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RCCMD Licenses Multi-Server Shutdown licenses Every license allows the installation of a single RCCMD client software on any Windows, Linux, UNIX, MAC X, OS/2, NOVELL (not VMS or AS 400 – see special versions below). This computer can now receive a shutdown signal or messages from any UPSMAN or GENEREX CS121/CS141 or other GENEREX compatible device. RCCMD license key codes are delivered as key code label. The software can be installed from any UPSMAN CD/DVD using this key - or can be downloaded from our website. RCCMD is delivered as single user version, every license is single packed in a sealed envelope with your OEM logo. For larger network installations (above 50 licenses) please ask for an 'Enterprise license'. This is a master license key code that allows you to install the software once and distribute it via your network, without going through the installation routine again.

Publication Number: RCCMD_Windows RCCMD Software OS compatibility list RCCMD Multi-server Network Shutdown Software OS (operating software) compatibility list. 4.7 RCCMD on MAC OS 10.X 73 4.8 RCCMD on Citrix XEN Server 79 4.9 RCCMD on VMWare ESX Server 3.5.x 80 4.10 RCCMD AS400-Client 81 Appendix 82 A OpenSSL 82 B Syntax for the switching of the outputs 82 C Figures 83. What is the RCCMD Software?

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RCCMD Enterprise Licenses are available from 50 to 20.000 licenses.

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