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May 14, 2013  Lenovo G580 Drivers Download Conexant Audio Driver Download Realtek Audio Driver Download. Hi i have lenovo g580 20157 i have install intel wlan but its not working. Reply Delete. HI IM USING G580 IWANT A GAME GRAPHICS DRIVER COZ MY EUROTRUCK KICKS AND SLOW.prefer me a graphic driver please my OS is windows10. This page contains the list of device drivers for Lenovo 20157. To download the proper driver, first choose your operating system, then find your device name and click the download button.

Hello everyone, this is a guide for Lenovo G580 laptops, this should also work if you have the same components. Download this ZIP file which contains all the kexts, programs, and DSDT that you will need. Introduction This Lenovo G580 comes with the following components. Intel i3 3110M Intel HD Graphics 4000 Atheros AR8162 Ethernet Broadcom BCM4313 Realtek ALC269 Audio Codec. 2 USB 3.0 on left side.

1 USB 2.0 on right side What Works USB 3.0 works OOB but only with USB 3.0 devices. Internal Web Cam works OOB Card Reader works OOB Audio works with the AppleHDA that I patched. Graphics with Full Resolution and QE/CI after device properties injection. Screen Saver OOB What Doesn't Work Broadcom BCM4313 Wifi does not work, you will either have to buy an Atheros AR5B95 (which is listed on the Whitelist and works with OSX) or a WiFi USB Adapter, I'm using a D-Link DWA-131 (Costs $29.99) Installation I will not explain how to create a bootable USB stick here, there are 1000s of tutorials which will teach you that. I personally tried to use MYHACK, but didn't work, so I ended up using the method with the patched files to install it on an MBR Partition. First Boot-Up When you first boot up (when you create your account) It is VERY important that you follow these instructions, or else you will have to end up reinstalling the OS again.

Make sure you have the file you downloaded from the top of this post in a separate USB Stick, because you won't have internet access just yet. Open the folder, under programs, open up. Under Drivers - Miscellaneous Select FAKESMC, NullCPUPowerManagment, and the PS2 Controller (If you don't your keyboard and trackpad WON'T WORK) Make sure you also install Chimera under Bootloader (Make sure you use chimera, I've tried other bootloaders and they ended up breaking my system) Don't Restart Just Yet. Go to your S/L/E folder and delete AppleHDA, and AppleACPIPlatform. Now go back to the folder you downloaded from here and copy every kext in the Battery, Audio, and ALXEthernet folder to your desktop. Under the Programs folder, run.

Now in the same folder again, copy everything in the Extra Folder to YOUR Extra Folder. Now Reboot, Audio Should work, your battery metter should work, ethernet will work, and you will have Full Resolution with QE/CI The End Result. I have a g580 (2689) with I5-3210, followed this guide and everything works as promised.

Still a lot that doesn't work but it's functional, got brightness control using fn+ins and fn+Home, using PNLFSB patch from DSDT editor patchs located in sandy notebook folder. Also patched EHCI and EHCI sleep, close to functional sleep but audio no longer works on resume. Also generate P and C states in chameleon plist editor. Seemed to have added an hour or so to battery life. Added I5 ssdt in mbeast also, not sure if it did anything.

Runs Final cut X fairly well, render times are faster then my friends year old macbook pro. Would like to get functional sleep, remap brightness keys to up and down arrows and HDMI output working.

Also would like USB 3.0 to be 2.0 compatible but have no idea where to start on that. Haven't been able to ditch NullPower yet, also a goal. Internal mic does not work also. Tried some of the voodoo options but most of them caused a feedback loop. FYI WLAN PCI adapter cannot be swapped out, I bought the suggested card and the BIOS whitelist does not allow it. It appears that it cannot currently be edited because there is no copy of the BIOS in the wild yet.

Only cards on Lenovos FRU list will work and none appear to be OSX compatible yet. If someone knows of a way to edit the Whitelist with only a backup copy of the BIOS I would love to know about it otherwise it looks like im stuck with USB wifi taking up the only 2.0 port since the 3.0 are currently not backwards compatible. Alberto, Which model of g580 do you have 2189 or 2689? Also would it be possible for you to list what you patched in the DSDT, I assume you made your own from scratch.

Did you use patches from DSDT editor or some manual changes also? Have you made any changes since the guide? Thanks for what you did, I bought my G580 after seeing your guide posted. Can't stand the textured touchpad, and I must have bumped it 20 times typing this it's to big and to easy to hit, kind of a dumb design but all in all a good machine for the price. I have this laptop (G580 20150) with I5, 8GB Ram and 1TB HD, Intel HD Graphics 4000. With MYHACK and ###### I can't get past Still waiting for root device during mountain lion install. Anyone have any ideas?

3rd generation Intel Core i5-3210M Processor( 2.50GHz 1600MHz 3MB). Operating system Windows 8 64. Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000. Memory 8.0GB PC3-12800 DDR3 SDRAM 1600 MHz. Display 15.6' HD Glare with integrated camera 1366x768. Pointing device Industry Standard Multi-touch 2 button touchpad. Hard Drive 1TB 5400 rpm.

