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Contents. Episode list Season 1 No. Title Original air date English air date 1 'My Amazing Stage Debut!'

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' Hajimete no! ステージ) April 3, 2003 ( 2003-04-03) TBA is an enthusiastic and acrobatically talented girl with the dream of performing on the Kaleido Stage. She had traveled from Japan to Los Angeles for the opportunity. In search of her chance, she inadvertently and unknowingly meets the head of the Kaleido Stage, (a.k.a. Soon afterwards, a thief runs off with her luggage; and she uses her acrobatic skills to catch up and retrieve the luggage. Combined with time lost at the police station, she ends up missing the audition. Though Sora asks for an audition, she declines.

Sora persuades stage manager, to grant her access backstage, where she ends up with an opportunity to perform as commanded by Kalos. In the dressing room, Sora meets, a mysterious spirit of the stage only seen by her.

Sora's efforts fail and she is depressed, but Kalos accepts her into the Kaleido Stage. 2 'My Amazing & Lonely Challenge!' ' Kodoku na Sugoi Charenji' (孤独な すごい チャレンジ) April 17, 2003 ( 2003-04-17) TBA Sora deals with Fool, who indicates her as a future star performer. However, the other performers view Sora with jealousy, because she qualified without an audition.

Motivated, she cleans the stage early in the morning. After the cleaning work, she ends up late to lessons. At practice, she stumbles and draws further disrespect from the other performers. In addition, she blurts out her prospect of performing Layla's special trick, the 'Golden Phoenix'. Overhearing Sora's boast, Layla is adamant that she will practice and perform the trick in one week's time.

Motivated to earn respect, she learns the trick with the help of Ken, even without prior experience handling the swings. As she trained, Sora shares her determination with and, whom she gains support and friendship. Sora persistence earns Layla's approval.

3 'The Amazing Distant Stage' ' Tōi Sugoi Sutēji' (遠い すごい ステージ) April 24, 2003 ( 2003-04-24) TBA Fool reiterates his claim of Sora as the stage's 'chosen one'. For the next stage production, Cinderella, everyone is given a role, except for Sora. Disappointed, she complains but is assigned the task of distributing toys to the audience children. She feels doubtful and demotivated as a toy distributor and makes mistakes early. After one day, Fool advises her to create her own path. So, she takes up a clown outfit and treats her job as a performance. However, she makes the mistake of delaying a show, which makes her reflect upon her job.

Tells her objective: to make other people happy. So, on the third day, she does her job well and learns the true meaning of performance. 4 'Try Hard & You'll Get an Amazing Chance' ' Ganbareba Sugoi Chansu' (がんばれば すごい チャンス) May 1, 2003 ( 2003-05-01) TBA The Cinderella production is presented, and Sora meets back stage.

During practice, Mia struggles her role's trampoline portion, and Layla threatens to cancel the performance. The next day, Mia's proposes to share the fairy godmother role with her two friends.

Given three days, the three friends practice their own specially designed acrobatic routine, The Triple Illusion. During practice, Marion struggles with the idea of other trampoliners replacing her dead mother. Furthermore, Layla is adamant to replace Sora and Anna with more qualified trampoliners. After talking with Marion's father, Sora practices on her own to Marion's satisfaction. Mia and Anna join the practice to perfect their routine; after the demonstration, Kalos grants them their proposal. 5 'My Amazingly Distant Family' ' Itsumo Sugoi Tooi Kazoku' (いつも すごい 遠い家族) May 5, 2003 ( 2003-05-05) TBA Sora's adopted father makes a surprise visit to Kaleido Stage. For the debut of the Triple Illusion, the team performs poorly and receives a negative review the next day.

The review spread to her worried father and among the performers. In another performance, the three continue to struggle, and Sora's father sees the negative atmosphere back stage.

