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Top Features- Open multiple connections to different MongoDB servers View your MongoDB database as a hierarchical tree consisting of databases, collections, indexes and users Peek at db and collection stats at the click of your mouse Add new databases and collections easily through the GUI Easily build indexes – either specify Json or use the point and click (visual) interface Run Map-Reduce operations easily. Top Features-. Very powerful and intuitive Admin GUI for MongoDB. Open source,actively maintained and freely available. Provides MongoDB Shell, multiple Shells, multiple tabs,auto-completion.

Sep 10, 2018 - A protip by icflorescu about open source, os x, mongodb, workflow, and gui. Asking 'what's the best MongoDB client for Mac OS X' (besides the mongo. I loved Robomongo, until we upgraded our databases to mongo 3.2,.

Robomongo 0.8.x embeds the same JavaScript engine. Robomongo executes your code in statement by statement way. Robomongo provides you with autocompletion for all objects (and thus functions) that are known by the JavaScript runtime, including autocompletion for databases, collections, and even your document objects. Website - Download - Type- Free Platforms:Windows, Mac OS, Linux MongoHUB- MongoHub is a mongodb GUI application.

This repository is a mac native version of MongoHub. If you are using windows or linux please download use the source from which is made by Titanium Desktop. Top Features- Add/remove connections; Show/drop databases; Show/drop collections; Run query. Import/export to JSON/CSV documents Support for SSH access Website - Download - Type- Free Platforms:Mac OS X RockMongo – A Powerful MongoDB GUI Tool - RockMongo is a MongoDB administration tool, written in PHP 5, very easy to install and use. Top Features- connect to a single server, a replica set, or a MongoS instance DB ops: create, drop, authenticate, command, eval, Collection ops: create, rename, drop, find, insert, save, Document ops: update, duplicate, remove, Index ops: create, drop, Shard ops: enable sharding, add shard, shard collection, GUI Document builder Import / Export data from database to local files in JSON, BSON, CSV format.

Top Features- 1. Multiple Database Connections Screenshot: Allows to manage database connections in a single project file. Datasource Explorer: TreeView database and datasource object explorer. Database Manager: Create/Drop Databases: Allows to visualize all user and system databases. Table Manager: Create/Edit/Drop Tables Screenshot 5. View Manager: Create/Edit/Drop Views Screenshot 6. Stored Procedure Manager: Create/Edit/Drop Stored Procedures Screenshot 7.

Collection Manager (MongoDB): Manage MongoDB Collections and Indexes Screenshot 8. Index Manager: Create/Edit/Drop Indexes Screenshot 9. Trigger Manager: Create/Drop Triggers Screenshot 10. Column Manager: Create/Edit/Drop Table Columns 11.

SQL Query: Provides advanced sql query editor with intelli sense, code syntax coloring and and scripts. It also allows you to execute 12. JSON Query: JSON based query editor for MongoDB with intellisense and code syntax coloring 13. LINQ Query Screenshot: Allows to exeute LINQ to EF and LINQ to Dataset query editor. LINQ to MOngoDB: Provides LINQ to MongoDB query editor. Intelli-Sense: SQL and JSON Query Editor with Code Highlighting and IntelliSense Screenshot 16. Database Reports Screenshot: Provides some static reports for database objects 17.

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Host Information Screenshot 1,2: Provides data source information 18. User Management Screenshot: Provides user management for databsae systems. Data Visualizers: Provides Text Visualizer, Chart Visualizer and Image Visualizer for BLOB data. Table Data Editor: Create, Edit or Delete Data Records or Rows. Screenshot 21. Database Maintenance. Provides database and table maintenance options.

ER and Table Relations View Screenshot: Visualize database relations and constraints like a ER diagram 23. Visual SQL Query Builder Screenshot: Provides advanced and easy SQL query builder 24. Visual JSON Query Builder: Provides MongoDB Json query builder 25. Data Export: Supports data export to XML, XSD, CSV, HTML, HTML5, MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, OpenOffice, Png-Image, PDF, XPS, JSON, MS Access, SQLite file formats.

Mongodb Database Query Tool For Mac

Screenshot 26. SQL Script Export: Allows to export database structure and data as a SQL Script. Screenshot 27. Data Package Export/Import: Allows to export and import data as a Xml based data package.

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CSV Data Import: Import data from CSV files. Screenshot 29. Bulk SQL Import: Import data from SQL files.

Screenshot 30. XML Import: Import XML files into your database system. Screenshot 31. Data Import from Data Sources: Allows to import data from other database systems or files. Advanced Data View Screenshot: Allows to visualize data as tex, image or chart. MongoDB Data View as Tree and Table styleScreenshot 34.

Search Engine: Search your data using string, datetime and number operators Screenshot 35. Code Factory: Generate code from your database schema. Screenshot 36. Templates: SQL/JSON/LINQ Templates for database object editing or creating. Code Snippets: Manage your SQL/JSON Snippets and Templates 38.

Database Schema (XSD) Export: Export your database schema as a XSD file. MongoDB GridFS Screenshot: GridFS editor for handling MongoDB file system. MongoDB Map/Reduce Editor: Provides map&reduce editor for MongoDB. SQL to MongoDB Support: Database Manager allows you to execute SQL queries against MongoDB and can visualize data as flat table mode.

SSH Tunnelling Support 43. Database Monitoring: Monitors database systems with a advanced charting system. Database Backup: Allows to backup your database as a single SQL script file- 45. OData Support: Datababase Manager supports MicrosoftOpen Data Protocol for web. Apache Hive Support: Database Manager support Apache Hadoop Hive database system for data analytics and data query for Big Data.

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Website - Download - Type- Commercial Platforms: Windows phpMoAdmin - MongoDB GUI Built on a stripped-down version of the Vork high-performance framework. Nothing to configure - place the moadmin.php file anywhere on your site and it just works. Its fast AJAX-driven XHTML 1.1 interface operates consistently in every browser! Self-contained in a single 95kb file.

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It works on any version of PHP5 with the MongoDB NoSQL database & Mongo PHP driver. Top Features- Feature Reference by Menu Grouping - Detailed information on each of the menu options in RazorSQL. Database Specific Features - Detailed information on the features offered for each database such as MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, MS SQL Server, Sybase, SQLite, and many more. Advanced Connection Features - The various ways RazorSQL can connect to databases. Database and SQL Tools - The various tools provided by RazorSQL SQL Editor - Features of the SQL editor included in RazorSQL. Database Browser - Features of the database browser included in RazorSQL.

Built-in Database - Features of the built-in relational database included in RazorSQL. Website - Download - Type- Commercial Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux 3T MongoChef – the GUI for MongoDB 3T MongoChef, the GUI for MongoDB, lets you edit any MongoDB data type directly in a tree-view, table-view or as free JSON text. Visually add documents, fields and values of any MongoDB type with just a stroke of a key – anywhere in your document! Top Features- In-Place Editor: Tree and Table Fully Integrated Shell with Syntax Highlighting Table-View Editor for Embedded Objects and Arrays Drag-and-Drop MongoDB Search Import and Export of Documents and Collections User and Role Management Add and Modify MongoDB Indexes Lossless JSON Editor GridFS Support and Viewer Website - Download - Type- Free/Commercial Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux NoSQL Manager- MongoDB GUI tools and Shell power for everyone. NoSQL Manager for MongoDB Desktop GUI tool for Mongo database management, administration and development.