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Posted : admin On 27.11.2019
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If you are a social media freak and your life’s an open book, then every time when you click a photo or selfie, you tend to share it with friends and family. But not every photo you captured would turn out to be perfect. That’s why it would be wise to use a simple photo editing app that can make your average clicks look presentable.

Whether it is your phone or computer, you get photo editing tools for every platform. However, not every app has all the features that you need or not every app works on all platforms, one of them is. To reduce the hassle of choosing the best, we have shared a list of the best photo editing software for Mac. 15 Best Image Editing Apps on Mac 1.TWEAK PHOTOS: Tweak Photos is the best photo editing App for Mac available on Mac store. It is a useful software that lets you brighten thousands of photos with a single click.

It enables you to rename and resize the entire batch of photos to save you from the hassle. You can apply filters, denoise a photo, watermark a photo and you can also use more than 20 frames & borders. The tool is available on Mac store for $4.99. 2.Aurora HDR 2017: Aurora HDR is the first HDR software and is one of the best Mac Photo Editor tool.

This image editing app works on both Mac and Windows. It has various features like HDR enhancer, image radiance, custom textures, advanced tone mapping technology, polarizer filter, HDR denoise and more, which makes it a perfect software to edit and make them more beautiful and vivid photos. In addition to this, it supports JPG, PNG, JPEG, NEF, TIFF, CR2, RAF, ARW formats. See Also: 3.PIXELMATOR: Pixelmator is the best photo editing software for Mac that lets you touch-up your digital images. It enables you to draw or paint, apply filters and effects, select and remove unwanted parts from the photos, and retouch the photos to make them vivacious.In addition to this, you can adjust exposure, hue, saturation, shadows, brightness, contrast, and more. It allows you to save your images in different formats like PSD, JPG, PNG, TIFF, PDF and share them with your friends and family. ACORN: Acorn is a Mac photo editor tool which has a feature to make your beautiful photos perfect.

The app supports many features such as Shape Processor, Improved Crop, smoothen your pictures with Soft Brushes for Clone, Burn and other tools, Circle Text Tool, Non-destructive levels, and curves, snapping and lot more. This image editor app has a simple user interface which makes it intuitive. See Also: 5.PHOTOPAD PHOTO EDITOR: Photopad Photo Editor is a simple photo editing tool for Mac. The software is available in a free version for non-commercial use. It has different features including crop, noise reduction tools, sharpening, photo effects, collage, filters to enhance your photos, add text and captions to photos and photo stitching to get the panorama effects.

However, according to many users, this Mac photo editing software falls short in ease of use. Overall, GIMP is the best free photo editing software for Mac, and presents a good alternative to those users looking for a sophisticated tool that is free, and are capable of overcoming its complications. 7 rows  Here's a guide to the best photo editing software and apps available for amateur.

Moreover, it allows you to adjust the color balance, exposure, brightness, contrast and more. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (FREE) Let your photos shine with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Mac.

With this software, you can analyze your images, correct details, adjust balance and exposure, change their calibration levels, label and enhance your pictures, and work with any photo digital format. Affinity Photo (49.99$) Affinity is one of the best photo editing software for Mac.

The Best Photography Apps For MacThe Best Photography Apps For Mac

It is good software for professionals to edit photos on Mac. It has tools to enhance, edit and retouch the photos to give them a new life. It works with standard formats like PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, EPS, SVG, HDR, EXR, and PDF. It allows you to adjust black point, white balance, exposure, shadows, clarity, vibrance, highlights and more to make your photos more beautiful.

Pixlr (FREE) Pixlr is a free Mac photo editor tool. You can capture your memories and make them more beautiful with free effects, filters, and overlays and you can also make collages. You can make your image look like a sketch, pencil drawing, ink sketch and more.

It helps you to make your selfies breathtaking by removing blemishes, red-eye effects, whitening your teeth. Moreover, you can add text or overlay to your photos and resize them according to your preferences. GIMP (FREE) Gimp is one of the best image editing software for Mac which is free and open source application. It is cross-platform software available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. No matter, what your profession is, graphic designer, illustrator or a photographer, this software will get the work done for you. Whether it is retouching or restoring, the software can do it all and it transforms your beautiful memories into a perfect picture.

Simply HDR (3.99$) An easy to use, lightweight photo editor tool, Simply HDR is an app that brings out the best of your photos.It can give your images a look of paintings. It has smoothing brush which denoises the picture and has HDR controls and various filters. Moreover, you can adjust brightness, contrast and it can create custom presets and quick preview. With the mobile version, it also lets users post photos directly to Facebook, Twitter and more. ColorStokes (2.99$) ColorStrokes is an intuitive photo editing software with the simple interface. The tools with color strokes will make your photos look more beautiful. It has a set of portable tools that help you to enhance the look of the image and make it more lively.

The most important feature is the ability to remove color from selective areas of an image in order to highlight the subject in the frame. Google Photos (FREE) According to various sources, Google Photos is considered to be the best image editing tool for Mac. Besides editing, it can be used to store your unlimited photos. With the app, you can create GIFs, collages, panoramas and more.

You can adjust and transform the photos with powerful photo and video editing tools. Furthermore, you can share up to 1500 photos with anyone easily making this a great tool for selfie addicts. Pixa (24.99$) Pixa is not only an image editing software but also helps in organizing your photos in a neat collection. You can deal with PSD, AI, SVG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and more formats. Searching and exporting of photos becomes easy due to the organized collection. Polarr (19.99$) Polarr is the choice for world’s most professional photographers. With the advanced tools, it lets you enhance every bit of your photo.

This image editor app allows you to adjust skin tones, eye sizes, face width and more. It enables you to draw and edit watermark. It supports batch export, copies and pastes adjustments with numerous filters. It helps you to adjust colors, brightness, contrast and more on your photos to make your photos spectacular.

Image Tricks Lite(FREE) Last but not the least, Image Tricks Lite is the best photo editing software for Mac which not only adjusts colors, blurs images but also distorts faces and more. It has an extensive collection of borders and frames for your photos along with 42 filters to choose from. It’s built-in Image Generator creates random images to beautify your photos quickly. See Also: These are some of the best photo editing software for Mac. Choose any of them and make your photos more lively than ever.

GIMP is a very powerful and flexible image editor that can be further extended through many free plugins. However, it isn't able to match Photoshop in several ways, including the lack of adjustment layers to make non-destructive edits to images and also the flexibility of layer styles. None-the-less, many users swear by GIMP and in the right hands, it can produce creative results that can match work produced by Photoshop. It is also worth noting that sometimes GIMP can offer tools not available elsewhere. For example, the gave GIMP users a powerful content aware fill tool long before such a feature appeared in Photoshop CS5. All in all, I have to conclude that GIMP offers the best overall compromise.

Photography Apps For Computer

The fact that it is free means that absolutely anyone with an internet connection can use this image editor. While it isn't the most powerful or best featured app, it is certainly near the top of the table. Despite that though, basic users can also use GIMP for simple jobs, without having to embark on the steep learning curve to make full use of every feature. Finally, with the ability to install plugins, it is possible that if GIMP doesn't do what you want it to, someone else may have already produced a plugin that will take care of it.