Worried, he suggests for her to return with him back to Japan. Soon afterwards, her father has a, and with an hour till another performance, Sora runs off to her hospitalized father. Missing a performance, she decides to return home, but before boarding the flight, she becomes depressed once again, expressing her childhood dream of performing. In turn, her father lets her return to Kaleido Stage; Sora apologizes to the stage crew and follows up with a better performance.

6 'The Amazing Seal' ' Chiisakute Sugoi Ottosei' (小さくて すごい オットセイ) May 8, 2003 ( 2003-05-08) TBA Prancing happily on the beach, Sora trips over an unconscious baby seal, whom she names. With pity, she sneaks the seal back to the dormitory, with the intent upon keeping and taking care of him. In addition to her Kaleido Stage work, she fills up her daily schedule with part-time work, over Layla's objections. Eventually, the doubled workload renders Sora exhausted, and her concerned friends look to pick up some of the burden. However, shows a flyer of a juggling contest, where first prize can feed Jonathan for a month. Having never juggled before, Sora and company work on a routine. Having been gone for six days, Kalos returns and sees the juggling act.

After some convincing, he allows Sora to keep Jonathan as a company mascot, under the care of Marion and her father. 7 'The Amazing Girl Who Doesn't Smile' ' Warawanai Sugoi Shōjo' (笑わない すごい 少女) May 15, 2003 ( 2003-05-15) TBA At Jonathan's new pool, Marion notices the arrival of a new performer, a expert. As a fan of her, Sora tries to befriend her, but she displays a. Despite one perfectly executed performance, she failed to gain the interest of the audience, and Kalos declines her offer to perform again. Emphasizing her own perfection, she doesn't understand the importance of the audience and runs off.

After Sora pleads for another chance, Kalos assigns her as Rosetta's partner and allows six days for Sora to improve Rosetta's performance. Having never performed with a diabolo, Sora learns the skill and ends up teaching Rosetta about enjoyment on stage. After an entertaining diabolo battle performance together, Rosetta changes her attitude and returns home.

8 'An Amazing Star Even in Tough Times' ' Tsurakutemo Sugoi Sutā' (つらくても すごい スター) May 22, 2003 ( 2003-05-22) TBA Before a performance, Layla receives some roses from her father, who owns a large hotel chain. As much as Layla wants his audience presence, he often has a busy reason not to attend. After the performance, Kalos, Sora, and her friends are invited to Layla's father's party. Sora makes numerous interactions with Layla and her father, and she notices the distant relationship between the two, especially when guests are paid to attend Layla's birthday and her annual cancellation of the party. After speaking with Layla, Sora makes plans and actions to bring the father-daughter pair closer together.

After a public birthday wish at a performance, Layla receives a note from her father, and she receives it heartfully, despite expressing feelings of humiliation to Sora. 9 'My Amazing Challenge for the Lead Role' ' Shuyaku e no Sugoi Chōsen' (主役への すごい 挑戦) May 29, 2003 ( 2003-05-29) TBA Kaleido Stage is presenting a new stage production,. Kaleido Stage featured this theme before, and a sponsor, wants someone other than Layla featured for the lead role. At the audition, Sora becomes the only candidate.

On the same day, Sora makes an attempt at the featured trick: a trapeze triple jump through flowing water. Her attempt fails, and she is rendered injured and fearful of falling. Consulting Fool, Sora must conquer this fear, or she will lose her ability to see Fool. So with the help of Ken and a martial arts specialist, she gradually works to restore her confidence.

Still fearful, she makes one more attempt at the stunt per Kalos's remarks. For her attempt, she uses a blindfold and executes it successfully, despite almost falling again. 10 'Facing an Amazing Wall' ' Shuyaku e no Sugoi Kabe' (主役への すごい 壁) June 5, 2003 ( 2003-06-05) TBA While in, Sora goes through her schedule as the leading role, including, practices, etc. Via video-tape, Sora looks to mimic Layla's previous performance. After some performances, audience opinions on the Little Mermaid have been lackluster, and attendance decreases.

