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This Strategy guide is divided into General Tips and then a walkthrough of the full adventure room by room with solutions for all puzzles. GENERAL TIPS Tips for Finding the Score Pieces.

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Although billed as a hidden object game, The Musaic Box is really a point and click adventure game, like a Nancy Drew game where you have to find the pieces of a treasure map hidden around the room. Instead of looking for specific objects, you will need to click everywhere in the room to turn on lights, turn over mirrors, look in coat pockets, etc. To find all the missing pieces.

When you find a piece of the score in the room, it will enlarge, and then you will click it again to “copy it to your book.” The actual piece will stay where it is in the room, which can be confusing. If you click on it yet again, you will just get a message that you have already copied it. Pieces for an individual song’s score may be hidden in more than one room, or in the musaic box itself, where they will be revealed as you solve other song puzzles. Sometimes you will have to perform several actions in a sequence, like turning on a lamp and then moving a picture to reveal a hidden piece. There are two kinds of hints in the rooms. First, you will see sparkles in places where you should try clicking.

Second, the words in the black bar at the top of the screen may give you more information. These are especially helpful for solving the sequence puzzles. The counter in the map of the house tells you the number of score pieces left to find in the room. If you have found all the score pieces in a room and the next room hasn’t opened yet, go back through the book to see if there are any completed song puzzles to solve. Usually solving a song puzzle will give you a piece to another score, but it may also open another room.

If you get a message while you are in the book that you have “revealed a piece” to another score or “revealed a key” you don’t have to do anything—the piece will automatically be put in the song book in the right place. Tips for Solving the Musical Puzzles. Each color on the puzzle pieces represents one musician. You may only have one square of each color in any one column. If you put two squares of the same color in one column, the symbols on them will turn dark to tell you they’re in the wrong place. Pieces must fit both geometrically and musically, that is, so that the tones associated with the puzzle play the correct song.

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If you are not musical, you will have to use the HINT button to check some of the geometrically interchangeable pieces. If you are musical, the fastest way to solve the puzzles is first to determine which color has the melody.

This is normally red or orange. Then collect together all the tiles with the melody on them. Listening to the music, place the tiles in order from left to right, and set them in the puzzle. They may not be in the right rows yet, but they’ll be in the right columns. Now solve the puzzle geometrically so that all the pieces fit. The pictures below show this technique. If you are not musical, you can still use a similar method by working with one color at a time.

Gather together all the pieces with red tiles. Check to see if any of them have specific locations where they must go for geometrical reasons. You can use the HINT button to verify your attempts. Then go for the next color. The HINT button only tells you if you have a tile placed correctly musically, that is, if it’s in the right column. It might still be in the wrong row position, so you may still have to move pieces that the HINT button says are good. ROOM BY ROOM WALKTHROUGH (SPOILERS!!!!!).

Each room includes at least two pictures, one that shows the room as it looks when you enter it, and one that shows it after all the hidden pieces are revealed. ROOM 1: STUDY Starting position for the Study: Hidden pieces in the Study:. The first hidden piece is on the piano–click on the piano lid to pull it down. For the second hidden piece, click on the lamp to turn it on–you will see a piece on the wall. The third hidden piece is inside a cabinet in the desk–click on the door to open it. For the 4th hidden piece, click on the gramophone to turn it towards you—there will be a piece inside.

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Song puzzles that can be completed in the Study: In the Hall of the Mountain King (tutorial) Good morning to All (reveals a piece to Yankee Doodle) Mary Had a Little Lamb (reveals a piece to Yankee Doodle) Yankee Doodle (reveals a piece to Czardas and unlocks the basement) ROOM 2: BASEMENT: Starting position for the Basement: Hidden pieces in the Basement:. The first hidden piece is in the violin case. The second hidden piece is under the little table.

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First turn on the lamp, then move the picture and you will see it. The third hidden piece is inside the cymbals.

It will fly out and land on top of the stepladder.