Slider Throttle Control Issue With Logitec Wingman Jo

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Swelol wrote:ive had my joystick for about a month now. I have been happy with it until now, when i discovered there was an.xml for it. Onto the problem: even tough there is a profile for FlightGear has been using the default joystick configuration, why? And yes, ive checked the wiki and the manual. Use the program jsdemo(.exe) which is usually installed together with FlightGear to check what joystick name your OS reports to FlightGear.

You can also see that in the Help-'Joystick information' dialog box inside FlightGear (the latter will also tell you which joystick configuration file FlightGear is using). The proper way to get FlightGear to load the right configuration for your joystick is to add the reported joystick name (verbatim!) in a element in the desired joystick configuration file.

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It seems recent Microsoft OSes has a tendency to report highly generic joystick names which thoroughly confuses this process. A backup solution is to explicitly load the desired joystick configuration from the file data/joysticks.xml.

How to do that is described in that file. Cheers, Anders. Ok heres logitech-wingman-strikeforce-3d.xml Code:

The force-feedback technology of Logitech's WingMan Force 3D joystick allows you to feel the action, weapon recoils, and explosions of your games. The space-saving design takes up minimal room on your desktop. Control Panel contains a throttle slider to control the speed of the loco, a forward and reverse selector, an Emergency Stop action button, and an Idle action button (mostly used for sound equipped decoders).; Function Panel is used to associate the function buttons with the active output functions of the decoder.

This is what works for my Saitek joystick, although I have the ST290. MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR VERSION FIRST in case this makes matters worse. Code: 4 4 6 View Left/Right false nasal setprop('/sim/current-view/heading-offset-deg', getprop('/sim/current-view/heading-offset-deg')+30) false nasal setprop('/sim/current-view/heading-offset-deg', getprop('/sim/current-view/heading-offset-deg')-30).

Slider Throttle Control Issue With Logitech Wingman Joystick

. 2 Answers SOURCE: Did you purchase it open-box or second-hand?

If so, you shouldn't be surprised at the lack of a manual. If you bought it new, it may not have come with one. I personally have one of these joysticks, but I bought it so long ago that I can't remember if it came with a manual or not. Either way, there really isn't much need for a manual for this joystick. It doesn't have any very advanced features that would require a manual.

It's very simple to use:. Plug it in to an open USB port on your computer.

It should be automatically detected by your operating system. If not, you may have a defective joystick or a defective USB port. Try the joystick in another USB port. If the problem persists, check Logitech's website. In Windows, click Start-Control Panel-Game Controllers.

You should see the joystick listed. Select it and click Properties. It should open a new window to the 'Test' tab, where you can make sure all the buttons work.

Slider Throttle Control Issue With Logitech Wingman Jones

Slider Throttle Control Issue With Logitec Wingman Jo

Slider Throttle Control Issue With Logitech Wingman Jose

I suggest you click on the 'Settings' tab at the top left. Click 'Calibrate.' And follow the prompts. It'll ask you to keep the joystick centered and press a button on the joystick (use one of the side buttons such as 11.