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Transcript of M.A.C COSMETICS - Marketing Mix. Agenda About M.A.C. Product Price Place Promotion Consumer Competition PRICE PLACE about m.a.c cosmetics M.A.C COSMETICS - mARKETING mix BY: LINDA HOANG Product product - Services M.A.C Cosmetics provide 2 different types of services for their customers.

Marketing Mix Mac On Flowvellane

Creating presentations is one of the most challenging tasks you have when working a high-powered job or running a small business. You need to impress the people sitting in front of you and you need to get your message across in a direct and hard-hitting kind of way. To do that, you’re going to need the right tools to make it work. You need to know about the best presentation app and the best Powerpoint alternatives before you plan your next presentation. There are lots of them out there, but they don’t all offer the kind of quality that you’re probably in need of right now. You don’t want to be let down by the app you choose, but you should never doubt that there are alternatives to Powerpoint out there because we’re going to discuss the best Powerpoint alternatives here today. Some of them actually offer you more than Powerpoint can, and you’ll find new ways to organize your presentations going forward.

We’ve got 5 presentation apps in particular that you should know about. These are the best presentation app, offering you a way to present to people professionally.

Each of them is worth considering, and you can find out all about the major pros and cons before trying them out for yourself, so read on now. You’re sure to find the best powerpoint alternatives below. FlowVella If you’re looking for the best presentation app for people who use tablets to do this kind of work, you don’t need to look much further than. It’s been specifically designed and developed for tablet usage.

It uses smart gesture technology and makes it easy to integrate media from all kinds of different sources, offering you more options than you could ever know what to do with. The cloud storage options are good for anyone who likes to do things on the go and be able to download and save their progress at any time of the day or night, no matter where you are. It’s this that causes people to call it one of the best powerpoint alternatives. The app has been around since 2005 and its managed to retain its appeal for all that time, thriving and improving over the years. Pros As we’ve mentioned, the major pro of the Flowvella app is that it allows you to work how, when and where you want without you having to worry about any difficulties.

It’s the best presentation app for that kind of thing, and you can integrate graphs, charts and analytics in very easy and straightforward ways too. The free templates you can use and edit on are really impressive as well, making it among the best powerpoint alternatives. Cons This is an app for Apple and Mac users, so it’s not going to be for everyone. If you use other devices, it’s going to be difficult for you to get the most of it. There is a web app, but other tablets are not supported. It’s up to you whether this stops it from being one of the best Powerpoint alternatives or not.

SlideDog You can use with limited features for free, so if you want to use the base app, and you don’t care about all the frills and extras, you can do that without spending any money at all. It’s up to you to decide if you want to take things further and pay for the full version of the app. Many people regard it as being one of the best Powerpoint alternatives, and you might feel the same way once you’ve tried it. You can pay monthly or a one off payment if you prefer.

It works by making a playlist of different content, and it’s this that differentiate the presentation app from other similar ones. If that sounds like it might be the best presentation app for you, you should at least try out the free version and take things from there. It’s certainly a new experience as far as presentations go. Pros In terms of the mix of content and the way in which you can present information in interesting ways, is certainly very impressive. It allows you to put together your ideas and evidence in a way that’s a bit more unique and interesting than you’d find if another, more bland, presentation app.

From that perspective, this is perhaps the best presentation app around. Cons At the moment, Slidedog only supports Windows usage. It’s worth being aware of that before you go any further because Mac and Apple users are not catered for by SlideDog. It also has to be installed on your Windows computer, so it’s lacking in some of the flexibility you might get from the very best powerpoint alternatives.

Haiku Deck One of the most impressive things about is how fun it is to use. It’s an iOS and web app that you can use to assemble your presentations in playful and interesting ways. If you value creative control over the whole process, Haiku Deck might be the best presentation app for you and your future presentations. It’s also a pretty simple app to use; you don’t have to be a genius to make a success of your presentations when using this platform, so don’t assume that’s the case. The fact that there are plenty of options to play with doesn’t stop it from being user-friendly.

It’s a good platform for making simple yet effective powerpoint presentations, so maybe it’s the best powerpoint alternatives. Let’s find out. Pros The ease of use and the impact of the end result makes Haiku Deck the best presentation app on the market today for many people. You can do so much, without the presentation you’re creating ever becoming overwrought and difficult to follow.

That’s a problem many people have when making presentation, so anything that helps you to avoid it is a bonus. Cons There are some features, such as flow charts, that aren’t here, and the overall interface that you’ll be working with is pretty basic. These are minor criticisms though.

It might not be the best presentation app for people who like the analytical stuff and the killer interface layout, but it does a lot of the stuff that matters really well. That’s why, despite its minor faults, it’s still one of the best powerpoint alternatives there is.

Google Slides is something that many people flock towards because we all know the Google brand name. If you already use Google Docs and Google Sheets, it kind of makes sense to use Google Slides. People trust the brand, and it gives them an edge over many of the competitors who don’t have that global recognition. It’s free software and it’s easy to use, so it’s not just about the brand.

