Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8.0 For Mac

Posted : admin On 06.11.2019
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Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8.0 For Mac
  1. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Update

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows (Distributive AES256) and Kaspersky Security Center for Windows (Full package) contain AES256 encryption algorithms. By downloading and using it, the user accepts responsibility for compliance with local legislation.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Update

I have Installed Kaspersky onto a MacBook Pro it installed fine - and will talk to our Adminserver for updates and sheduled scans However if I log onto the MAc with another account - the icon is missing - from the menu bar - and If I try to fire up the application it tells me that I cannot open the application because it may be damaged or incomplete! Is this just because this version does not support multiple accounts? I should add that I installed under a local account but am logging onto the mac with a AD network account.