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Posted : admin On 20.08.2019
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Tweetbot by Tapbots @tweetbot. I'm a Twitter client for iOS and Mac by @tapbots. Sorry I can't respond to everyone! Bird needs to eat, sleep, and work. If your Tweetbot for Mac is crashing. Quit and paste the text below in Terminal defaults remove com.tapbots.TweetbotMac remoteConfiguration. 11:19 AM - 18 May 2014.

Has announced that the alpha version of Tweetbot for Mac will no longer be available. As, has fallen victim to the new API rules, albeit indirectly. The third-party app currently offers a better user experience than own official app. It is therefore a controversial outcome.

Contacted Twitter to see if they could implement a workaround to prevent wasting user tokens during the free alpha test, but Twitter was intransigent. With, a new controversial rule was implemented to supervise developers of third-party Twitter clients. There is now a user cap of 100,000. After that, you can just hope that Twitter will raise that cap for your app — but there is no guarantee. For Mac will be a paid app available in the Apple App Store. But the alpha version was distributed as a free download on Tapbots’ website.

Those builds will expire after a certain period of time. As with many applications, the alpha stage is a good way to try out the software, even if you don’t plan to use it.

Yet, user tokens don’t expire and can only be revoked by the user by going to — a cumbersome process that does not bring any apparent benefit for the user. That is why the developers have decided to pull the alpha from their website in order to preserve their number of tokens for the paid customers. Development is still active. “Just to be perfectly clear, Tweetbot for Mac will still be available for sale in the near future, we are just stopping the public part of the alpha/beta testing,” said Paul Haddad, the programmer of the team. “We wish we could continue on but we didn’t make the rules, we just have to live within them,” he continued. The announcement is one of the first consequences of the API changes instated by Twitter.

Morbus Iff On Twitter: Does Tweetbot For Macbook Pro

Developers now have to adapt their development workflow. The philosophy “release early, release often”, popularized by open source software advocate Eric S.

Morbus Iff On Twitter: Does Tweetbot For Mac

Raymond, will be harder to follow for Twitter app developers. Even more worrisome, Twitter did not concede at all, meaning that the company is willing to implement word for word its new API rules. Reading between the lines, even though the official Twitter Mac app has not been updated for a long time, Twitter does not seem to care about Tweetbot’s future.

It confirms that Twitter wants its users to go through its website in order to display ads more easily, push changes quickly to — supposedly a big part of Twitter’s monetization effort — and, in general, control the experience across different platforms.


When a service you use has its own free software, why turn to a third party for an alternative? The folks at Tapbots continue to answer that question with each update to their Tweetbot client for Twitter, available both in iOS and OS X. Tweetbot provides a straightforward timeline view, threaded conversations appear with a double-click, and there’s no need to buy into each of Twitter’s sometimes dubious and sometimes useful innovations. I recently reviewed, a major update to the software, but found it lacking: It felt like too much was left undone to give it our highest ratings, although it had a more appealing design and brought several needed features.

A recent bump to version 2.1 answered almost every concern in the previous review, so I'm revisiting it. The main timeline view in Tweetbot 2 provides basic information about each tweet with icons allowing replies, retweets, quoted tweets, and more. I’ve been a long-time Tweetbot user, though I’ve tried other third-party clients for Mac and iOS before and after Twitter’s policy change made it infeasible for developers without established user bases to create a business on new ones. I’ve stuck with it because I live in its timeline view and prefer to see single messages that I can drill down for conversations. Others may like Twitter’s native client or other apps that shows threads in the Home or timeline view. Those who, like me, use the iOS version will find the new OS X release has become a very close replica, which is nice when moving between platforms: everything is in the same place. But one could call version 2 mostly a design and maintenance release with a few additions, even though a lot of work clearly took place behind the scenes.

Existing owners pay nothing for the upgrade; new buyers will be happy with a reduced $13 price tag (down from $20 for version 1). (One could argue that version 1 owners in effect paid $7 for the upgrade.) Tweetbot divides Twitter into several categories more cleanly than Twitter itself now does in its own apps and on its website. Your timeline, mentions, direct messages, and items you’ve faved each have their own tab. Search, activity, user profile, lists, and mutes do as well. Double click a tweet to see it in isolation with stats like faves and retweets, as well as in context if it’s part of a discussion. (A reply handled correctly in Twitter-client software links multiple tweets in a series.) An avatar appears at the top for the current selected account, and multiple accounts can be added. Each account has its own preferences set for notifications, as well as which external services are tied in for “read it later,” URL shortening, image uploads, video uploads, and syncing your reading point in your timeline.

Tweetbot’s New Tweet window allows composition, including media, and revealing location. Tweetbot supports multiple columns, each of which can follow a separate stream, yet I’ve never found its approach particularly effective; most people I know who need multiple streams use (and swear at) Tweetdeck, owned by Twitter. In version 2, the user interface has been updated to the Yosemite (and now El Capitan) feel. Every element is crisper and works better with Retina displays. I do find the controls in each message for reply, retweet, fav, share, and miscellaneous to be a bit too small in this release.

