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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia SoundFont is a that collectively refers to a and associated technology designed to bridge the gap between and audio, especially for the purposes of computer. SoundFont is also a of, and the exclusive license for re-formatting and managing historical SoundFont content has been acquired.

SoundFont technology is akin to software. A SoundFont file, or SoundFont 'bank', contains one or more audio waveforms (or 'samples'), which can be re-synthesized at different and levels. Each sampled waveform may be associated with one or more ranges of pitches and dynamics. Generally speaking, the quality of a SoundFont bank is a function of the quality of the digital samples and the intelligent association of samples with their appropriate pitch ranges. Quality is also dependent on the number of samples taken for a given range of pitches.


PolyPhontics Sound Bank Studio for Mac OS X. PolyPhontics is a sound bank studio for Mac OS X. It has the features you need to create professional quality SF2 and DLS sound banks, which you can use as software instruments in popular audio applications like GarageBand and Logic Studio. SoundFont bank files contain audio samples and parameter information about how the audio is to be processed. The first version of the SoundFont file format (SoundFont 1) was designed only for the E-mu 8000 chip used on the AWE-series sound cards.

SoundFont banks are tightly integrated with devices and can be seamlessly used in place of (GM) in many computer. The sound quality of SoundFont banks is generally regarded as superior to standard GM banks, and many SoundFont banks have been created specifically to replace GM banks with samples of each corresponding. Contents. History The original SoundFont 1.0 version of the file format was developed in the early 1990s. A specification for this version was never released to the public.

The first and only major device to utilize this version was Creative's in 1994. Files in this format conventionally have the of.SBK. The SoundFont 2.0 version of the file format was developed in 1996. The 2.0 format generalized the data representation using perceptually additive real world units, redefined some of the instrument layering features within the format, added true stereo sample support and removed some obscure features of the 1.0 version whose behavior was difficult to specify. This version was fully disclosed as a public specification, with the goal of making the SoundFont format become an industry standard. All SoundFont 1.0 compatible devices were updated to support the SoundFont 2.0 format shortly after the format was released to the public, and consequently the 1.0 version became obsolete. Files in this format (and all other 2.x formats, see below) conventionally have the file extension of SF2.

The SoundFont 2.1 version of the file format was introduced in 1998 with an E-mu sound card product called the Audio Production Studio. The 2.1 version added features allowing sound designers to configure the way MIDI controllers influence synthesizer parameters. The 2.1 format is bidirectionally compatible with the 2.0 format, which means that synthesizers capable of rendering 2.1 format will also by definition render 2.0 format, and synthesizers that are only capable of rendering 2.0 format will also read and render 2.1 format, but just not apply the new features. The SoundFont 2.4 version of the file format was introduced in 2005 with the product. (There never was a 2.2 or a 2.3 version.) The 2.4 format added support for 24-bit samples. The 2.4 format is bidirectionally compatible with the 2.1 format, which makes it so synthesizers that are only capable of rendering 2.0 or 2.1 format would automatically render instruments using 24-bit samples at 16-bit precision.

Functionality The most sophisticated sound cards use to define the base samples that are used to render their MIDI files. MIDI files in themselves don't contain any sounds, rather they contain only instructions to render them, and consequently rely on the sound card wavetables to render such sounds correctly. SoundFont-compatible synthesizers allow users to use SoundFont banks to augment these wavetables with custom samples to render their music. Given good, this kind of synthesis can offer a very realistic listening experience, as the synthesis is based on sounds of real instruments that may be or better. A SoundFont bank contains base samples in PCM format (similar to ) that are mapped to sections on a musical keyboard.

A SoundFont bank also contains other music synthesis parameters such as loops, effect, and velocity sensitive volume changing. With these capabilities, a computer with a SoundFont-compatible sound card or synthesizer can render audio content that is similar in quality to that of a professional digital sampler. Problems listening to this file? See media help.

Because of its flexible nature, a given SoundFont bank can conform to standard sound sets such as, or use other wholly custom sound-set definitions. Examples of sound formats:. The Soundfont format of, the creator of the sound card. One can create his or her own SoundFonts with software such as offered by Creative Labs. The ( DownLoadable Sounds) by the (MMA).

The standards body, in collaboration with MMA and, defined its own formats: DLS-2 ( DLS-Level 2) and SASBF (Structured Audio Sample Bank Format). Other software like SoftSynthesizer and WinGroove use proprietary formats.

