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Feb 01, 2008  Isn't the Fixed Width collection just a collection? More like a traditional folder than a 'smart folder,' if that helps explain what I mean. I don't think that Mac OS X automatically updates it.I just checked, I could easily add Arial Narrow to Fixed Width. May 26, 2008. Envy Code R monospaced (fixed-width) font designed for programmers. Windows and Mac versions of the US, Western, Central Europe,.


Advertisement If you like to relive the good old days, you might enjoy the idea of making your Mac look retro. You can do that from the outside with a new decal or sticker, but what about the inside? That’s easy too! With the following six tips, you’ll soon have macOS looking as good as old.

Note: Our tips focus on generic changes, not specifically those to match older macOS versions. Paint the Screen Old Computers of the past had either neon colors or, at the other extreme, gray and similar dull colors. You can achieve either effect on your Mac with a few tweaks. To go gray, start by changing the theme for windows, menus, buttons, etc.

From System Preferences General. Select Graphite from the Appearance dropdown menu there. Increase contrast: Visit System Preferences Accessibility Display and select the Increase contrast checkbox. Then drag the Display contrast slider towards the right till you’re satisfied with the visual effect.


Mac Fixed Width Fonts

Reduce screen resolution: Select a lower screen resolution from System Preferences Displays Display. Get a Wallpaper With the Right Feel Adding a new wallpaper is an easy way to transform how your Mac looks, so you might next want to get an old-time wallpaper. Start your search with. Our is also here to help you. You can go for a wallpaper that, say, shows a rainbow-colored or pixelated version of the Apple logo or displays the logo in neon lights. One with psychedelic effects or tiled textures is also a good choice. Another option is picking a wallpaper from one of the past versions of macOS (then OS X).

Mac Os X Fixed Width Fonts

If you want a quicker way to induce nostalgia, pick a dull solid color as the background from System Preferences Desktop & Screen Saver. Look for Apple Solid Colors in the sidebar, and select one of the default colors displayed in that section. Medium gray, blue, and green are ideal for what we have in mind. Add Custom Icons for apps, folders, and other system components. That’s another area where you can. It has icons for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Evernote, QuickTime, Photoshop, and more. Also, search sites like and to find old-style icons.

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Look for icon sets with flat, pixelated ones, or black-and-white icons. Those with exaggerated gradients will work well too. Install a Classic Version of Finder Finder started out as a visually simple, toolbar-free file explorer. If you want to return to that experience, you can thanks to the open source app. It runs in parallel to your usual Finder app, allowing you to switch between the two anytime. If you’d rather have the stripped-down Finder experience without the classic Finder look, try Simple Finder.

You’ll have to Even if you aren't a parent, the Parental Controls menu in your Mac holds several handy options. Here's how to use them and the best ones to try. First via System Preferences Parental Controls. Once you do, you’ll find the Simple Finder option in the Other tab that appears. Make the Command Line Old Again Your Mac’s Terminal app looks nothing like the black-and-green vision that says “instant flashback”.

To bring back that classic look, you need the app. It lets you emulate the look and feel of CRT screens from the past. To use cool-retro-term, you’ll need to know.

If you prefer an easier solution, try ($5), which comes with a free demo version. The app has quite a few options to get the look of the terminal just right. You can change themes, sounds, colors, fonts, and other visual effects. Switch to a Monospaced Font Monospaced or fixed-width fonts bring typewriters to mind, and typewriters equal charmingly old. That’s why switching to a monospaced font is perfect for our purposes here.

It’s a pity that you can do it only in certain apps and not across macOS, though. Your Mac already comes with a few fixed-width fonts. To view them, open the Font Book app and click Fixed Width under Smart Collection in the sidebar. You’ll see the available fonts listed on the right. Courier, Menlo, and Monaco are your top options. If you aren’t happy with the default choices, you can find a new font from a site like. After you install the font, feel free to switch to it via Format Font Show Fonts within apps that support font changes.

To know more about installing and managing fonts,. Finally, here’s a look at the combined result of various tweaks we’ve made above. A Brand New Retro Look for Your Mac After paying for an expensive fancy-looking Apple computer, you might not want to make it look like a relic permanently. So why not use these tips to How do user accounts work on a Mac? Can users read and edit each other's files? What happens when you delete a user account?

With a retro feel just for fun? Combined with The Internet Archive's new collection of classic Mac software should help to scratch your nostalgia itch., it’ll prove handy when nostalgia comes calling! Explore more about:,.