Kvr: Audeon Releases Ufo For Mac

Posted : admin On 13.10.2019
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Thanks to the sound designer luftrum, the initiator of the yearly charity, and more then 100 companies in the audio industry you can participate in an auction on url=kvraudio.comkvraudio.com/url until October 31st. What can be bought at auction? -Hardware -Plugins -Samples and Libraries For more details please look here: All the raised money for this charity will be used for one of these two non profit organisations: or In addition,there is the possibility to take part in the 2nd hand auction. The third way to support this good cause is just clicking on Luftrum´s donate button on his website.

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Download ArcSyn VST for Mac OS X 32/64-bit. Minimum system requirements: VST 2.4 host program, Intel CPU, Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or newer.

Exciting news for guitarists and bassists who use the Boss ES-8 Effects Switching System to manage their pedals and control their amps and stage systems! Boss has released Version 2 firmware for the ES-8.


The update adds important new features, and also includes support for the new ES-8 Editor app for Mac and PC. New Firmware 2 features: Separate — separate loops for the left and right outputs or loop 8.

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Loop On/Off Screen (Play Screen) Indications Changed — easier to see the status of all effects loops on one screen. “Patch MIDI” added as an Assign Target — allows not only switching patches but transmitting MIDI messages at the desired timing. Link Function — chain together two ES-8s and use them in synchronization. New Patch and System parameters — a number of new parameters are available per patch or as system parameters. Bypass status display — when bypassed, the display indicates “byP.” Various other new functions. ES-8 Editor Support — But perhaps the biggest change in Version 2 is support for the new, free ES-8 Editor.

(See below.) Requirements for updating your ES-8: ES-8 USB-to-MIDI interface MIDI cable MacOS or OS X or Windows computer Standard MIDI File player (free Windows and Mac SMF players are available on the same page as the Firmware 2.0 download) ES-8 Editor for Mac and PC The new ES-8 Editor is compatible with MacOS 10.12, OS X 10.10 and 10.11, and Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 computers. A MIDI interface supported by your computer/operating system and two MIDI cables are required. The ES-8 Editor provides an easy, efficient, powerful graphic interface with the following functionality: Editing the ES-8’s Patch, CTL/EXP, Play Option, Preference, MIDI Setting, PC Map, and Others parameters. Managing the ES-8’s patches. Backing up all of the ES-8’s patches. ES-8 Firmware Version 2.0 is a free, downloadable update.

Kvr: Odeon Releases Ufo For Mac 2017

The ES-8 Editor is also free and downloadable.