Music Key Changer Software For Mac

Posted : admin On 17.05.2019
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In this article we want to describe two of the best software to change the pitch of a video karaoke song on PC Windows and Mac OS system. The software are VIDEO MIX and KANTO KARAOKE.

Music Key Changer Software For Mac

We know of no other audio slowdowner software that provides these three features in one program. And of course, that’s just the beginning. Intermediate, or pro, or whether you plan to use it for practice or performance Song Surgeon will allow you to change key and/or tempo with little to no distortion. SS V5 runs on Mac (OSx).

Please read the two solutions below. Change the Key of Video Song with Video Mix Video Mix is a small but powerful software to edit, join and cut video file. One of the best features of this software is the PITCH change. Here are the simple steps to follow to song and save it with the new pitch value. Download Video Mix on your PC Windows Main screen: Step 2. Add the video on the program Click on “ Add Video Files” button to load your video file (avi, mp4, mov, mkv, mpg). You will see a video image preview on the left and an audio waveform on the right.

Below the waveform you can find some parameters like fade-in / fade-out, crossfade, volume, tempo and KEY (pitch). Step 3. Change the Key (pitch) To change key/pitch (from -12 to +12 semitons) you just need to move its cursor (as you can see from the image below) Before save the new video you can preview it clicking on the thumbnail on the left (it will open a new window for preview). Choose the output video Go on the Options menu and set the output directory, the output resolution, the output format (mp4 is the default) and the framerate.

Export the video with the new PITCH Finally back to the main window and click on the bottom right button “ Export and Save Video” to export the output video. It will take some time to create the final video with the new pitch/key value. The trial demo version will add a watermark on the output video. To request the full version without watermark limitation.

Change the Key of Video Song with Kanto Karaoke is a audio/video player that allows you to change (in real-time) the key (pitch) of your video karaoke songs. It supports the following video karaoke formats: AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, FLV and MP4. Unlike Video Mix, Kanto Karaoke does not allow you to save the video with the new pitch, it only allows you to play the video in real-time with the new key/pitch. To change the pitch of your karaoke songs, follow these steps: Step 1.


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Download and Install Kanto Karaoke on your PC Windows or Mac OS X. Download and install the Free K-LiteCodecPack to download this free pack of video codec. This video codec will improve the features of Kanto Karaoke. Install the codec pack on your PC (use the default installation settings). Open Kanto Karaoke and import the video karaoke files in a playlist a) Create a Playlist: click the ADD button in the top right section to create a new playlist b) Add a name to the playlist (example Video Karaoke) c) Select the playlist and in the section “Playlist files” click ADD to import files in the playlist.

Music Key Changer Software For Mac Free

Double click on the desired video song in the playlist and play it. Change the key of MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV files While the song plays, you can change the key in the audio settings section moving the key cursor. Then click on SAVE PITCH/TEMPO to save the new settings. So, whenever that video karaoke will be played, the program will automatically set the key previously saved. 22 Comments.