Fearing poor reviews, this prompted Sora to study her role and experiment in order to 'make the performance her own' by incorporating her personality. After upsetting the stage crew over changes, she figures out the role of a mermaid and shares her ideas. With some script adjustments, the production crew finally pleases the audience. 11 'Anna's Not so Amazing Father' ' Anna no Sugokunai Otōsan' (アンナの すごくない お父さん) June 12, 2003 ( 2003-06-12) TBA After a Little Mermaid performance, Anna reads about a comedy act performed by her father, Jack Barron, whom she had not seen in a decade.

Then she looks back to her childhood memories of him, and the day he left the family. Yet, Anna had maintained contact via correspondence. At a comedy club, they watch his bitter and cynical act, which insults the audience.

This 'new' version of her father is stark in contrast to the father she remembers, and she runs out of the comedy club. Apparently, his career was marked with disappointment and deception. After calling her mother, Anna attends Jack's comedy act once more dressed as a waitress to confront him on stage. Together, the two talk through some old truths and reconcile.


12 'An Amazingly Hot New Production' ' Atsui Sugoi Shinsaku' (熱い すごい 新作) June 19, 2003 ( 2003-06-19) TBA As Layla rejects a film role, Sora gets the chance to co-star with Layla in the next production,. The featured act involves a act attached to a rocking ship. Immediately, Layla mounts the tight rope and tries out some gymnastics maneuvers. For the production, Kalos adds the idea of the ship surrounded by flames. Both Layla and Sora think through the idea of co-starring and dedicate a week of practice towards the viability of co-starring.

Kaleido Star Ova Download For Mac

With the help of others, Sora quickly learns to handle the movable tight rope, despite inexperience with the tight rope. After a locker room prank, she brings the diabolo into her routine to address the issue of falling. For the audition, Sora uses an innovative diabolos trick and demonstrates her ability to co-star with Layla.

13 'The Amazing Competition Calls Up a Storm' ' Arashi o Yobu Sugoi Kyōen' (嵐を呼ぶ すごい 競演) June 26, 2003 ( 2003-06-26) TBA With a week till the show's opening, the practice for the tight rope act is underway, and Layla and Sora have issues regarding synchronization. To address this issue, Layla looks to observe Sora's day-to-day activity, which includes living in Sora's dorm room. As a result, the two learn to synchronize with each other. Their practice improves, but the stage director looks to tone down the climactic scene. On the last practice day, Sora and Layla practice on a tight rope rigged to a boat out in open water.

Layla looks to stage a 'real fight', and the two duel on the tight rope using stage props, even in the middle of a rain storm. After practice, Layla shares her reason for joining Kaleido Stage. Then the next morning, they return to start the show on time, and it becomes an instant success. 14 'Mysterious Amazing Circus' ' Ayashii Sugoi Sākasu' (怪しい すごい サーカス) July 3, 2003 ( 2003-07-03) TBA Instead of vacation, Kalos assigns Sora as a guest performer for a faraway circus group called 'Theatrical Camp', accompanied by Ken. The two arrive at a rustic town with a rustic circus. For the next performance, Sora is assigned as the lead princess role.

The following day, Ken and Sora find out that the group does not dedicate time for rehearsal. Instead, Sora is advised to notice the individual performers and their specialized acts, plus, she must adjust to the crowd and each other. For her first performance, she is simply shoved into stage and is humiliated on stage. Despite the humiliation, she figures out the need for adaptation and improvised performance interaction with the audience and the others. Later, she learns the trapeze specialist used to work for Kaleido Stage.

15 'The Diva's Amazing Love' ' Utahime no Sugoi Ai' (歌姫の すごい 愛) July 10, 2003 ( 2003-07-10) TBA An old love triangle resurfaces between Kalos, Sarah, and an old friend named Andy. After speaking with Kalos, Sarah is left crying after being told to be 'no longer needed'. Speaking with Sora, Sarah reveals an old picture of herself with Kalos and Andy, and she talks about the beginnings of Kaleido Stage and her reasons for staying the past 10 years. Despite Sora's plea, Kalos maintains his stoic decision in front of Andy.

