your content will look before wasting time downloading something you won’t use. Their extensive library of free options makes FontZone a top choice for free fonts.

Acid Fonts Another personal favorite of mine is. I really like the layout of their website and the search options.

If you know what fonts you’re looking for, it’s easy to find them alphabetically or with the search bar. For those of you that are unsure about specific font names, you can search by category. Some of their unique categories include:. Horror. Grunge. Sci-Fi. Dingbats.

Fire and ice. LCD Look at the image above. You can also see how many different fonts are available in each category. Sci-Fi has more than 1,300 choices, while a category that’s holiday specific like Valentine only has 16 fonts.

Acid Fonts also has some instruction guides for how to install fonts on your Mac and PC after you download them. They don’t offer mass downloads of different fonts. If you want to download multiple styles, you’ll have to do so one at a time. Fawnt different font options. It’s a German website that offers reliable and high-quality fonts. You can download the designs for free and use them for your brand.

The Fawnt homepage displays their most popular options. You can also browse their website by category. Each font shows a rating on a 10-point scale based on user reviews.

It also tells you how many times each font was downloaded through their platform. Fawnt allows you to customize previews and displays all of the letters and characters available for download with each font. MyFonts for free fonts that you can use for your brand. MyFonts also has fonts and designs available for purchase. To navigate to the free ones, just select the “Free Fonts” option from the menu in the top left corner. It’s funny – when people want something for free, they may not think to look somewhere that items are sold. MyFonts is a perfect example of this.

They primarily advertise their fonts for sale. But you can still download plenty of free fonts and use them for your brand. DaFont You can also. DaFont allows you to download and install designs if you have:. Windows Vista. Windows XP.

Mac OS X Their platform gives you simple instructions on how to download free fonts based on your operating system. You can search by top fonts, themes, designers, and new fonts.

Free Fonts For Mac

To ensure you can utilize a font for commercial use, just make sure you check off “public domain” while you’re searching. You can also check the “free” box to weed out the fonts for sale. Conclusion Fonts matter. You don’t need to spend money purchasing fonts, especially since there are plenty of free options available online.

If you’re looking for a free font, consider the 20 options that I showed you above. Choosing the right font can even help. All of these websites are slightly different based on what you’re looking for and personal preferences.

Just make sure you’re downloading and installing fonts that are free for commercial use if you’re planning to associate them with your brand and company. Where have you found the best free font for your website?