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Progea's software products mean quality and standards. Movicon is certified as 'Designed for Windows Vista' by Microsoft, and its OPC technology has been 'Tested & Compliant' by the OPC Foundation. Movicon 11 - The innovative XML-based Scada/HMI Movicon™ 11 is the software standard for all those operating in industrial automation, in remote control and building automation, a universal and flexible Scada/HMI platform adaptable and deployable anywhere with maximum scalability and independence from hardware devices.

The supreme openness and flexibility of the Movicon™ architecture makes it the perfect Scada/HMI supervision solution appliable to any sector in the world of automation The new features of Movicon™ 11.1 get your supervision closer to reality. Tutorial: Movicon 11 BA Edition, the Scada/HMI for Building Automation Progea has designed a Movicon 11 special product version especially for the Building Automation sector, Facilities and Domotics.

Integrated Building Management. The ever-increasing demand for Building Automation and domotics prompted Progea to create a special poduct line for this sector.

The Movicon™ BA software is more capable of making your building supervision the most powerful, open and scalable than any other software around. Movicon™ BA is Progea’s supervision solution for intelligent buildings. Progea is a major leading expert company in supervision and control software systems (Scada/HMI). Movicon™ BA offers all the great advantages of ‘Open’ software for integration and visualization of automation systems for modern buildings, whether residential, industrial, services or big communities. Movicon™BA provides all the advantages of modern software with very flexible solutions. Great experience matured through years of success, has allowed Progea to deliver solutions to all those who demand an integrated system using an all-in-one, powerful, open, visualization and control software.

HMI Technology for Windows CE Movicon CE is a runtime engine for Windows CE that offers HMI solutions powerful and open. Just one development platform and your Movicon XML projects can be run on Win32, Win64 or WinCE indifferently. Movicon™ CE is the most powerful HMI platform avialable for Windows™ CE today, wholly capable of satifisying your every need in visualization and control in a compact environment without forgoing the potentiality of the Scada system.

Apple is a contributor to the XQuartz project and has worked to ensure that X11 works as expected with macOS and latest available versions of XQuartz. X11 server and client libraries for macOS are available from the XQuartz project at Download the latest version available. 'I have Progea Movicon X11 I Need keygen for Progea Movicon X11.' 'keygen is bad way. Algorithm will change in next build. Need dump from hardware. Movicon BA 11.2 Free. Home › System Tools › General 1.6. 11.2 (publisher's description) 10.2; Freeware. 2 people Feb 27, 2016 System Utilities.

Movicon™ CE is a runtime engine with runs the same Movicon™ 11 XML projects. Your projects can therefore be run on your HMI device, in operator terminals, PDA, Palmtop PCs, Smartphones, mobile and Wireless Systems (Pocket PC and HPC2000), autonomously and independently, without needing client stations and other applications. In fact, your WinCE device can be the Server or Web Server itself, to other client stations. Movicon™ CE, installed on your WinCE device will therefore run projects created by your Movicon™11 platform: one project only, the same file, run on different platforms all made possible by the project’s XML structure.

This means much greater management simplicity, significant reductions in maintenance costs and maximum information transparency. Integrates your plant with your business MovTracer is the MES solution for collecting, aggregating and recording vital manufacturing company information in your preferred database format. Production data acquisition in realtime and monitoring main performances (KPI,OEE) allow you to make roductivity improvements, reduce loses and increase profits. WEB-BASED ARCHITECTURE Movicon Web Client Information accessible from anywhere throughout the web Revealing factory information wherever and in real time is a strategical must-have that any manufacturing company is well aware of.

This is the reason why Progea has especially designed Movicon™ Web Client, the innovative software solution based on the most modern Thin Client Java technologies for sharing real-time data across internet or intranet network architectures. Thanks to the Movicon™11 and Movicon™ Web Client technologies you can visualize and control any Movicon™ HMI or Scada supervision station using a simple browser on the client, saving you major costs in management, maintenance and licensing, while increasing your company productivity at the same time. Each Movicon™ project, run on Win64, Win32 or WinCE, is equipped with a powerful Web Client solution.

Being able to get realtime factory information no matter where and when is a strategical must-have that any serious manufacturing company is well aware of. This is why Progea has especially designed Movicon™ Web Client, the innovative software solution based on the most modern Thin Client Java technologies for sharing real-time data across internet or intranet network architectures. Thanks to the Movicon™11 and Movicon™ Web Client technologies you can visualize and control any Movicon™ HMI or Scada supervision station using a simple browser on the client, saving you major costs in management, maintenance and ownership licensing, while increasing your company productivity at the same time. Truly Web-based Architecture. Movicon™ Web Client uses the Thin Client model, thanks to which the whole application can reside and be processed on the server.

