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Posted : admin On 11.12.2019
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Ah yes, good to see after so much time has passed that people are still asking for driver updates for the ProjectMix and M-Audio is still ignoring them. Ignoring customers: a sound business strategy! I find it hilarious that m audio can invest the money to design such an expensive piece of hardware but doesn't see the value in customer retention. I can all but guarantee you that no one who bought that interface ever bought another m audio product. All said, it retains value as a control surface.

Bus passes for mac. We have 3 M-Audio ProjectMix I/O manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Quick Start Manual, Benutzerhandbuch. Related Products for M-Audio ProjectMix I/O. M-Audio ProFire Lightbridge.

M-audio Projectmix I/o Driver Mac Sierra

I still run 10.9.5 on my studio computer because that's the farthest I can go with the 10.7.3 drivers still functioning. I've moved on to better audio IO hardware at this point, but realistically I could spend more than I would get for the ProjectMix trying to buy another control surface with the same functionality.

It's really unfortunate that whoever bought m audio has such a shit attitude about supporting it. Updating Firewire audio / MIDI drivers is not rocket science. I suppose the fact that they've been bought and sold so many times really tells the whole story.

Don't buy audio hardware from companies that don't support their products. I work for an audio company, and we support interfaces we released in 2009 on OS X 10.6 - 10.12 and up to Windows 10. The ProjectMix was released in 2006, that's not much earlier. No, if you want your ProjectMix to work you have to install 3rd party unsigned drivers! Hi, Thanks for posting!

As you know, the ProjectMix I/O is a legacy product and will not be updated for further support on OSX 10.12. The last driver that was available for this product was released in 2011 and adds support for computers running up to OSX 10.7.3.

Some users running versions of OSX later than 10.7.3 have reported connectivity using that driver but it is not officially supported. The driver can be accessed at the following link: M-Audio ProjectMix I/O Driver - OSX Please let me know if you have any questions!

M-audio Projectmix I/o Driver Mac El Capitan

M-Audio ProjectMix I/O v1.8.1 audio interface driver M-Audio ProjectMix I/O Editor's review Updated Family Release Driver Now includes ProFire LightBridge.Improved MIDI PerformanceFixed a problem where the 1.6-1174 driver uninstaller in 10.4.4 displays error 5370 and does not remove filesFixed a problem with FireWire MIDI output latency time in driver 1.7.1Fixed 'ProjectMix I/O MIDI Application' for upgrading the firmware on the PMIO with driver 1.7.1Fixed a problem where FireWire Audiophile Analog 1/2 in 'link and pans' d.See all new features ยป.