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Posted : admin On 03.08.2019
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Get the best discount on the privacy centric cleaning app for your iPhone, or iPad. Save now with this Macgo iPhone Cleaner for Mac Promo Code and Coupon. We all use our phones for various purposes, throughout the day. Everything, from shopping, to casual browsing, texting, calls, emails, instant messaging, posting updates on Facebook, Twitter, watching videos on YouTube, listening to music, etc, is now available for us, thanks to smartphones. Apple really changed our lives with the iPhone and iPad.

But there is just one problem. Data from these apps, and devices, are vulnerable to hacks, and thieves. Your identity and personal data could be viewed by anyone who can gain access to your device. That is why you should constantly declutter, or clean the data on your phone or tablet, on a regular basis. But such a process is not always easy, or quick, not unless you have the right tool. And we think Macgo iPhone Cleaner for Mac, can be perfect for this task.

Macgo iPhone Cleaner is an excellent iOS cleaner tool runs on Windows. It can clean up most junk files on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to free up storage space for more fun securely.

The first thing you need to do, is to make sure you have Apple iTunes installed on your Mac. Next, connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac, using a USB cable, Then run the MacGo iPhone Cleaner app on the Mac, and it will automatically recognize the device correctly, and display the model number above the sidebar. MacGo iPhone Cleaner has a nice GUI, which is modern, and divided in to two panes. There are 5 tabs in the side bar of the interface, divided into 2 sub sections. The right pane of the app, displays the iOS version on the device, the device’s model number, the total storage space of the device, and the used space and the free space on the device.

Now, you can run the scan option, to find which data can be deleted. Wait for the process to complete, after which you can use the application. Back to the sidebar, the Space Optimization section has the Express Cleanup and Photo Compressor options. Express Cleanup: This utility in Macgo iPhone Cleaner, can be used for cleaning up the junk files from your iOS device, with a single-click. It can be used for deleting private data like photos, messages, contacts, call history, notes, calendars, and reminders, thus making sure that your data is yours alone, and won’t be stolen by hackers. You can selectively choose to delete the data, by checking the options on the side bar, and this also allows you to uncheck apps from which you don’t want data to be deleted. You can view the thumbnail preview of the images, on the right pane.

This can be useful for checking out which pictures you want to retain, and which should be deleted, without having to open the photos in a different app. Also, cleaning up the unwanted files, in turn will free up the storage space on the phone or tablet, to improve the device’s general performance. Photo Compressor: This option allows you to reduce the storage space taken up by the pictures stored on your iPhone and iPad. So, you no longer have to delete irreplaceable pictures, to free up storage space. Why should you, when Macgo iPhone Cleaner offers lossless photo compression, so there is no compromise on the quality.

Top 4 Macgo Free Iphone Cleaner For Mac

Permanently Erase Data has the Erase Deleted Files, Erase Private Data, and Erase All Data options. Erase Deleted Files: When you delete files from your device, the files are not deleted permanently, even though your iOS device may show that storage space has been freed. These files can be recovered using special tools. But don’t worry, because Macgo iPhone Cleaner can securely erase deleted files, by overwriting The 1-Click Scan option can be used to start the process, which will list all the deleted data, on the screen, which you can go through and use the SafeEraser to overwrite the data, making it impossible to recover the data. Erase Private Data: The Erase Private Data can be used to delete your personal information such as your contacts, messages, photos, notes, call history and safari bookmarks, etc, by shredding the data, by using speical algorithms.

There is a thumbnail preview available in the right pane as well, to give you a second chance if you wish to recover the data. You can also use the searchbox to enter keywords to quickly find the data you want, and the app will automatically select the resultant data. There are three erase levels of data erasing options to choose from in Macgo iPhone Cleaner for Mac:. High Level. Medium Level. Low Level The Low Level option will delete the selected data, and overwrite the storage space the files occupied, by writing zeros over them, once. Naturally this is a time consuming process.

The Medium Level uses random junk files, to overwrite the storage space used by your personal data, to ensure all the deleted files can not be recovered. The High Level option is the most secure of the deletion methods, and overwrites your files, 3 times. Macgo iPhone Cleaner uses the US DoD 5220.22-M of NISP algoritm for this process. Erase All Data: If you wish to sell your iPhone or iPad, or give it to someone else, you should definitely perfrom a factory reset on the phone or tablet. But like we mentioned earlier, deleting a file on your device does not ensure the file can be recovered.

Macgo Free Iphone Cleaner For Mac

So, you should securely erase all of your data on the device. But instead of selecting specific files, which could take all eternity, you can use the “Erase All Data” option in Macgo iPhone Cleaner, to completely wipe all of your device’s data with a single click. Select one of the file deletion levels mentioned above, and your device is as good as new, and ready to be sold, or given away. If you value your personal data and security, you should seriously consider giving Macgo iPhone Cleaner for Mac, a real shot. Buy Macgo iPhone Cleaner for Mac at the best price ever, and save with our exclusive discount code.