By centralizing information, system management and maintenance will become simpler and low-costing. The Client displays graphics processed on the server through any Internet browser, by interacting and adapting the graphics to local resolution requirements. The Client is updated on event, upon each change only. The most advanced technologies (Java, XML, Web Services) and exception technology guarantee performances with truly innovative architecture. Thin Client Model Innovation. Movicon™ Web Client exploits the java technology and Web Service communication for visualizing and controlling your automated plant from any client station in local or geographic network. The Web Client solution designed by Progea does not need extra installation or configuration on the server side.

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Multiuserness, bidirectionality and security are all guaranteed at the same time without requiring complicated configuring. The Movicon™ Web client technology exploits the Windows™ Web Server (IIS) for default, connecting your entire plant through the web with just a few clicks. Furthermore, the Movicon™ Web Client access, consenting simple HMI stations to become Web Servers. Movicon™ Web Client is very thin (about 300 Kb) and can be run in any browser with any operating system, thanks to the java multiplatform support.

By exploiting HTML pages created automatically by Movicon™, the Web Client permits visualization and control of the production process from any part of the world, using communication concepts based on TCP-IP, and optimized for public networks with low frequency band widths, with option to encypt, rendering your application well and truly 'web enabled'. The innovative advantages of Movicon™ Web Client permit you to monitor and optimize production processes at a low cost. Whatever you manufacture, you can visualize and control automation systems or machines and beat ownership license, development and system maintenance costs. Data is centralized in distributed architectures only where needed: on the Server. Clients display and interact with the Movicon™ project to which they are connected, without needing to pay any additional license and development costs, thus simplifying maintenance.

Modifications executed on the Server will immediately be updated to all Clients. Unmatched Potentiality throughout the Web. Client users, without installing and processing any thing on Client stations, are fully aided with the potentiality that only the Movicon™ Web Client is capable of offering. The graphical representations of screens are shown in their ‘true colors’ and graphics are automatically adapted to the client’s graphic resolutions or to the size of the browser window. On the Client side you can interact with and activate commands and manage events of VBA code inserted in symbols. All information from Historical Logs, Trends can be obtained and data tables displayed with filter and order by support. The Scheduler and IP Camera viewer objects are supported along with their interactivities.

The Movicon™ Web Client potentialities are incredibly outstanding, powerful, extremely simple and automatic, truly making the automation-over-the web concept a real ‘live wire’. Web Client features Movicon™ Web Client offers the possibility to access factory data using Internet/Intranet architectures. The advantages you get from using the Movicon™ Web Client are:. Accessing and displaying projects over the web using any browser with any operating system, made possible by Java technology support, and in the J2ME version for supporting the JavaPhones technology. Creating Web pages on the server is completely automatic with one click only. Project screen navigation as predefined on server, possible restrictions may occur navigating on the Web side. No need to install or configure extra on Client or Server.

Enhanced performances, transparent support to the project functionalities and commands using a normal browser. Secure data management. Notification on exception only. Communications based on Web Services. Entirely Java-based technology. Support to Applet J2SE and Midlet J2ME.

Multiplatform support on Client side (Linux, Windows™, Palm, Symbian, Javaphones). Support to Windows Vista/XP or Windows CE on Server side. Access to Server by mobile phone acting as plant system client. Complete access from Web side to historicals recorded by Server. Support to powerful functions such as schedulers or IP camera viewers. Web Client becomes mobile!

Movicon™ Web Client is the only Scada/HMI in the world that allows Web Clients to log on with mobile phone devices, all made possible with the Web client Midlet, to consent access to the supervisor using normal mobile phones with Java J2ME 2.0 support. Users can now receive event notifications over the phone, connect immediately to the plant system (GPRS/UMTS) to get information on tags, alarms, historicals and even display and interact with screens wherever they happen to be. Web Client Demo Online. Clic here to access as Web Client to a Movicon Demo project.

WARNING: allowed only 2 users connected simultaneously. In case of unavailability, try again later. Progea Progea is a company focused on Automation and Process Control. The company's Research Lab develops software products and components for industrial Automation, Building Automation and for Remote Control systems. Progea started in 1990 in response to the strong demands for software and services in the automation field. Experience gained through the years by collaborating with leading companies has helped formed the foundations on which the Movicon Scada platform is based.

Progea is a company in continuous growth and is constantly investing in research and quality for its software product due to its important capacity to analysis and build its knowledge on integrator needs and requirements deriving from the automation market. Progea is quality system management UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard certified. Progea's constant growth in success has branched out to new offices in Legnano (Milan) and abroad in Germany, Progea Deutschland GmbH, and recently in Switzerland, making the Company a protagonist among the international producers in automation software platforms with an annual turnover increase of over 20%. Product link. Thinking to the future. Progea is an international company with foresight in future industrial automation and Process Control software.