And when a tweet is faved, its star overlaps the time stamp showing how long ago the tweet was made. In this update, you can opt to show a verified account blue checkbox directly on avatars, which themselves can be shown framed as squares or circles. Twitter has its own logic about which accounts receive verification (mostly athletes, celebrities, and journalists, including the Macworld staff), but it can be useful in following news to know at a glance whether or not someone’s identity has been double-checked.

Retweets now show a shrunken avatar of the person sharing the message, which can again help in deciding whether or not to pay attention to it or follow links. Embedded tweets are a new sort of retweet in which a referenced tweet appears nested in the message that mentions it, as if it were an image. Tapbots added this first to Tweetbot 4 for iOS, and then in version 2.0.1 of Tweetbot for OS X.

It took until version 2.1 to include them in mentions so that you see both when someone replies to you or quotes a tweet, which many people do for context. (The native interface’s retweet option lets you fill in a tweet, which turns it into this sort of quote, hence the heavy use of tweet plus quote.) The 2.1 update also adds an Activity tab, a sort of tick record of every interaction someone has with your account: whenever they mark a fave, reply to you, or quote or retweet a message, or when they start following you. This can be useful to see people’s reactions to what you say. Clicking a reply or mention takes you to the thread; clicking a fave, a follow, or a retweet takes you to the person's profile. I’d also welcome a Stats view found in Tweetbot 4 for iOS, which shows summaries by tweet of the most recent interactions in reverse chronological order.

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Many other small problems in the 2.0 release were fixed in 2.1. When clicking an image in 2.0, you couldn’t resize it if it were smaller than the screen; now you can drag to resize, as well as pinch to zoom with a trackpad—but there’s no equivalent zoom for a mouse. Tweets with multiple images still allow no way to show all images without clicking them one at a time.

Version 2.1 now also plays media from several sources without resorting to a browser: video hosted at Twitter, as well as Instagram video and Vine playbacks. YouTube, Vimeo, and others still launch a browser. Threaded conversations are shown in reverse order. While you can easily opt to not include your current location, in the previous release this was signaled by a grayed-out Apple-style location icon in a new tweet dialog.

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Version 2 added a large lozenge that reads Location Disabled, which is gone in 2.1. Click the icon and it brings up a general area; click the area name and you can select from nearby points of interest, if any exist. Click the blue location icon, and location is once again disabled. It’s a very neat set of interactions. Every view in Tweetbot allows searching within downloaded tweets in addition to a Twitter search tab. After entering a search term in version 1, you could press Escape to clear it and show all messages in the view. In version 2, the focus leaves the field, requiring a click and then Escape; this was fixed in 2.1.

Morbus Iff On Twitter Does Tweetbot For Mac Free

In the previous version if you were composing a tweet and wanted to navigate through other parts of the timeline or other tabs, you had to first drag the fresh tweet to disconnect it. Now, all new tweets are freestanding, which is a nice improvement. New tweets can have images and video added through the gear menu’s Add Image and Add Video items, but you can also drag them in. Handy in connection with the new Photos app, which is more painful to export and drag images out than iPhoto, is this sequence: select an image in Photos, choose Edit Copy, and then in a new tweet window simply paste to queue it to upload with the tweet. Tweetbot 2 for OS X brings a feature from its iOS version: Recent Photos shown in a user’s profile view. I’ve been partial to Tweetbot’s mute options, which are separate from the global mute feature that’s part of Twitter’s main settings.

(There’s no interface for those mutes within Tweetbot.) You can mute by hashtags, keywords, or accounts, and set expirations from 1 day to Forever. These mute lists sync across all of your copies of Tweetbot in iOS and OS X. If someone (such as me) is being a blowhard and you want to suppress them for a day or you never want to see the result of anyone’s Nike fitness devices, it’s a few clicks to tone down your timeline.

Tweetbot 2 has improved the look of this view, adding avatars to muted accounts. (The iOS version remains ahead, with the ability to use regular expressions, and mute in search and lists, as well as in mentions and timeline.) Twitter continues to roll out features and third-party developers aren’t always granted access right away through the service’s API (application programmers interface). Group direct messages (DMs) aren’t available outside of Twitter apps and its website yet. Special items called Twitter Cards, often used for marketing, but also worthwhile for other purposes, can’t be viewed within Tweetbot. However, long DMs—up to 10,000 characters—were supported by Tweetbot before the feature was fully rolled out by Twitter.

Bottom line Tapbots went back to polish its version 2.0 release and answered my concerns and those of many (vocal) users. From a suggestion to upgrade and expect more, I now highly recommend the software, which needs just a tiny bit more of the kind of refinement Tapbots has shown it engages in.