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Posted : admin On 20.10.2019
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QCart for Mac是一款强大的现场音响工具,它可以将你的Mac变成一个专业的音频机器,你可以用它来做播客、广播节目制作、企业活动、现场演出播放或任何你需要用到它的场合。. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted. QCart turns your Mac into a professional audio cart machine. Version 1.1.3.

Countdown Maker is a curious application for Mac that is able to make a countdown with the amount of time indicated by the user and make the countdown in the sequence of a video. The maximum amount of time you can set the countdown to is sixty minutes. There are many options to personalize the countdown: you can add a background that you choose like a photo or a video clip which will play while the countdown is going on (always and when it is of a smaller size). The image has to be smaller than 720 wide X 480 high. The application also supports the use of Alfa transparencies.

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The text used to show the countdown can also be modified. It is possible to change it to any font that your computer has, you can change its size, color and spacing. You can place the countdown where you would like to place it on your computer screen, you can also turn on a special shading effect feature. You can also modify your clock to include zeros or even milliseconds. The resulting actions that you make will make the countdown clock appear in a video clip.

. Added: new cue warnings. 1) if your cue is outside the current grid 2) if your cue has the same hotkey as a workspace action. Added: support scrolling left and right in the audio waveform. Fixed: if there were any empty workspace-level hotkeys, the 'A' key could not be used to trigger a cue.

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Fixed: when switching tabs in Show Mode, the screen would appear to be in Edit Mode. Fixed: support undo for cue volume. Fixed: cue inspector could break on 10.6.

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Fixed: the 'paste' menu item could be available in Show mode.