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Mar 21, 2011 - If you want to keep a journal on your Mac, there are several free options available for users, depending on the extent of features you want,.

Journalx For Mac

Written by Adam Daly Updated over a week ago 2.92 (November 14, 2018) New:. Change font size with CMD+/CMD. Rich formatting is used when copying text from Day One. Editor Updates:. Lists no longer enforce blank lines above and below. List bullet alignment improved to support proper spacing at all font sizes. Improved plain text exporting.

  1. The ‘MacBook’ of MacBook cases. Designed for: MacBook MacBook Air Retina (2018) MacBook Pro USB-C (late 2016-current) Also available: Journal CaddySack Journal for iPhone AirSnap Designed exclusively for the MacBook Air and Pro, Journal is a luxury leather case designed to match your elevated sense of style.
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Journals for mac

Pcalc (free version download for mac pc. Paste into Day One entry will preserve formatting. Export Entry to email and other applications preserves rich text formatting and photos. Fixed:.

Incorrect character and word counts when formatting is applied. Jumping text when typing below a code block. Incorrect bullet spacing depending on the font size.

Free Journals For Mac

Scroll bar colors in Dark Mode. Word Count accuracy. Entry URL links weren't updating after moving entries between journals.

Journals For Mac

Opening a locked journal from Menu Bar will properly focus window. 2.9.1 (October 8, 2018). Fixed login screen for Mojave dark mode. Fixed crash when trying to enter an encryption key on Mojave.

Editor improvements. Dark Mode improvements.

Sync reliability improvements. Performance improvements 2.9 (September 21, 2018). Dark Mode (free for everyone on macOS Mojave). List styles resize based on font size. New Edit Bar icons. Optimizations for macOS Mojave.

Bug fixes and performance improvements 2.8 (August 25, 2018) This update is a compatibility release for iOS version 3.0, with support the new editor, grouped photos, and audio playback. It requires macOS 10.13 High Sierra. Version 3.0 Mac is coming soon with audio recording and much more!. New Editor with a unified Edit and Read mode for a more intuitive writing and browsing experience. Bug fixes and performance improvements. 2.7.4 (July 3, 2018).

Encryption key can now be securely saved in iCloud for easier access on other devices. Bug fixes and performance improvements. 2.7 (May 30, 2018). Fixed: Window order now preserved when switching back to the app. Stars are now Favorites indicated with a heart icon.

Improved Journal Sort order syncing. Preserve “Entry Creation Device” on Export / Import.

Improved sign-in flow using Apple ID. Performance improvements and various bug fixes 2.6.4 (May 11, 2018). Security improvements 2.6.1 (April 11, 2018). Removed a database migration error message that appeared for some users who had upgraded to version 2.6, but not yet opened the app. Fixed a crash happening to users on macOS 10.11 who had a passcode set. Improved sync performance Note: We recommend upgrading from macOS 10.11 when possible. Day One stability is greatly improved on newer macOS releases.

2.6 (April 3, 2018). Touch ID to Unlock Journal. Various bug fixes and performance improvements 2.5.11 (March 2, 2018) Improvements:.

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Selected tags on an entry are now ordered alphabetically. Fixed in this release:. Disappearing text when saving an entry in rare cases. Errors when importing certain MacJournal export files.

Photo count was occasionally incorrect. Rearranging photos in an entry sometimes incorrectly prompted to upgrade to Premium. Template text in the Preferences Reminders screen was upside down for some users 2.5.10 (February 8, 2018). A new 'Optimize Mac Storage' option in the Sync preferences tab. This leaves the full-resolution journal photos in the cloud and just stores thumbnails on your Mac.

Full-resolution photos are automatically downloaded on-demand. Bug fixes and performance improvements 2.5.9 (January 26, 2018). Performance improvements and bug fixes. 2.5.8 (January 23, 2018). Performance improvements. Fixed a bug where portions of text could be lost when tapping Done. Sorry if you were impacted by this!

2.5.7 (January 8, 2018). Fixed problems opening Day One on macOS 10.11. Improved performance while syncing 2.5.5 (December 19, 2017). Major performance and sync improvements!. Bug fixes. Premium trial (go to Day One Preferences Sync) 2.5.4 (November 13, 2017).

Fixed a delay in applying Premium subscriptions to your other devices. Improved handling of pasted content from certain other apps. 2.5 (September 27, 2017). Support for macOS 10.13 High Sierra. 2.4.1 (September 15, 2017). Sync performance improvements and fixes.

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