On Windows Vista and 7 Playback of SoundFont enabled MIDI files using standard media players (such as ) requires the operating system to offer the ability to change the 'Default MIDI Device' to a SoundFont compatible MIDI Synthesizer. This 'Default MIDI Device' switching option was removed from, though the registry information for the 'Default Midi Device' can still be modified to select SoundFont compatibiliy synthesizers, or making use of a tool called Vista Midi Picker created by Joseph Cox. However, currently Vista Midi Picker is not supported on Windows 7. Also, SoundFont enabled MIDI content rendering and authoring is still fully supported under Windows Vista using some of the more popular software programs such as. Despite this, several tools (such as Synthfont) have been created to allow playback of MIDI files using SoundFonts on any version of Windows. They are, however, independent applications and so do not integrate with Windows Media Player or Windows itself in any way. Synthesizers.

is a (freeware and open source) program created for dynamically managing, loading and unloading SoundFont files on Creative Live! I.e., it's a dynamic cache manager for these cards. is a free, open source program which synthesizes using SoundFont technology without need for a SoundFont-compatible soundcard, and the size of loaded SoundFont banks is limited by the amount of RAM available. There is a GUI for FluidSynth called which is also open source. Both are available in most distributions; compiling them for is also possible. FluidSynth is used by notation programs like to provide SoundFont playback on any system.

is a high quality software-only MIDI sequencer and MOD player available for various platforms. It uses sound fonts (-compatible or SF2-compatible) to render MIDI files, so users don't need to have a SoundFont compatible soundcard. However, for.sf2 files is not as good as FluidSynth which follows very closely the. is a software sound synthesizer for use with the Java Sound API that supports the SoundFont 2.4 specification. Its implementation of SoundFonts is not complete. can play, edit, and create SoundFont banks on soundcards which are not Sound Blaster compatible.

VSTSynthFont enables use of SoundFonts in any host. is originally a free player for XM files, but in tract of time it developed to a multifunctional audioplayer. Now it uses the SF2 format too. is a SoundFont 2 compatible software sampler for Steinberg, and Apple Audio Units plug-in format (Windows / Mac OS X). is a SoundFont 2 compatible software synthesizer for use with Mac OS X.

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is a synthesizer with plugins to support SF2 in addition to VSTs and LADSPA, available for windows and linux. Editors. The can be used to edit and create SoundFont files on Windows systems with a Sound Blaster compatible card.

is another SoundFont editor/creator for Linux systems. can be used to edit and create SoundFont files on Windows systems, and convert to and from other audio file formats. It does not require a Sound Blaster compatible card. is a freeware plugin which allows the playback and editing of SoundFont presets on cards not natively supporting such playback. Processor with SSE-support needed. is a drag and drop based visual editor for SoundFont banks, and can be used to create, manage and edit SoundFont files on Windows systems with a Sound Blaster compatible card. is professional sound bank studio for Mac OS X that supports SoundFont and DLS formats.

Is a SoundFont sound bank editor specifically geared towards GarageBand users. (not to be confused with the aforementioned software Vienna.), a donationware package, can also edit SoundFonts on non-Sound Blaster cards. Free SoundFont downloads.

Free professional SoundFonts. Access Virus Ti soundfonts and free professional high quality soundfonts. Soundfonts tutorials for Reason, Kontakt, Halion, VSampler. is the only free, complete, GM/GS SoundFont. It is distributed in many. Several categorized soundfonts.

One of the largest free SoundFont archives. Hosts the famous Merlin soundfonts. Hosts a large SoundFont database, which is available after free registration. Also supports a small community forum. Very high quality SoundFonts of popular video games.

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'English Organ' and 'Cinema Organ' SoundFonts. A site for free soundfonts. A is available. No longer maintained. (Some antivirus programs report a trojan!).

Largest known online SoundFont repository, exceeding 64GB of content accessible via the protocol. No longer maintained. is a free patch set suitable for MIDI audio synthesis. Most of Freepats is still in the older Gravis Ultrasound patch format. It is not complete, nor comprehensive yet.

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Free Demo and SoundFont Libraries available for download. A long time provider of professional quality soundfonts. Lots of free soundfonts, though main site's focus is for paid Soundfonts.

Theatre Organ pipe samples SoundFonts. Others. Creative's main SoundFont product and technology page.

Creative developer resources for SoundFont technology, including the SoundFont 2.4 format specification. Creators of sonicimplants, and known for professional quality soundfonts. SoundFonts for creative music production and sound design. General MIDI SoundFont Banks.

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Polyphonics Sound Bank Studio For Mac

Discretionary listing of SoundFonts provisioned with brief reviews, ratings, and links of origin; written in Japanese by musf (translation is being provided through BizLingo via Excite Japan).