So, just as Sarah departs with Andy, Sora and friends executes a plan. In Kalos's office, Sora teases Kalos to reveal his true feelings, while Fool looks for evidence. In the meantime, the others bring Sarah to the stage, and she listens to Kalos's words via Sora's hidden microphone. With the truth revealed, Sora leaves Sarah and Kalos alone together. 16 'An Amazing Sinister Rumor' ' Kuroi Sugoi Uwasa' (黒い すごい 噂) July 17, 2003 ( 2003-07-17) TBA Manami, Sora's old friend, visits Kaleido Stage while on the way to Boston.

Throughout the day, Manami overhears various backstage discussions and observes Sora's regular day schedule. During practice the following day, Yuri takes Sora out to lunch and offers her a job outside Kaleido Stage. He reveals his intent on creating a new circus to rival Kaleido Stage. In addition, Kaleido Stage workers leave in droves, which cancels further performances. After the last Arabian Nights show, Yuri makes his separation official, and Manami departs feeling satisfied about Sora's choices. In order to keep Kaleido Stage in operation, Mia submits ideas for the next show, and Kalos orders its one week preparation.

17 'Fire It Up! Amazing Mia' ' Moero!

Sugoi Mia' (燃えろ! すごい ミア) July 24, 2003 ( 2003-07-24) TBA Entrusted with the next show, Mia devotes her efforts towards writing the script. In the meantime, Layla turns to Simon, an experienced scriptwriter. Also, Sora talks to Yuri about his motivation towards dismantling Kaleido Stage, which involves revenge for his deceased father.

The next day, Mia presents her rough draft, and Layla disapproves. Yet, Kalos appoints Mia as the director, and Simon is assigned as Mia's mentor and the script supervisor. Just as Mia nearly quits writing, Sora inspires her with additional story ideas, and Mia asks the others to practice some routines, even with an unfinished script.

A week later, the show is successful. 18 'Yuri's Amazing Trap' ' Yūri no Sugoi Wana' (ユーリの すごい 罠) July 31, 2003 ( 2003-07-31) TBA Kaleido Stage continues to thrive with Mia's production.

However, their hopes are dashed, as Yuri takes ownership of Kaleido Stage and cancels the remaining performances of Mia's show. Likewise, anyone refusing to work for Yuri resign their positions at Kaleido Stage.

Regardless of the circumstances, Layla continues to view Sora as a worthy partner, but her father makes a greater presence on her career path. With the transfer of Kaleido Stage, the stage crew have one last show, but Sora deals with the bleak outlook of Kalos's words and not seeing Fool. In addition, she contemplates the last performance as the end, but she overhears Layla's conversation with Yuri, where she depicts a more optimistic view. As a result, they move onward with good spirits. 19 'Amazing Family Ties' ' Kazoku no Sugoi Kizuna' (家族の すごい 絆) August 7, 2003 ( 2003-08-07) TBA Sora, Anna, and Mia move on from Kaleido Stage together. With their new life, they temporarily stay at Ken's home, and throughout the day, Sora thinks about her pregnant mother.

They quickly find a new place to stay with the help of Mr. In the meantime, Sora's adopted parents suddenly fly over for a visit, and after meeting up with Sora, they ask her to return to Japan. During the conversation, Sora utters some heartbreaking words and upsets her mother, but then her mother immediately goes into premature labor.

