The Witchs House Game For Mac

Posted : admin On 22.10.2019
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14 Games Like The Witch's House. The Witch's House. Horror Adventure Free. Developed and published by Fummy on RPG Maker VX game software for Windows and Mac, it was initially released in October 2012. The game is made into 16 Bit design and yet, and yet it scares the shit out of you.

Is and Interactive Puzzle, Horror-Survival and RPG video game by a Japanese developer and publisher named as Fummy. The game focuses on the character of a young girl named as Viola, who wakes up in the middle of an unknown and dark Forest.

The Witchs House Game For MacThe Witchs House Game For Mac

The Witches House Game For Mac Torrent

She wants to get out of the forest but soon finds out that the only way out of the forest is blocked by the Roses. The other easiest way out of the forest is through an old haunted house that belongs to a Witch named as Ellen. Viola gets in the house and the story takes another turn. As the house belongs to a Witch, it has its own abilities such as shape-shifting and changing the map, etc. Viola starts exploring the house and finds out Ellen’s Diary that tells her about her past.

To escape the house and eventually the forest, Viola starts off her journey and as she opens up the doors, she faces countless challenging puzzles. The players are tasked to control the character of Viola, get into the house, solve all the challenging puzzles and find a way out of the house. The Witch’s House offers two endings for the game such as The Good Ending and The True Ending. Both of the endings depend upon the actions that the players perform while playing the game. With an amazingly addictive and horror filled gameplay, beautifully portrayed visuals and the survival element, The Witch’s House is a one of the great RPG Puzzle video games to play and enjoy.