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Jan 23, 2016 - Yes, it's now over a year since Elite: Dangerous (ED) left beta. (and spent) hundreds of millions of credits and own multiple ships. To the UI and some rebalancing of weapons/equipment, such as a long overdue nerf to shield-cell banks. Plus we've seen the game ported to both Mac and Xbox, further.

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In the dialog box that opens, you'll see a version number that either starts with '15' or '16.' Delete 16.xx Office apps If you are running a 16.xx build and wish to revert to 15.xx, follow these steps:. Quit out of all Office 2016 for Mac apps. Go to Finder Applications. Scroll down and right-click + Move to Trash on the apps you wish to remove.

For example, if you want to revert back on all the Office apps, delete them all. If you only want to revert back on Word, delete Word only. Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Excel. Microsoft PowerPoint. How stable/mature do you see vs for mac. Microsoft Outlook - In order to revert back to a 15.xx version of Outlook, you'll also have to delete your Outlook profile. This will also delete your mailbox data stored on your computer. If you're an Office 365, or Exchange mailbox users, you'll be able to re-sync your data after setting up your Outlook profile again once the app has been reinstalled. Go to your Library Group Containers UBF8T346G9.Office Outlook Outlook 15 Profiles. Delete the ' Main Profile' folder and all its contents.

Note: If you're using a POP/IMAP server, make sure you export your mailbox before deleting your profile. To do this, open Outlook and go to File Export and then follow the steps above. Microsoft OneNote Install the latest 15.xx version of Office for Mac 2016. In Safari, re-download the Office app or apps you just deleted. The links below will download the last production-ready 15.xx version of the app(s). Download Description Use this if you deleted all of the Office apps.

Use this if you deleted the Word app. Use this if you deleted the Excel app. Use this if you deleted the PowerPoint app. Use this if you deleted the Outlook app. Use this if you deleted the OneNote app. Once the package has completed downloading, open it to start the installation.

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After installation is complete, launch each Office app you reinstalled to verify that it is using a '15.xx' version in the About box. If you reinstalled Outlook, you'll also have to set up a new profile or import your previous data. Known issues. After reinstalling the 15.xx Office apps, you may see these error messages when launching Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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This is expected and doesn't mean that the apps were installed incorrectly. While clearing the Office Document Cache, the app may hang for more than 2 minutes with this message on screen: In this case, press the Option button right-click the Office app in the Dock click Force Quit. Then restart the Office app and it should launch normally. You may see additional prompts to enter your username and password if you are running both 15.xx and 16.xx applications at the same time (for example, Word 16.9 and Outlook 15.41). For the very best experience, we recommend installing the same version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote.