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Posted : admin On 01.09.2019
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Toast v8.0 for mac. The update resolves a few cosmetic issues that resulted from using Toast under Leopard, and a problem where the OS would produce poor quality music DVDs. A few errors have been fixed: Error 9011 will no longer occur when burning a DVD with MPEG-2 video and PCM audio, and -2009 will cease to happen when using PCM pass-through audio, while the 'Optimize on-the-fly' setting will no longer result in error -35 in Custom Hybrid and Mac Volume projects.

Read&Write 5 GOLD for Mac is now available! The expanded toolbar includes exciting new features and enhancements that provide even more support for the variety of learning styles and abilities found in today's schools, colleges, and the workplace.

Read&Write GOLD for MAC is an easy-to-use toolbar containing support tools to make reading, writing and research easier for you when using a MAC computer. Schools, Colleges, Universities, Corporates and individual users are choosing this powerful product to help every user succeed. They are implementing Read&Write GOLD for MAC throughout their organisation to provide access for all. Please Note – This product is for purchase by DSA Students only. Before we can ship this product we require a copy of your Student I.D and SAAS Award Letter.

Read And Write Gold Program

Please email this information to once you have purchased to allow us to dispatch your item immediately. Key Features WebApps. Scanning: Read&Write GOLD for MAC can scan your print documents or saved images into PDF, MS Word 2008 and upwards, Pages, HTML or Read&Write GOLD. You can even scan a document in using a digital camera! Once scanned, the text can be read aloud with word highlighting and you can access all the other support tools in Read&Write GOLD for MAC. Text Transfer:You can automatically transfer text from any MAC application to Read&Write GOLD for MAC and vice versa.


In Read&Write GOLD for MAC, you can listen to the text being read aloud with word highlighting, or you can edit the content. Text can then be returned to the original document by the click of a button. Preferences: In the Preferences panel you can adjust options and settings (such as the voice, speed and pitch), the pronunciation of words, the highlighting colours; you can upload word prediction, homophone and spelling lists, add words to the Dictionary, add definitions, upload new groups of words for Word Prediction, and add or remove features from the toolbar.