Optical Drive DVD Recordable (Dual Layer). Battery 6 Cell Lithium-Ion. Network Card Lenovo BGN Wireless.

Bluetooth Bluetooth Version 4.0. Warranty One year. Form Factor Notebook. Camera Integrated HD Camera. HDMI HDMI (Out).

Bit explaining here. I have one single hard-disk with 3 partitions. First for Windows 8, second for ML and third again NTFS.So I have used the flag rd=disk0s2. If it still does not proceed then try with -x flag again for safe mode. After startup follow step 4. For the problem of 'still waiting for root device', create a new file in TextEdit with folllowing content: #!/bin/bash cd /System/Library/Extensions/IOAHCIFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/IOAHCIBlockStorage.kext/Contents/MacOS sudo mv IOAHCIBlockStorage IOAHCIBlockStorage.orig sudo cp IOAHCIBlockStorage.orig IOAHCIBlockStorage sudo /usr/bin/perl -pi -e 's x8b x4a x00 x00 xeb x03 x8b x4a x00 x00 xe8 x01 g' IOAHCIBlockStorage sudo /usr/bin/perl -pi -e 's x74 x0e x48 x8d x3d x72 x92 x00 x00 xbf xc8 x00 x00 x00 x90 x90 x90 x90 g' IOAHCIBlockStorage sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions. Run it in terminal and give your password when it asks.


I found this script while browsing but I don't remember where so I take no credit. To use all USB 3 ports even with USB 2, go to.

Use only USB kext, VoodooHDA results in screeching noise at boot time. My sound was not working. Trackpad was working but only barely. I installed above mentioned USB 3 and ALC269's kext from.

Sound is still not working but trackpad is fully functional. Not sure which one of these two kexts did it though.

For WiFi I am looking for cheap USB adapter. The one mentioned is not available in India so If you know one working with OSX and available on flipkart (my limitation), then please do share. Also If anyone managed to have sound working without that dreaded screeching noise, please tell me. EDIT-1: Finally I managed to get my Sound and trackpad (with 2-finger scrolling) working. I had to remove support for USB 3 though, the kexts used here have some plugins of 32-bit which results in very long boot time (UseKernelCache=Yes does not work).

Here is what I did: a) Forget step 5 and 6 b.) Go to and download the first file only (Trackpad.Synaptic-gestures.zip) c) Remove any PS2 kext from /S/L/E, that is any kext which has word 'PS2' in its name. I removed AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and VoodooPS2.kext. Also some kexts may have PS2 kexts in them in plugins folder, so take care of them. D) Copy trackpad.prefpanes to /L/PreferencePanes.

Just to be safe, also create folder /L/PREFPANES and copy into it too. E) Install the new kext files with kext wizard. Now run Kext Utility, if it can build kernel cache (without timeout) then everything went well.

F) Now for audio, delete AppleHDA.kext. Install Voodoo 2.7.2. G) Now move the installed VoodooHDA from /S/L/E to desktop (delete the one in /S/L/E) h) Right click on it and go to 'Show package content', open info.plist with any texteditor.

Drivers For Lenovo G580

I) Find 'iGain' and set it to 0. Save the new kext and install it with Kext Wizard. J) Finally repair all permissions, rebuild cache etc. Reboot and you will have a working sound and trackpad. K) Open System Settings - VoodooHDA and check 'Use SSE2' to stop crackling noise. Will continue to look for USB 3, wish me luck.

EDIT-2: Now all USB ports are working with USB 2.0 devices. Just cut the IOUSBFamily.kext from /S/L/E to desktop.

Open with 'Show Package Contents' and delete xhci kext from plugins. Install this modified kext with Kext Wizard and rebuild kernel cache. Picked up the i3-ivy @ 2.5 G580, haven't unboxed it yet since I heard the touchpad is lousy (low response/dpi) and the store doesn't return it if it's opened (only exchange). I really wanna crack it open and help out but I need your guys opinion about the trackpad! AR9285 should be no problem with a modified IO80211Family.kext (since lenovo had diff id), you can modifythis yourself or use a pre-modded one. Alberto has this! If you have a diff card all it takes is 2 screws and you have access to wifi card, ram, and hdd.

(I think it comes w one stick of 4GB, so 8GB should be easy - HD4000 will show 512MBram) I'm against using VoodooHDA since it's never been as good as the appleHDA. Oh and guys please compare BIOS versions since it make a big diff (esp regarding DSDT). Wanna help w DSDT but need honest opinion of touchpad since I'm anti-mouse hehe Cheers! Oh by the way have you guys gotten card reader to work? If not let me know, I have a VoodooHDSC kext. Try this: install with this: Let me know how it goes. @sarim khan, you need a diff DSDT, DSDT is model specific.

I don't have a DSDT yet. Apparenlty, to get USB 2.0 working on the USB 3.0 ports we need a massive/complicated DSDT edit. (I don't know how to do it.yet.) we need DSDT edits to get rid of CPUNullpowermangemnt kext, that kext breaks sleep!

Also for the track pad use this, it's so worth it: so basically modded BIOS or DSDT w func power management. Working on the latter. But would LOVE the former! (esp with Wi-Fi whitelist removed).