With tears full of guilt, Sora fears the idea of a miscarriage, but in the end, the delivery of a newborn girl is successful. Mending with her mother, Sora is given the privilege of naming her new sister, Yume. 20 'An Amazing Change From Zero To Hero' ' Zero kara no Sugoi Sutāto' (ゼロからの すごい スタート) August 14, 2003 ( 2003-08-14) TBA Sora and company had not worked for 2 weeks, and they attend the first Kaleido Stage production under Yuri. Soon, the three work at a seafood restaurant, which ends shortly after humiliating themselves in front of Yuri. Upon Sarah's return, she arrives with a job opportunity at the marine park. Auditioning for the job, they invite other former Kaleido Stage members, including Rosetta. Yamaha psr e423 usb driver for mac download. On the other hand, Layla declines.

At the marine park, the group is notified of a show cancellation, which brings suspicion of Yuri's intervention. Nevertheless, they perform their routines in the park anyways, and they impress the park attendees.

During their impromptu show, Sarah surmises that it was actually Kalos who cancelled the performance to give them an opportunity to perform in a more open space with a bigger audience. Just before an angered park owner interrupts their performances, Dio and a mysterious masked performer arrives. 21 'The Amazing Mystery Star' ' Nazo no Sugoi Kamen Sutā' (謎の すごい 仮面スター) August 21, 2003 ( 2003-08-21) TBA Sora and company are granted a contract with the marine park, on condition of more appearances by the masked performer as the featured attraction. However, unable to guarantee masked performer appearances, Sora disguises as the masked performer; however, the replacement performance ends as a flop.

On the next day, Sora and company meet two children who sought their autographs, and this motivates Sora to perform. Prior to performance time, Mia devises a balloon themed performance, and as Sora does the rope jump, the masked performer arrives. For a better view, the two children climb a dangerous ladder. This prompts Sora and the masked performer to save them and amaze the audience in the process. 22 'The Amazing Resolve Beneath The Mask' ' Kamen no Shita no Sugoi Kakugo' (仮面の下の すごい 覚悟) August 28, 2003 ( 2003-08-28) TBA Performances at the marine park continue, and a low-profile Layla scurries off after the rain. Apparently, Yuri is aware of her identity as the masked performer, and Layla's father confronts her about it. In the meantime, Yuri buys out a large number of marine park tickets, on condition for the cancellation of Sora's contract.

This forces the group to enter a performance competition in Vancouver, where Yuri is unknowingly one of the judges. Concerned about Sora, Layla temporarily leaves her movie production and helps with the group's performance as the masked performer. Afterwards, Layla's identity is revealed in front of everyone, including her own father, and Layla expresses her desire to continue performing. In the end, Layla gains the ability to see Fool.

23 'The Legendary Amazing Maneuver' ' Maboroshi no Sugoi Oowaza' (幻の すごい 大技) September 4, 2003 ( 2003-09-04) TBA Now able to see Fool, Layla is reasserted by Sora, and Fool informs the two about their worthiness for the Legendary Great Maneuver, which risks the lives of any performer attempting the trick. Keeping the maneuver secret, he gives them the idea of performing the maneuver together. In the meantime, Kaleido Stage under Yuri's management suffers dwindling attendance rates, and as Yuri seeks Layla's return, she informs her decision.

Angered, Yuri publicizes the intention of performing the maneuver, without consultation. Given one month to train, Layla throws the ownership of Kaleido Stage as a wager.

