Supermodel Li Zheng By Chen Man For Mac

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Chillin’ among the sharks Chen Man proves she still nails fun, creative photoshoots with this new promo photoshoot for The Meg’s Jason Statham and Li Bingbing. Winston Chao also plays a leading role, while Mai Hongmei and upcoming Mulan-lead Yoson An make appearances. I watched it and thought it was a passable, fun shark movie with some cool shots. Li Bingbing’s English is still pretty lacking but she definitely has a bigger role than most other token Chinese females in co-productions. The movie is out in theaters in the U.S. And Europe on Thursday August 9 and August 30 in Australia.

  1. Supermodel Li Zheng By Chen Man For Macbook Pro

Shot by Chen Man in collaboration with MAC‘s Director of Makeup Artistry. Models Li Zheng, Quncuo, Meng Lu and Pan Yan feature on the 4 newsstand covers, while Zhang Li Na. Li zheng, pan yan’s covers are amazing! Would love to find out more about them!

  1. Sep 17, 2008 - Zhang et al. Volume 9, Issue 9, Article R137. Model-based Analysis of ChIP-Seq (MACS). Richard M Myers¥, Myles Brown†, Wei Li# and X Shirley Liu*. Gler H, Shapero MH, Carson AR, Chen W, Cho EK, Dallaire S, Free- man JL, Gonzalez JR, Gratacos M, Huang J, Kalaitzopoulos D, Komura.
  2. OG Cfensi, are you there? Posted on by idarklight. Zhang Yi shared the award with Li Yifeng. Tagged Chen Man, Lin Yun 1 Reply Ninth drama adaption of Return of the Condor Heroes reveals cast. Posted on by XDramasX. The latest adaption of.

So I just figured out WordPress can embed tumblr (and that I have access to the Cfensi tumblr). This makes uploading photoshoots so much easier. I’ve also opened it to submissions if you want to submit your favs! Collection of some great photoshoots by Chen Man that didn’t get their own posts, including Jing Tian’s futuristic shoot as a part of Pacific Rim promos, the rest of,Tang Yan flirting with herself, Shu Qi fogged in mystery, and Fan Bingbing in Chinese-inspired avant garde fashion.

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Long Live the Motherland, Beijing No. 1, 2011 The photographer’s hyper-realized portraiture is down to Chen’s proficiency with both a camera, computer and post-production and has led to her being dubbed the. Here she happily bridges the gap between: photography, graphic design and art. She spoke to about how tough it is to find a balance between pure photography and computer graphics: “Magazine photographers said I wasn’t a photographer, and artists said I wasn’t an artist. But it was because of the magazine covers that famed makeup artist Tony Li discovered me and brought me into the fashion circle.”. Lu Yan sits on a corner of the Great Wall in a photo for Ilook magazine When she spoke to i-D magazine earlier this year she spoke about how important the Chinese element is to her craft: “Europeans watch ‘Farewell My Concubine’ and come to China with all these romantic expectations,” she says, “but when they arrive they’re met with skateboarders, break dancers, fashion photographers and a hip hop scene.

I want to package this together and not only show it to China but show it to the world.” She does this by photographing her models in sacred, ancient destinations such as Tiananmen Square or the Great Wall of China, and then introducing unexpected modern twists, cue a ghetto blaster on her model’s shoulder, pom pom hair and superhero silver leggings. “I mix tradition with modernity and make it kitsch,” she explains. “In the past, Chinese artists have always looked abroad for inspiration as opposed to looking domestically.

Supermodel Li Zheng By Chen Man For Macbook Pro


But because the Western world is so developed in design and photography, all these things have been done before. All the rules have been set. I’m one of the first people to actually look to China for inspiration.” Chen Man is using her photography to carve out a new idea of beauty that is strong, bold and definitely Chinese.