Kb800bt Bluetooth Multichannel Keyboard User Manual Kb800mb

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Connecting to a Linux PC Use the normal procedure for searching and selecting a new Bluetooth device. Click “+” to add a device, select “Bluetooth keyboard” or “Kinesis KB800PB-BT.” Then from the keyboard enter the security code and hit “Enter.” All the hot keys should work in Linux. Battery & charging Your keyboard contains a permanent rechargeable lithium polymer battery (480 mAh) which will provide approximately 300 hours of typing time (more than 6 months of use at 2 hrs per day).

Shop wireless keyboards & mice, mini keyboards, gaming keyboards, keypads & more. Skip to Main Content. Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue for Mac - Keyboard - wireless - Bluetooth 3.0 - blue. Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue Multichannel - Keyboard - Bluetooth. Expected delivery: 2-5 days. Ultra Slim Bluetooth keyboard. User's Manual. 2、Hardware Installation. 3、Software Setup. Microsoft Windows Mobile OS.

For longest usage time, avoid unnecessary use of Capslock since the Capslock LED accelerates battery usage. When you turn on the keyboard, the PWR/Battery LED briefly illuminates green to indicate battery status exceeds 1%. If you see the battery LED flashing red, you have a maximum of 4 hours of typing time remaining, so charge the keyboard as soon as possible and avoid using Capslock in the meantime.


Kb800bt Bluetooth Multichannel Keyboard User Manual Kb800mbps

Charging Gently fit the micro-USB end of the included charging cable into the charging port (1) with the molded icon on the connector facing up. Connect the other end of the cable to a USB port on a computer or USB hub. When charging, the green “PWR” led will flash until the battery is fully charged (3 hours), then it will change to steady illumination. The keyboard can be used while charging, but if you can’t leave it plugged in that long, a charge of only a few minutes will generate several hours of usage time.

Remove the charging cable when the “PWR” LED stops flashing and the LED will turn off. WARNING: Only recharge the battery by connecting to the USB port of a computer or USB hub using the enclosed cable. The battery electronics and cable are not designed for the higher rate of charge provided by plug-in phone and tablet chargers. Battery disposal The rechargeable battery is not intended to be user-replaceable and should last for the life of the keyboard. At end of life, disassemble the right keying module (battery is located near LEDs) and discard/recycle the battery according to local laws. Keyboard connection range The Bluetooth specified connection range is up to 10 meters (30 feet).

However, Bluetooth keyboards can have much longer actual ranges and your Freestyle2 Blue keyboard may actually remain connected up to 100 feet away from its device. So if you have paired to more than one device, be careful what channel you have selected so as to not inadvertently type on a device which is not in your presence! Using your Freestyle2 Blue keyboard comfortably and efficiently The Freestyle2 Blue keyboard is shipped with the two keying modules connected by a linking cable and by a removable Pivot Tether™ (shown at right). To remove the pivot tether, slide the appropriate pivot tether release button (shown at far right) towards the outside of the keyboard and allow the pivot tether to detach from that keying module. The two keying modules may then be separated by up to 9 inches. Special Keys While most of the keys are exactly what you would expect on a compact keyboard, there are some special key actions on the left side and in the function key row that increase convenience and productivity, and reduce repetitive motions.

The normal navigation keys are in a column on the right side like on laptops and other compact keyboards. A tactile ridge is present on selected keys in these groups to promote more accurate touch typing. Note that with Fn held down, the first three left-side hot keys perform Bluetooth channel selections. Embedded Special Key Actions While the Fn key is held down, it activates the blue-legended key actions. These include volume control actions and a calculator key action which pops up the Windows or Linux calculator utility, as well as the seldom-used Scroll Lock and Insert actions. NOTE: The Scroll lock (Scr Lk) action is not supported by an LED. If you are using an application (e.g.

Microsoft Excel) which responds to Scroll lock, you must monitor its status on-screen.