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I'm a bit puzzled. An external SCSI enclosure usually contains no electronics other than the power supply; the SCSI interface on the drive is just connected directly to a socket on the case. It sounds like the failure is with the SCSI card in your Mac (or the PSU in the enclosure). For additional information on the Macintosh SE, also check out the excellent Macintosh SE Support Pages. To buy or upgrade a vintage Mac -- as well as newer Macs -- see site sponsor Operator Headgap Systems. OHS has low prices, a warranty and personal support.


Subject:Q Saving 'IMAGE File' of Partition(or Disk) of Mac SCSI Harddisk from PowerMac? Help me, PLEASE! I have a Hard Disk installed Mac OS from PowerMac 6100. (Quantum FireBall TM series, 2.1 or 2.0 GB, Ultra SCSI-3) (It is HDD that can boot completely). So, I want to make the partition(or whole disk) of this Mac Hard Disk to image file with Software Tools on Microsoft Windows Operation System. Connecting to Adaptec AHA-2940U(Ultra) on Pentium PC (Example: Norton Ghost, TrueImage etc.???) I want to save the image to another Hard Disk(C-drive) on Microsoft Windows(Set to C-drive).

(Setting the MAC SCSI HDD as D-drive, and Microsoft Windows as C-drive.) (. NOW, I want to use this Mac HDD as Another Various Operating System. And Later, I want to RESTORE this HDD to MacOSBootDisk for PowerMac 6100 AGAIN!!!) What kind of Software Tools can read HDD Partition or Whole Disk of Mac OS SCSI Harddisk for PowerMac 6100????? Please ADVISE ME about Software Tool that can save(or translate to) disk image! Thanks Susan W.

Q Scsi Accelerators For Machine

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