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  1. Help Finding .shn Player For Mac Pro

Contains unread forum posts Contains no unread forum posts Forum is Closed for Posting Forum is a category Forum is a Link. Friends will Arrive, Friends will Disappear Setlist and Information. Most times I'm caught struggling to find one or two songs to help fill out a disc, but. (and I know that SHN are lossless, but since I had the opportunity to pull the. I Shall Be Released with Phish & Sarah McLachlan - Bridge School Benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions Welcome To The Sugarmegs Mailing List FAQ 1     1 2 3 4 5     1 2 3     1     1 2 3     1 2 3 4     1 2     1 2     1 2     1     General Infomation 1 How do I listen to this music? There are numerous music formats out there. Try to find the right player for that format. Software 1 What is an FTP client?

A FTP program is a program that transfer files from one computer to another. Most web browsers has a built-in FTP. However, the browser ftp program is not very sophisticated. One advantages to a good FTP program is that it allows for Resuming partially downloaded files.(Really handy for when you are 85% done with downloading Terrapin Station and the phone line disconnects) I use. Another good choice is Cuteftp.

I believe that Fetch(For the Mac people) handles resume download. 2 What is a FTP server? An ftp server is a program which allows you to serve files to other people. I use 3 How do I record a CD without any pauses or spaces? You need software which handles DAO(Disk At Once). I am currently using. It works very well.

4 How do I get.WAV from a CD? You need a program that will rip the music from the CD. A good Ripper is 5 What software do I need to record music from my tape deck? You need a sound editor.

Is a free sound editor and recorder is good Cakewalk is another good one. Hardware 1 Where is a good place to find prices on hardware? 2 Where is some info on CD-Rs?

3 How do I connect my stereo or tape deck to my computer? You need to connect your soundcard to your tapedeck. To do this you need a cord that will go between the two. The cord should have an 1/8 inch plug on one end and a stereo RCA adapter on the other. This adapter can be found at most computer stores or Radio Shack. Make sure that it is a STEREO adapter and not a mono one. Real Audio 1 How do i listen to Real Audio You need to download the Real Audio Player from     Mp3 1 How do I listen to.Mp3?

To listen to.Mp3, you'll need an Mp3 player. There are several good players to choose from. A good one is 2 Where can I find more infomation about Mp3s? 3 How do I make an Mp3 from a CD or a WAV file can be used to convert.WAVs to.Mp3.

Audiocatalyst also can rip a CD to either.Mp3 or.Wav     VQF 1 How do I listen to VQF files? You'll need a VQF player.

Is a good one 2 What are the advantages of VQF over MP3? File size: VQF files are approximately 30-35% smaller than MP3 files. Example: You have a 5 minute song, on CD.

The WAV file you would rip would be 50MB. The MP3 file, and 128kbps and 44kHz, would be about 4.5MB, with some sound quality loss. The VQF file, at 44kHz, and 96kbps (an 80kbps VQF is about the same as a 128kbps MP3), is about 3.5MB! Sound quality: As I have already touched on, the sound quality of VQFs is much better than MP3s; they are almost as good as the original WAV files. A 80kbps VQF is as good as a 128kbps MP3 file. Help Finding .shn Player For Mac Pro

A 96kbps VQF has quality almost as good as that of a 256kbps MP3 (and is one quarter of the size). CPU usage: This is the one area where VQFs are more cumbersome than MP3s. However, they were meant to be so. When MP3s were developed, Pentiums were king. Nowadays, with Pentium IIs, and other multimedia enhanced computers, the load can be handled by most people.

This is what allows it to pack as much (or more) sound data into a 30% smaller file!! Example: CPU usage playing 128kbps MP3 on my computer: about 15-20%. A VQF is about 30%. Not that much of a difference, if you really think about it! 3 Where can I find more infomation about VQF? 4 What are the disadvantages?

Not many files out there yet This file format is brand spanking new!!! While you can find thousands and thousands of MP3s out there, the number of VQFs is comparatively tiny.

Encoding is relatively slow I believe this to be a combination of two factors: 1) Better compression ratios mean more thinking time on the encoder's part. This is pretty simple: if it's gonna pack as much stuff into less space, it has to think harder, thus taking more time. 2) The encoder is new, as well. SHN 1 Where can I find some info on.SHN or read fine document from Scuzzi. Download john woo stranglehold pc download hotspot shield for mac. 2 I have a.shn that is 100+ megs that I want to transfer using a ZIP disk? Use a backup program to save on multiple Zip disks     ASX/ASF 1 Why is ASF and/or ASX A compression format offered by microsoft.

Find out more here: 2 Where can I obtain a player? Politics 1 Why shouldn't I ask for music from commerical releases and/or from artists that don't permit trading? As I understand it, this List exists to support the trading of band-authorized non-commercial recordings. It does not exist, as I understand it, to support and promote illegal copying of commercial releases. That activity endangers the survival of the list and the servers in this community. Posting messages here about dubbing from copyrighted commercial releases is the equivalent of standing in a public place while surrounded by policemen shouting 'let's engage in a criminal conspiracy' AND your address. Sugarmegs and other high-profile mp3 trading sites are under close scrutiny by well-funded armies of lawyers who would use this behavior as evidence to get court orders to shut everyone down.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is spending big bucks (which they have, and the Sugarmegs community does not) shutting down mp3 pirate sites which trade in pirated commercial recordings - and they also contend, though less ferociously, that trading in live audience recordings also violates the bands' record companies' rights, and would like to shut own sites like Sugarmegs. Because Sugarmegs is a very visible part of the online trading community, it's a fair bet that RIAA investigators subscribe to this as well as other mp3 trading lists and usenet groups (Hi, guys, how's your Saturday going, kick off those wingtips and relax, OK?) This is not a bad dope dream. Read these articles for a reality check: Note that many of the Sugarmegs mirrors are located on University or corporate networks. One 'cease and desist' letter from the RIAA's lawyers and those servers are gone. Network Administrators have no reason to want to wrangle with Wall Street, they'll just shut down the site to make the problem go away. Other mirrors' Cable modem ISPs probably wouldn't put up a fight either. Why would they?

They'll just terminate the mirror's service to avoid legal trouble. ONLY by policing ourselves and adhering to the distinction between band-authorized taping and trading vs. Stealing copyrighted works can this trading community avoid a war it cannot win with the recording industry. RIAA is on much thinner ice if it contends that band-authorized recordings should be banned. But there is NO legal defense to trading copies of commercial releases that are available on the rack at Tower today. help finding .shn player for mac

When posters forget that, and publicly propose such illegal conduct (no matter how innocently or well-intentioned) they must be publicly told, no, we don't play that game here, and be reminded of that distinction. Someday a judge or jury may read this string of posts. Think about what conclusion you would prefer to have them draw about the purpose of this List and what goes on here. Don't yell 'let's engage in an illegal piracy conspiracy' in our town square, OK?And please take the unlawful activity elsewhere, it's not what we're about and we don't want to be blamed and be barred from the LAWFUL activity we're here to engage in. Anyway, that's my $.02 worth.wilbur 2 Is there a list of bands that allow music trading? A list is located at     Linux 1 What CD burning software is available for Linux? 'cdrecord' and it works pretty well.

There is a graphical program named 'XCDRoast' 'cdrdao' program which does DAO     Ask a question: Section.