Rapid Movement Of Cursor In Outlook\word 2011 For Mac

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Rapid movement of cursor in outlook word 2011 for mac download

Mine is the same and it's very annoying - all my work is report writing and it's a nuisance.I type too fast for word / powerpoint and it's just annoying the life out of me. I thought it was maybe just the beta version but got a new Macbook and got Office for Mac 2016 and it's still the same. In addition to this.

I have a problem where I'm typing in a table in Powerpoint and come to the end of the line - naturally powerpoint should just continue my sentence on the next line but it seems to be highlighting the whole cell text and then as I am typing faster, it is overriding the cell text. I keep having to use undo and be careful when I come to the end of a line. Also same thing happens when I press enter for a new para in powerpoint. Highlights the whole cell text and overrides it.

Again I have to use the undo and work around it. I really hope this isn't it. They better have updates to fix these few things. I'd love to use iWork or Keynote but unfortunately we have standard templates for our reports at work and most people operate from a windows machine so I have to go with Microsoft Office for now. Solution:.

Quit. Remove Magnet from your login items. There’s a discussion here: Where someone posted a link to this Microsoft support article: It worked for me and the culprit item was Magnet. I sent a message to the developers of Magnet to advise them of the conflict. However, there may be other applications that cause the same problem. In which case.

Go to System Preferences Users & Groups Login Items. Select them all (not the checkboxes) and click the remove button below the list. Restart the computer. If this worked for you, please post which program was the culprit. Click to expand.This is very strange: as I wrote in my previous post, my feeling is exactly the opposite! On my MacBook the problem is more present in files where 'Compatibility mode' is shown in the title bar, i.e.doc files and.docx files saved with compatibility option active.

Rapid Movement Of Cursor In Outlook Word 2011 For Mac

Try this combination of settings. In Mac OS System preferences, in the Accessibility preferences, set the display to grayscale 2. In Word preferences, General preferences, click the check box Blue Background, white text. This combination of settings will give you a crisp, black background on which to type. The insertion cursor will blink white.

I can say, for sure, that in some cases I had the problem with a 'compatibility mode' file, I saved it as standard.docx, and the problem disappeared. But anyway based on my tests the issue is not limited to that. I have some files with a not-basic layout, long tables etc., where typing is very slow even in docx format. I also tried starting my Mac in safe/clean mode but the problem remained, so it's not caused by background apps. It's true that draft mode speeds up typing quite a lot, but then we're going back 20 years before real WYSIWYG was here.

It's not a solution. Yes have the same problem occurring somewhat randomly but most often with long documents (+50 pages). I would'n't hold my breath waiting for Microsoft to fix it; Word 2016 has been out for a year and even updated to 64 bit, without any noticeable performance improvements. It is incredible that they cannot make a decent version of one of the most popular applications on the Mac and I have gone back to Word 2011.

Word on Windows is just so much better even on very low spec hardware, but I like the Mac hardward and iPhone integration.

I am visually impaired, and my Macs are a godsend. But after going from Leopard to Snow Leopard a couple weeks back, I have to ask. Did Apple break Voiceover on Safari? Specifically, when I have VO on in Safari, I want it to read what's under the mouse cursor. Turned that on.

I like going to Reddit and moving the cursor (giant pointer) over only the link titles to have them read to me. In Leopard, that's all that would be read, despite there being a thousand other little links throughout the page I wasn't concerned with VO locking on. Just the facts. Worked perfectly for 4 years. Unfortunately with Snow Leopard, it's treating every single thing on the page as if I want to read it.

I could live with that, but a side effect of this extreme over-reaction is that sometimes when I move my mouse cursor from link to link, VO thinks I want to flip down the webpage to a random position below, making me lose my place almost constantly. When I dry to scroll back up the page to whatever link I was reading, it fights me and flips back down.

I have turned on and off every single VO option in infinite combinations and cannot get VO to stop warping me down a page of links. Is this a glitch? I don't want to use the Rotor to cycle through the thousands of unimportant links on my Reddit homepage just to read the 100 links that I can already see normally but can't get VO to stay on.

