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Contour Elevations at Intervals with Labels elevates contour polylines and/or labels them. Features Edit. Uses an exploded block for labeling so you can customize label as needed. Uses fields for labeling if you choose. Saves to (setcfg) to remember settings between sessions. Saves to a single global variable during a session. A toggle appears as a small box with an optional label to the right of the box. Alignment fixed_height fixed_width height is_enabled is_tab_stop label width }. Radio_button Tile (DCL) DCL Tiles Reference (DCL) action Attribute (DCL). Getting Started - Lisp and DCL files. View the scrhole.lsp program. This is the lisp code for controlling the dialogue box and drawing the holes. Save it to the AutoCAD support directory. View the scrhole.dcl DCL file. This is the DCL code for defining the dialogue box layout. Save it to the AutoCAD support directory.

Mnemonic = 'char'; The mnemonic is underlined in the tile's label. A possible value is a quoted string of a single character (no default). The character must be one of the letters in the tile's label. The character does not have to be unique to the dialog box. If more than one tile has the same mnemonic, the user presses that key to cycle through the tiles sequentially.

From the user's point of view, mnemonics are not case-sensitive. For example, if a button's mnemonic character is A,entering either a or A gives the A button focus. However, in the DCL file the mnemonic must be one of the characters in the tile's label, and it must be capitalized as it appears in the label string. Mnemonics change focus. If the user specifies a mnemonic key for a tile that contains a group of items, such as a cluster or a list box, the focus is put on the first item in the tile that is a tab stop.

Label Attribute (dcl Autocad For Mac)

Any active tile is a tab stop unless its istabstop attribute is set to false.

AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP:: Create Custom Message Box With Variable Width And Height Nov 15, 2012 I am trying to create a custom message box with variable width and height by passing width height title and list of text. I can get the routine to work if I use preset width and height, but would like to make the box adjustable. Here is what I have so far -;-dialog box- MYmessage:dialog label='Custom message box';:column :text key='MYmessageTitle'; fixedwidthfont=true; code. Similar Messages:. ADVERTISEMENT Apr 17, 2012 I want my application to include a useful Ribbon interface that displays custom properties, read from my custom objects. I have found the existing Ribbon Control Elements, but I want to use custom controls, not the pre-canned controls.


Is there a generic programmable input box for the AutoCAD Ribbon? Mar 16, 2012 i'm relatively new to lisp routines. I've been trying to create a routine that will create a custom block with attribute with an option to select which drawing border size is being used. This is what i've got so far; (defun c:NEWREVNOTE (PRINC ' Drawing Size:') (SETQ PaperSize (GETSTRING ' A1/A3: ')) (IF (= PaperSize 'A1') code. I'm going wrong at the moment I get an error message when I try to load the file '; error: syntax error'. May 28, 2013 I'm creating a deployment for AutoCAD 2014. At the end of the deploy process I'd like to end up with a custom AutoCAD shortcut on the desktop that calls an ARG file.

This is no problem. The problem is that to get that shortcut I need to check the 'create desktop shortcut' check box and then I wind up with 2 shortcuts on the desktop, the default 'AutoCAD 2014 - English' and my custom shortcut. Sep 13, 2013 I am trying to create a custom complex linestyle for a stream. It's a line with 3 circles/dots. For the dots I want to actually create the circles. I know how to create shapes, compile and load linestyles.

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