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Posted : admin On 17.09.2019
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Bluetooth devices that allow presenters to gracefully move through presentations without being tied to their laptops, tablets or smartphones have been around for a while, so it's really takes something new and different to capture the attention of those who make presentations for a living. In this case, that 'new and different' is the ($39.99), a stylish Bluetooth presentation tool that is well executed and eliminates many of the deficiencies of older designs. Design First, and most important, is the size and design of the Wireless Presenter.

Use Phone As Powerpoint Clicker

For a while, it appeared that manufacturers were going out of their way to make Bluetooth presentation tools that were too small. I recall losing two devices that were made by a prominent accessory manufacturer because they were 'clicker' sized and would easily slide out of a bag where they were lost forever. Not the case with the Wireless Presenter, which is a cylinder 1 inch (25.4mm) in diameter and 5.25 inches (13.34cm) in length. The lower part of the cylinder has a metallic finish in silver, gold or space gray (sorry, no rose gold!), while the top part houses the controls and is black in color. I fully charged the Aluminum Wireless Presenter before using it; Satechi includes a USB to micro-USB cable for that purpose, and there's also a nice little zippered pouch for the Presenter. Once charged up, I pushed the button on the bottom of the device to make sure it was 'on', then followed the directions and held the next and previous slide buttons together for about three seconds.

That put the Presenter in pairing mode, where it was easy to connect to from either the Mac's Bluetooth Preference Panel or the Bluetooth Settings for iOS. The Wireless Presenter only pairs with one device at a time. Once paired, all a presenter needs to do is to launch PowerPoint or Keynote on a Mac or iOS device, go into slideshow mode, and then use the next/previous buttons to navigate through a slide deck. I like the size of the Aluminum Wireless Presenter as it just feels natural in the hand. The laser pointer is bright enough that even standing in the back of the well-lit classroom where I do my weekly iOS classes, the dot was intensely bright.


What is the Best presentation remote for Mac? Update Cancel. Stephan Roosen, Head of Growth at Crowdbeamer (2017-present). What is the best presentation clicker? What is the best software on the Mac to show keystrokes during presentation demos? In March 2014, Is Keynote the best presentation software to use on a Mac? Logitech Spotlight is a presentation remote with advanced pointer, cursor control and timer with vibration alerts. It connects to your computer via Bluetooth.

The control buttons offer enough feedback to let you know that you've pushed them, and they worked beautifully in going through builds. Conclusion Presenters who are in need of a new pointer/projector controller should definitely take a look at the Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Presenter. The comfort, battery life, ease of pairing, and just all around good looks that match your iPad or MacBook are all points that make this product a must-buy.

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