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Full recomended Driversand Softwares for Konica Minolta bizhub device by default are available with.EXE. There are also the device overview, an explanation of your product's compatibility with each operating system. Free software solutions, and applicable drivers regarding your Konica Minolta Printer BizhubC350. Konica Minolta Bizhub C350 Printer Driver Download You need to select your operating(s) system(s) OS or all-in-one below in order to get the latest drivers. Operating system(s): Windows XP (32 & 64-bit), Windows Vista (32 & 64-bit), Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit), Windows 8 (32 & 64-bit), Windows 10 (32 & 64-bit). About Konica Minolta Corp.

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The site of all the drivers and software for Konica Minolta.

Konica Minolta Co Ltd. Is a Japanese company photography and image whose head office is in Osaka. It results from the merger of two companies, Minolta and Konica. This company manufactures copiers, fax machines, laser printers, medical equipment graphics, vision and sensing meter components.

Konica Minolta Bizhub Drivers

What is Drivers? Driver is a computer software program to allow another program (often an operating system) to interact with a device.

In general, each device has its own driver. Simplistically, a printer driver is software that tells the computer how to use the printer. Without driver, the printer or the graphics card for example might not be used.

I know this is and old post, but I came across this issue today and this post is the first that came up in my Google searches, and three was no good response. So I thought I would post an update. Sorry Zaheer, I know you were trying to be helpful, but your response was a little too vague and in the end, inaccurate 1) Go to the printer's Web Connection by typing the IP address in a browser.

2) Make sure you are on the 'System' tab (Blue) at the top 3) Click on the 'Detail' link on the side menu 4) Click on the 'Interface Info' sub link. Notice that you do NOT log into the Admin portion of the Web Connection. That will only confuse you. This will show various stats, one of which is the MAC Address of the machine.

Konica Minolta Drivers Windows Xp

It seems like this would be better placed in the Network tab under the admin interface, but here it is. Hope this helps someone.

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