Please help, as having links read to me saves my tired eyes. Being nonsensically warped hither and yon up and down a webpage so that I constantly lose my orientation on a simple list is nerve-wracking. I use VoiceOver (VO) because I am a slow and inadequate reader (dyslexia), LIke you I use vision and the mouse to navigate and the VO to do rapid, effortless Aural Reading. I have had the same problem that you report here. I can't get VO to work as well in Safari web pages as it did under earlier versions of the operating system (OS), but I have got a work around that is tolerable.

Under the earlier versions of MacOS and Safari, I could point with the mouse and the VO curser would follow where ever I put the mouse. This would let me, from where ever I was, switch over to keyboard navigation using the VO keys and arrow keys and navigate from that spot. This was great to use when I wanted to navigate through a list or a large page of paragraphs with out having to point to each item with the mouse. I could move the the keyboard navigation mode and rapidly move forward, move back, or enter the text block. In this mode, VO would occasionally jump to the top of the page between some paragraphs or links, but it would jump back to where I was reading with the next command to 'read next', and this was not a problem. With the new OS this got all fouled up with the things you describe above, and I had to come up with a work-around.

The work-around lets me use VO in Safari, but I have lost the functionality that I describe here. (Apple Accessibility, how can I get this functionality back with VO?) With the new OS, Safari and my work-around I can now read text without VO jumping away from my reading spot. Here are the settings I have in my work-around. Under Navigation, I have (1) 'Initial position of VoiceOver cursor' set to Keyboard focused item, (2) 'Mouse cursor' set to Ignores VoiceOver cursor, (3) check (√) in check box for 'VoiceOver cursor follows insertion point', (4) all other boxes on this page are un-checked. I think that #2 is the main change that stops the bouncing around. If this does not result in a tolerable work-around for you let me know and I can send you my VO preferences file, and you can try it out. I am currently using Mavericks, 10.9.4, and the workaround I reported earlier does not work.

We are back to jumping around two previous sections on the page whenever the mouse is moved on a page. This is very problematic because I lose my place on the page when I move my mouse and the voiceover (VO) cursor jumps my page to some other section.

Also, at times I cannot get to certain places on a page because the voiceover cursor keeps jumping me to the top of some section. After this happens, I can scroll down to the paragraph, word, or button that I need to read, but as soon as I attempt to move the mouse over the text, or button, VoiceOver jumps me back to the top of that section. VO will not let me get to the part of the page that I need to read. In frustration, I usually turn VO off and use “Speak selected text when the key is pressed', but this is slow and laborsome. I will put up with it, but it is difficult to get my students to put up it.

Rapid Movement Of Cursor In Outlook Word 2011 For Mac Download

I first started experiencing this problem two or three years ago with Safari and had no problems with Mail, Pages, TextEdit, etc. However, the later versions of Mail and Pages appeared to be redesigned, and they are doing this same thing. So far I’m not having the problem in TextEdit. Is there a workaround? I found a workaround by contacting Apple accessibility engineering.

The short answer is: A: set the mouse pointer option to 'Ignores VoiceOver cursor' in VoiceOver Utility Navigation. The long answer is: 8-16-14 While Engineering investigates, the customer can use VoiceOver to read text under the mouse without causing the window to scroll by enabling the option 'Speak text under the mouse after a delay' in VoiceOver Utility Verbosity Announcements, and setting the Mouse pointer option to 'Ignores VoiceOver cursor' in VoiceOver Utility Navigation. When visiting a new web page, VoiceOver will start reading from the top of the page, but this can be paused by pressing the Control key, then the customer can use the mouse to hover over text that they want VoiceOver to read. The amount of time it takes VoiceOver to start speaking the text under the cursor can be adjusted using the slider bar that appears under 'Speak text under the mouse after a delay' in VoiceOver Utility. Apple Footer. This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only.

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