Kaleido Star Ova Download For Mac Free

Together along with the rest of the group, they meet up with Kalos for coaching at the Grand Canyon. Upon arrival, Sora and Layla begin the relentless and necessary physical regiment. 24 'The Amazing Intensive Training Continues' ' Mada Tsuzuku Sugoi Tokkun' (まだ続く すごい 特訓) September 11, 2003 ( 2003-09-11) TBA 25 'An Amazing Bond' ' Futari no Sugoi Kizuna' (ふたりの すごい 絆) September 18, 2003 ( 2003-09-18) TBA 26 'An Amazing Comeback' ' Kizudarake no Sugoi Fukkatsu' (傷だらけの すごい 復活) September 25, 2003 ( 2003-09-25) TBA Season 2 No. Title Original air date English air date 27 'Amazing Prologue to Stardom (Part 1)' ' Sutā e no Sugoi Purorōgu (Zenpen)' (スターへの すごい プロローグ(前編)) October 4, 2003 ( 2003-10-04) TBA Fool recaps Sora's career as a performer from joining Kaleido Stage up to the Arabian Nights show. 28 'Amazing Prologue to Stardom (Part 2)' ' Sutā e no Sugoi Purorōgu (Kōhen)' (スターへの すごい プロローグ(後編)) October 11, 2003 ( 2003-10-11) TBA Fool recaps Sora's career as a performer from joining Kaleido Stage up to the Legendary Great Maneuver. 29 'An Amazing New Rival' ' Atarashii Sugoi Raibaru' (新しい すごい ライバル) October 18, 2003 ( 2003-10-18) TBA 30 'The Amazing Newcomer' ' Mou Hitori no Sugoi Shinjin' (もう一人の すごい 新人) October 25, 2003 ( 2003-10-25) TBA 31 'The Amazing Passionate Rival' ' Jōnetsu no Sugoi Raibaru' (情熱の すごい ライバル) November 1, 2003 ( 2003-11-01) TBA 32 'Amazing Match On Ice' ' Kōri no Ue no Sugoi Taiketsu' (氷の上の すごい 対決) November 8, 2003 ( 2003-11-08) TBA The new Kaleido Stage production is going to be and Sora is competing with May for the role of. But after May shows off her impressive routine Leon decides that Mia should change the show and put it on ice, Sora who has no experience at ice skating must be able to compete with May for the role in three days time.

Sora puts in a lot of effort and comes close to beating May but in the end Leon chooses May for the role of Mina Murray.

Sora and Rosetta from The Princess Without A Smile The Princess Without A Smile is the first Kaleido Star OVA created following the series' finale. It tells the story of Rosetta trying to handle her first leading role in a Kaleido Stage production with Sora training her as well as being her partner. The opening theme for this OVA is 'Blanc et Noir', a song that is sung by Sora and Rosetta's voice actresses. The OVA was released on a seperate DVD in Japan while the OVA is the final episode on Kaleido Star: New Wings' final DVD from ADV Films. Contents Summary Sora speaking to Fool during her interview The story begins from Layla's farewell to Kaleido Stage as she returned to Broadway following Sora's performance in Swan Lake. Sora is now the top star at Kaleido Stage once more and she is being interviewed at Kaleido Stage.

Since this is Sora's first interview in front of television, Sora is naturally nervous and is on her third to fourth take when she finally starts acting more natural. As Sora is being interviewed for her two hundredth performance of Swan Lake, May, Rosetta and the rest of the cast watch from afar. Rosetta day dreams about seeing Sora and her come alive on stage and bring everyone's hearts together. Rosetta hopes that someday she will receive that same applause. Just then, Fool appears to Sora while she is still interviewing and tells her that Aries is beginning to rise (Aries is Rosetta's astrological sign, symbolizing Rosetta's upcoming role).

Unfortunately, as Sora begins to speak with Fool, she forgets that she is still in the interview and the reporter starts wondering what Sora is doing since she cannot see Fool. Sora blurts out Rosetta's rise and all hear it. Yuri feels as if the jig is up as he leads Rosetta towards the television crew. He announces Kaleido Stage's next production and the leading two are Sora and Rosetta. When the reporter asks Rosetta about her upcoming role, Rosetta is at a lost for words. But after hearing applause from Sora and her friends, Rosetta thanks everyone and promises to do her best.

After the announcement, Mia is in a writer's block as she cannot write anything for the upcoming performance (Anna finds Mia's script nothing but blank pages). Mia says she needed a catalyst to get her inspired but she cannot seem to find one.

