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Avid Knowledge Base HD Driver and Core Audio on Mac Information on the HD Driver and AvidAudioServer application for Core Audio support on Mac Last Updated: February 2, 2017 Products Affected: Pro Tools 12.6.1 introduced support for HDX and HD Native with Core Audio on Mac (10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan, and 10.12 Sierra) Q) Where can the new HD Driver be downloaded? A) The new HD Driver is only available in customer Avid Accounts and via the Avid Application Manager. There must be a valid Pro Tools HD plan in the customer account for the current HD Driver download to be available. Q) Can the new HD Driver (Pro Tools 12.6.1 and higher) be used with previous Pro Tools releases? A) Yes, but it will disable some normal Pro Tools functionality. With the advent of the new HDX/HD Native Core Audio driver, Pro Tools is now able to access HD hardware in 2 separate ways:. the traditional way, with DSP plugins and the HD mixer, but no interoperability with other Core Audio apps.

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the new “Avid Audio Server' way, where Pro Tools treats the HD engine purely as an audio I/O; no DSP plugins, but yes to interoperability with other Core Audio apps You can’t choose which of these modes to operate in; older versions (12.6 and prior) will always use option 2, while newer versions (12.6.1 and higher) will always use option 1. This means that if you install the new HD Driver (12.6.1 and higher) over an earlier Pro Tools version you will ONLY be able to use the HD hardware for Audio only. You will not be able to use DSP plug-ins, nor will you be able to connect to a SYNC HD peripheral. If you wish to uninstall the new HD Driver you can simply delete the file located in /Applications/Avid/AvidAudioServer/ Q) Which applications will be able to use the new HD Driver? A) The AvidAudioServer allows the HDX or HD Native hardware to be selected as the main output in System Preferences Sound so that any Mac application can route audio through it.

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