The latest Microsoft technologies are incorporated into Movicon Scada software package and SoftLogic system, to increase your productivity and improve reliability. Progea provides top quality technical services and assistance worldwide. Progea is represented around the world by a large number of highly qualified partners which are always on-hand to give assistance and support. Our mission is to develop and produce software products (Scada, SoftLogic, Web-based software) based on open and standard architectures, which are both easy-to-use and scalable, to give customer satisfaction and success with their automation and Process Control applications. Progea produces and distributes Movicon, a powerful Scada/HMI software for Automation and Building Automation, to visualize, monitor, control and remote control their plant.

Movicon is the solution whcih comes complete for managing Scada functions and incorporating Web Client functions for Internet/Intranet architectures. Progea distributes many other products for industrial automation, such as software components for remote control, tools and hardware accessories for industrial communication. Progea is your partner when you need to communicate with your automation process and monitor, supervise, control and acquire data.

STRONG POINTS Scalability. Movicon™11 is an all in one software platform from Windows™ CE to Windows™ Vista. Only one platform is all you'll ever need in your company for micro applications in HMI terminals or/ and medium and big applications for manufacturing process plant systems. Movicon™11 is completely based on XML. Projects are simple XML files, which can be opened and edited with any other Editor. Fully open to integration and customization with the world of Windows™ applications. Projects can be grouped in hierarchical structures, distributed and shared.

Movicon™11 guarantees the top data security. Projects, though based on XML, can be encrypted with 128 bit coding algorithms.

The platform is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant for creating FDA ready applications with extreme ease. The User Password manager guarantees safe access by level and/or area. The built-in Visual Source Safe guarantees safeguarded work at all times. Movicon™11 is completely based on standard technologies to ensure that your investments are safeguarded. The XML, ODBC, OPC, VBA, SOAP, Web Services, TCP-IP and SQL technologies are all built-in to guarantee easy data access and transparency. Movicon™11 enhances performances by renewing its 'exception-based' technology concept and Graphics engine now based on SVG (Scalable Vectorial Graphics).

Movicon™11 has implemented a new generation of communication drivers with automatic Tag importer, remote connectivity via modem, multi-station concept for point-to-point protocols, bridging concept for teleservices in PLCs, immediate cable testing. These drivers guarantee full configurability and possibility to communicate on event with custom VBA logic. Not only do you get a free and included driver library,Movicon™11 also provides you with total connectivity via OPC DA, using both the OPC DA and OPC XML DA technologies as Client and Server. Very Efficient Networking.

Movicon™11 has a sophisticated Networking technology, capable of giving you network connectivity between any HMI or Scada station in an instant. Any Movicon application type can be a networking server for any other station, (WinCE or WinXP), and client stations are connectable within a few clicks. Efficiency and performances are guaranteed with 'event-driven' architecture and emergent multiplatform technologies such as SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and SOA (Service Oriented Application). Movicon™ projects can be Server and Client indifferently. Client projects can be distributed and run locally on the client while residing on the central server. The Movicon™ networking can be applied to any enterprise network integration according to network administrator needs: TCP-IP as well as UDP and HTTP protocols are also supported.

The networking feature automatically manages remote connections via RAS. Movicon™11 integrates the Web Services technology, consenting information distribution support to public networks (internet). Web-enabled Architecture.

Movicon™11 has renewed Web Client technology. The innovative architecture, based on JAVA (integrating perfectly with XML, SVG, Web Services technologies), consents server access using internet browsers in any platform (Windows™, Linux, Palm, PocketPC and Javaphones thanks to J2ME). Multiuser, bidirectionality, performances and security are guaranteed for cost and maintenance effectiveness. Servers can be both Windows™ Vista/XP and Windows™ CE. SoftLogic IEC 61131-3. Movicon™11 integrates the Logicon SoftPLC to guarantee an all-rolled-intoone programming environment whether on the SCADA/HMI side or SoftPLC side.

This means that just the one Tag DB synchronized using just the one editor, saving development time while enhancing potentiality significantly. The SoftLogic has a powerful programming environment with the 5 IEC1131 languages, powerful debug and documentation functions, a deterministic and a real-time runtime, for both Win32 and WinCE. I/O Divers Included with the package:. Siemens S7 PPI.

Siemens S7 MPI. Siemens S7 Ethernet TCP. VIPA direct MPI. VIPA Ethernet. Rockwell EtherNetIP. Rockwell DF1.

Mitsubishi FX2, FX3 Eth. Mitsubishi Q-series. Omron FinsEthernet. Omron HostLink. Saia (multiport Interface). Panasonic Matsushita FP Serial. Panasonic Matsushita FP Ethernet.

Schneider Unitelway. Modbus RTU. Modbus TCP-IP. Profibus DP. CAN Open.

Interbus. Hilscher NetLink, CIF (Profibus, CAN, ecc). Applicom (Profibus, ecc). Twincat Beckhoff.

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