In Sora's room, Rosetta has just finished watching her news report on television and has it recorded on a video cassette. Rosetta has begun to like Fool and has even gotten used to calling him 'Master Fool' as opposed to how Sora used to treat him. Fool feels so moved that he actually removes his own mask to wipe his eyes, which spooks Sora. Outside, Sarah and Ken get into a fight over a painting Sarah had ordered and mistakenly got the wrong one. Sarah threatens to torch it as she swing her fists rapidly towards Ken. When Sora is shown the front, it is a princess that strikingly resembles Rosetta and a fool hiding behind a curtain that looks like Fool. Mia spies the painting and inspiration hits her.

Later in a meeting with Kalos, Mia shows the painting on her lap top and Kalos announces Anna, Leon and May as the three fools of the production. Also, Marion is performing in the show as well with Johnathan. Rosetta as the princess To get ready for her role, Sora and Rosetta practice their roles together with Fool playing the fool, feeling pretty bummed out at the moment. As Sora and Fool have an arguement, Rosetta feels as if she doesn't need to practice for this role.

She states that this is like her when she was the 'diabolo machine', cold and pretty much selfish towards others. Fool takes the opportunity to try and lure Rosetta into taking a bath to satisfy his pervertedness. But Sora intervenes and flings Fool out of her window and towards a tree. After that, Rosetta asks Sora if she could teach her moves on the trapeze and Sora agrees. But Fool suddenly returns without his mask muttering 'Which would you prefer princess? The Legendary Great Maneuver or the Angel's Maneuver?'

Sora tries to speak to Fool while he is in this weird trance as a memory of the princess and her fool speak to one another. The fool states that if he is the angel, then she is the devil (possibly referring to the saying about the Angel's Maneuver). Suddenly, a man bursts in attacking the fool before Fool snaps out of it. Sora and Rosetta tell Fool what he was doing and Fool sulks, which could strongly hint that Fool is the fool from the painting. During training, Mia is constantly restarting Sora and Rosetta's training when Rosetta makes any kind of fault. Just when Rosetta feels as if she can't do it, May arrives and starts nagging to Rosetta.

Feeling like a fool, Rosetta runs back to Kalos' office and Sora finds her looking at the painting. Rosetta questions if she could ever know what the princess is thinking as Sora tries to comfort her. She calls Layla to talk to but Sora decides to forget it and rather not get Layla involved with how to help Rosetta. When Sora and May visit Rosetta in her dorm room, news gets out that Rosetta is planning on running away from Kaleido Stage. Rosetta is out at a dusty old bus stop when she sees something sparkling in a nearby spider web. It is Fool's mask and as soon as she touches it, she can feel the emotions and memories rushing out into her mind and begins to understand her place. Fool's mask vanishes as Sora and the others arrive in a van and return to Kaleido Stage with Rosetta.

On the day of the opening performance, Sora and Rosetta are ready to go on. But at that moment, Sora sees a future version of Rosetta in one of the outfits from Sora and Layla's Legendary Great Maneuver and she thanks Sora. Sora snaps back just as she and Rosetta rush out on stage to perform. It is shown that Fool now has a brand new mask that is an exact match of his old one.

Characters That Appear Main Cast. Side Characters / Cameo Appearances. Facts About The Princess Without A Smile. This would be the final appearance of Anna's comedic partners Hannah and Barbara, as their only appearances are in the crowd during Kalos' meeting and watching Anna being freaked out by Leon. This also is Leon's last major role. This is the only OVA where Leon acts completely out of his character, casted as a fool and probably embarrassing himself during practice.

While he was good enough to frighten Anna, he claims this is his hardest role yet. At one point, Marion's hairstyle reverts back to what she looked like during season one. Based off the outfit, it would appear that the future image of Rosetta that Sora saw is wearing Layla's costume from the Legendary Great Maneuver. This is the only OVA that has Sora and Rosetta starring together. It also heavily focuses on the strong friendship they have.