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I just bought a used iMac and am frustrated to find that it identifies itself as “Susie’s Q” on the network. Since I’m not Susie – and never have been! – I really want to change this. How do I change my iMac’s name in Mac OS X on the network?

The way that Mac OS X and its underlying Unix foundation are designed, it’s relatively easy to set up account and computer names and related on first run, but can be quite complicated to change them once you’ve gotten apps installed, documents created and otherwise have used the machine for a while. In fact, I recently changed the admin account on a MacBook, including the home directory, and it took almost half an hour of careful steps, most done from the Terminal at the command line, before I was convinced it was done correctly and wouldn’t blow up on the new owner of the system when they tried to restart or log in. (if you’re trying to do that, you might well find that the Apple support docs are insufficient for 10.5 and above too) Changing the name of your used iMac on the network shouldn’t be quite so difficult because there’s a place in the System Preferences to do just that, but what is a bit tricky is that you have to change the name twice for it to work.

Name Changer For Mac

First off, go to Apple – System Preferences. You’ll see this: What you seek here is “Sharing”, almost exactly dead-center in the window. Click on it and you’ll jump into the sharing configuration window: As you can see, I already have a name collision on my network, which is why this computer is identifying itself as “Dave’s MacBook Pro (2)”: the “(2)” is added by Mac OS X when it finds another computer on the network with the same name. Not so good, but let’s fix things in order. First, click on the “Edit” button: Change the computer name here to what you want to have as your computer’s identity on the local network, and click “OK”. Now, while you’re at the main Sharing window, change the name here too: If you close this window and restart the computer, you should find that your iMac now identifies itself with the new name you’ve specified.

File Name Changer For Mac

If you want to change the name of an account on your Mac, you can follow these simple steps: 1) Launch the System Preferences app on your Mac and open the Users & Groups preferences pane. 2) Next, you’re going to click on the Lock button at the bottom of the preferences pane to unlock the settings. A while back we reviewed PowerRenamer for Mac which brings 4 pre-defined conditions with an option to use regular expressions for changing file names in bulk. NameChanger is a similar tool but includes a lot more options and conditions to perform the file renaming task.

Good luck with your new Apple iMac! I stumbled onto your site here after exhaustive searching to no avail. I want to know if there is any way to get my Time Machine backups, (on my Time Capsule) to go back to making incremental back ups without first having to completely do a full backup from scratch. You see, I changed my network name via the Sharing Preference pane in Mac OS X 10.5.8 I have or maybe I should I say had about a 400 GB backup on my Time Machine before I renamed my network name.

I don’t know if Time Machine is writing over the old backups or not! As soon as I launched Time Machine, after a lengthy ‘Preparing’ stage, I opened the mounted.sparsebundle to discover that ALL the folders inside had been renamed to the new Network name. Even worse Time Machine has decided to start to do a complete back up of my 500 GB HDD from scratch! Imagine how long that will take, even connected to my MacBook Pro via ethernet cable.

Any advise would be great. Even for future use if it’s too late as while I await your response Time Machine will continue to proceed. Unfortunately there are a number of issues with the Network Name not changing on Snow Leopard (as of 10.6.2), even if you follow these instructions.

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There are two solutions to this, you can either a) reinstall Mac OS to create a new name for your Mac – this is the most reliable but the most cumbersome; or b) you can manually edit each instance where your Mac name created another name in your.plist preference files. You will find these in Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration. For some files, you may need to LOCK the file after editing it.

For example, to change your Network Name when using Internet Sharing, you will need to edit and LOCK the file, or it will change back to the unwanted name even after you edit it. You do this by: 1) Copying the file out of this directory (say, onto the Desktop) 2) Editing the appropriate string with TextEdit, for example, editing the string listed immediately below the “NetworkName” key. 3) LOCKING it under Get Info 4) Copying it back to the source directory 5) Restarting Internet Sharing, AirPort, etc. Hope that helps.

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