Soft Rock Don't Stop Believing On Flowvella

Posted : admin On 10.06.2019
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  1. Soft Rock Don't Stop Believing On Flowvella Lyrics
Soft rock don

Get the Tempo of the songs by Journey, including Don't Stop Believin'(120BPM), Any Way You Want It(138BPM), Faithfully(86BPM), In Self-Defense(254BPM), Escape(132BPM).

Soft rock don

I was asking this exact same question a few years back, before Glee. The song just seemed to come out of nowhere and everyone loved it. I was fairly into 80s music when I was a teenager (in the late 90s ) and I'd never heard it before. It was in a few TV shows, Family Guy, Scrubs and it just seems to have popularity with the young people who feel ways about stuff!

I do like the song, and saw Journey perform it live last year, although most of the audience didn't seem to know many of their other songs.

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Soft Rock Don't Stop Believing On Flowvella Lyrics

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I welcome the coming torrent of downvotes. EDIT: Wow, I posted this last night feeling salty after leaving the bar and hearing this song there (and having a few too many beers also.) Did not expect to spark this much conversation. I have also learned there is a strong correlation between the White Sox, The Sopranos, and this garbage song.