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Posted : admin On 30.10.2019
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Hello guys, I installed OS X EL Capitan on my Haswell system today. I didn´t choose mac OS Sierra, because I can´t download it and with mac OS High Sierra I had some issues too, because my Macbook updated the system after I downloaded it from the Mac App Store.

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So I chose El Capitan, because it was the only system that I can download. The installation process worked fine, I installed Clover, some other neccessary kexts and the Nvidia Web Drivers for my GTX 980. The only problem is that my internet doesn´t work. WIFI will not work, but ethernet should work but it doesn´t. I use the newest IntelMausiEthernet-v2 from RehabMan for my Intel i217-V. The motherboard I have is the Z87 Pro from ASUS. My ethernet also doen´t work with windows, I also installed the right drivers for ethernet for Windows 10, but only WIFI work.

  1. First you identify your Mac operating system. If it is any version prior to Mac OS X 10.4.8, you cannot use Pogo with your Mac. Next Click the Apple on the upper left side of the screen, select 'System Update' and finally, 'Update Now.' Follow on-screen instructions to either install or update your Java for Mac.
  2. Dell C1660w printer - no driver for Mac OS X 10.9.2 Jump to solution I bought a new Dell C1660w printer based upon past experience with this very same printer model that I used at a previous previous job not more than a month ago.

Solved: No Pogo For Mac Download

Oct 29, 2008 - games not working here either with latest Mac release of Chrome. There is no information on how to fix it except to see if the both.

I made a network problem treatment, but it says that everything work just fine. Could it be that I need to enable something in the BIOS to get it working?

An answer would be nice.