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System Requirements — Remember wondering if your computer was powerful enough? It used to be that before you bought any software for your PC, you had to make sure your computer system (e.g., graphics card) met the requirements to run the program.

Jun 14, 2018 - You don't have to be a computer whiz to find the best home design. Home & Landscape Design Essentials; TurboCAD TurboFloorPlan Home.

These days products are often downloaded from a company website, so the downloading application checks your system before it loads — generally you don't even need to know what operating system (OS) you are using. The speed of your Internet connection, however, becomes the biggest factor in downloading software, which makes the concept of 'net neutrality' a more personal and less political issue. Do you pay extra for speed you don't always use? You might like the hands-on CD or DVD you can readily load yourself, but even is turning to downloads. The Cloud — Cloud Computing is not an atmospheric trick. Some people are intrigued by this way of working even if there is no such thing as a Cloud.

Computer servers and drives are all involved — they're just not in your own home. Some software is 'cloud-based,' meaning you don't have to download or install much of anything — you are using the 'software as a service' (SAAS). So, if you don't mind whether or not your designs and visions are located on various equipment owned by companies around the world, the Cloud is very handy, especially if you want to share your work or use different devices.

Depending on security, you could be sharing your work and your home furnishing and appliances tastes and interests — information that may interest a mass marketer — with anybody or everybody. Free Testing — Since you may be on the product's website, take a look around to see what's offered as free online support from the company. A robust amount of help and suggestions that are clear and well-written may save you hours of frustration. Also, is there a 'chat' function that pops up and who is chatting? Before you buy an app for your phone or mobile device, get a free version — you want to be able to easily move objects around on the screen space of the device you already have. For example, you can try out for free — you can't save what you create, but you'll be able to tell how easy or difficult it is to use. Do you want to dabble, play, or try your hand at creating the next prize-winning architectural design?

A simple program with basic features is all you need to try out your creative ideas. Before you splurge, experiment with a free drawing program like or bargain-priced software like.

You can have a lot of fun using It may take a couple of days to get used to how the software operates — home design software seems to have its own language — but once you get the hang of it, the options are engaging. Prepare to Build — Most home design software for DIYers isn't as powerful as the used by architects and engineers. You won't be able to draft blueprints or construction-ready drawings. With some programs, however, you can create designs with enough detail to give your pro a jump start.

For example, will let you select from a huge library of cabinets, colors, and other features. Choose the entire suite of Chief Architect software and you can also plan complex electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems.


All the home and landscape design essentials you need to design your dream home! Design your home and landscape plans the fast and easy way. Discover the all new Home Design Studio Essentials for Mac.

Over 30 new professional designer quality home plans provide inspiration plus new kitchen, bath and outdoor living templates. Get creat. New! Thousands of 3D objects, materials and paint colors in a redesigned Content Library Management System with improved search. New! 64-bit technology as well as retina compatibility for the sharpest imagery in a Mac-friendly user interface.

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New SketchUpTM Import! Compatible with new SketchUp versions, easily edit size and materials within the program.