You can even open Powerpoint content in so it’s an obvious choice for people looking for the best Powerpoint alternatives. It make the transition between the two platforms much easier. It’s also the kind of platform that you can start using straight away because there’s nothing particular complicated about picking it up for the first time.

Pros It’s so easy to jump in and start using, so that’s probably the best reason to start using the platform. Like all of Google’s other similar platforms, you don’t have to spend any money on it. With that in mind, the value offered by Google Slides is undeniable. It looks like the best presentation app, even compared to the ones you have to pay for. It might even be one of the best Powerpoint alternatives you can choose to use at the moment.


Cons There are some reasons to be cautious before picking up though. For a start, you need to be connected to the internet for it to function properly, which might be a problem in some circumstances. A lack of themes and the inability to imbed videos is a problem as well because most other platforms allow this. Slidebean There are lots of surprising features that can offer that many other platforms don’t offer. It’s regarded as one of the best Powerpoint alternatives out there, and even though it remains small, more people are using it by the day. The images and GIFs available to use on the platform make it fun to play around with and potentially the best presentation app available.

If you have to include data and analytics in your presentation, this could be the best presentation app for you. There are plenty of customization options so you can make your presentation exactly how you want it to be, and that’s obviously important. Pros You’re really in the driving seat when you choose. The power is in your hands and you can create the presentation that can’t help but impress. You can make your powerpoint unique to you and the points you’re trying to make, and that’s pretty much all you can ask.

That makes it among the best powerpoint alternatives and maybe the best presentation app out there. Cons Some would say that the app is a little more expensive than it needs to be, but you do get what you pay for. There are cheaper or even free options that can give a run for its money though. That’s something that you do need to keep in mind and take into account.

Conclusion Each one of these apps could turn out to be the best presentation app for your business. These examples are among the best powerpoint alternatives on the market right now, and they can really help you to hit the mark when it comes to making your point in a presentation scenario.

Marketing mix mac on flowvellane

So make the most of these ideas and try them all to see which you regard as the best presentation app. Do you want to get more content like this one?

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M.A.C Cosmetics Personal Selling Advertising Direct Marketing By: Brittany White M.A.C Cosmetics takes advantage of all promotional activities. They perform the task of selling by face to face representation and oral communication between buyers. M.A.C focuses on building a personal and comforting relationship with their customers. M.A.C began by giving away their cosmetics to makeup artists that worked with top models and actresses. M.A.C uses fashion shows to advertise their make up through the use of models. They also use girls youtube videos as a use of advertising. When females do a review on their product they are advertising their 'favorites' which triggers other people to use their cosmetics.

Also the use of celebrities. Pairs the direct mail piece with an email campaign. Provide an incentive to visit my nearest location and if I bring in the direct mail piece, I will receive a small gift with purchase (minimum $50).

While customers are retrieving their discount, M.A.C asks few questions about the products I buy, the ones I don’t and perhaps some details about my subscriber preferences M.A.C Cosmetics used the Promotional Mix in various ways. They have become very very successful and well known in the make-up industry. As years go by they will only continue to grow. M.A.C does short term use of incentives like discounts, displays, exchange offers, exhibitions, fashion shows, and movies, to attract potential customers and achieve more sales value Sales Promotion M.A.Chosts various events such as Book Signing Nights, Fashion Night Out, and other exciting things.

They sponsor fashion week and other small fashion shows. Beauty bloggers that do reviews over their products also boots their publicity. They started an AIDS fund where all of the money from their Glam line goes to the foundation.

Public Relations / Publicity MAC has 3.6 million Facebook fans and over 83,000 MAC YouTube subscribers Follow @MACcosmetics and MAC Senior Artists on Twitter for the fastest way to get backstage beauty updates during Fashion Week. MAC on Tumblr (100k+ followers) for exclusive beauty visuals Social Media With each day, week, month, and year that goes by the technology that we have in this world changes into something “cooler” and better; including the internet.


If anybody ever wants to find something they look to the internet to figure things out. Internet marketing is probably one of the top advertisements that companies can use. From pop up ads, to side bar ads, to survey’s businesses have taken advantage of the fact that this generation and generations to come are technology freaks and they have to adjust to the changes in order to keep their business successful. When businesses use the Internet, they want to create a more personal and direct relationship with their customer.

That’s a plus because customers want quality service and knowing that their money is going to a company that cares will increase that businesses sale. The Internet helps companies lower their supply and demand costs. Without the internet, companies would be solely depending on word to mouth advertisement and TV commercials. With the new DVR and other features, consumers are fast forwarding through commercials.

If marketing never shifted to the internet, businesses would be struggling to stay successful. In my marketing class now we are talking about internet marketing and how businesses have to change how they market as the technology becomes more advanced.

Online marketing doesn't just include pop ads. It involves social media websites, customer service chat boxes that pop up while you're visiting a site, the information you send a company when you're browsing their site, and lots of other things. In any business environment you are going to have to know how to transform your company to fit your consumers needs and wants but also interests. If they are more interested in online websites instead of watching tv, then you have to find a way to market to them online.