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I don't have the 1080Ti. However, you can browse through the first few pages of this forum, then you will have some idea about how the Pascal card doing on cMP now (mainly how the web driver perform). And I leave you to decide if that's good performance. If require, you may ask some 1080Ti user here to perform some standard test. And then compare the result to your dual RX480.


They are usually very helpful. However, you have to clearly state what and how exact the test to carry out. Otherwise, the result can be quite meaningless. For power management. There is a little device call EVGA PowerLink.

Ti V Syncios For Mac


With this little device, your Mac should able to power the 1080Ti without any issue. It is possible to power the card by just using the mini 6 - 8pin cable. However, that not necessary always work. A bridge in between to make sure the mini 6pins can share the load is a much much better way to do it. Of course, you can also tailor made a cable that can share the load.

Or simply use a single 8pin in the middle as the bridge. Or even go through the Pixlas mod. There are lots of method to power the 1080Ti. But I must emphasis that, NONE of the method is guarantee. ALL of them are some kind of mod, or allow the card to draw more than the mini 6pin's official limit.

But in real world experience, it's not a problem at all (if you do it correctly). And NO, you don't need to flash he card. Flash card can provide boot screen, but not a requirement to make it work on cMP. YES, you can use the latest web driver (that means you need the latest MacOS as well). In fact, you MUST use the latest web driver.

Without the driver, the card is just a piece of brick inside the cMP. Since you know how to make the RX480 work, so I assume install and active the Nvidia web driver is a simple job for you. Click to expand.I think the RX 580 is a great card to put in a Mac Pro, if you're OK with the kext mods. It's around half the performance of a 1080 Ti, but less than half the price. Also, it's a card where your Mac can utilise all of the card's potential across the board with no reservations.

The 1080 Ti is a powerful racehorse that you pay a lot for to use. In the scenarios where it can stretch its legs (my DaVinci Resolve tests and certain Maxwell Render use cases) you get all of your money's worth. But then there are many cases where you don't see its full potential. There are also some instabilities—some people might be fine with these, but for me they were a show stopper. Even not considering the show stopping side of things, since there are some issues where you don't see full performance, that makes the price/performance aspect less attractive. If you need/want equal performance to a 1080 Ti, you could run two RX 580's for less money. Apps need to be multi GPU aware, which FCPX, Motion and Resolve are.

I don't use PPro (and only little AE), so I'm not speaking to that. Click to expand.This isn't quite in line with what I've said.

I DO think it's a strong gaming card if you get full acceleration. But I didn't with F1 2016 (RX480 was stronger) and the 1080 Ti hung the computer. In X-Plane I'm CPU limited. With my two 3.46GHz Xeons. DaVinci Resolve is a really attractive choice for editing/color/sound right now. The full Studio version is only $299, plus there is an almost complete free version you can simply download. The 1080 Ti is a perfect card for Resolve on the Mac.

Expandrive 6.2.0 free download for mac download. Ridiculously Simple - it just works Our client is dead simple-there is nothing to install or configure on the server.


In fact, if editing and color was all I did, I'd easily keep the card and be happy! Strong recommendation! Click to expand.Barefeats is a great site.

If you follow it, you'll have nice factual information almost as quickly as if you read Macrumors Mac Pro forum. =) My reservations to his latests tests with so much compute power is that he should move up from 1NR node to the 6NR node test.

Ti V Syncios For Mac 10.6.8

His 60 fps score with dual 1080 Ti is limited by things other than the cards. With tougher tests (available in the benchmark) you'd see the same linear increase (double performance) maintained with the two 1080 Ti's all the way. It's a great site! Hey, thanks for all the great comments!

I’ll go over my reasons as of why I am considering the switch and I’ll do my best to reply to all of your comments in this post. I use my cMP mainly for work (Design & Web development) and some gaming via a Windows 10 SSD. Drive bay 1 has the latest macOS (SSD), drive bay 2 has Windows 10 (SSD) and drive bay 3 and 4 are two 3.5” drives for project data management. I bought a pair of XFX RX480’s 8GB (OC) in the hope that they would get some official support and because they require just one 6 pin connector each. This would make it an ‘easy’ fit for my 2009 cMP. I really like the performance of these cards and ‘bang for buck’ that they have but I’m getting fed up with the lack of support, both from Apple and Windows.

Here’s a list of my pro’s and cons. Pros:. High value bang for buck. Very stable after kext edit in macOs.

Just one 6 pin connector each Cons:. No macOs UI scaling, makes displays with 1440p and above almost unreadable. Kext edit with every macOs update.

Loud under heavy load. Atrocious AMD Crossfire support on Windows Lou, h9826790 thanks for all the great info!

Click to expand.If you know what you're doing, to use your example, it's more like the 75 year old is hiring the fastest sprinter out there to run in his place. Notice the caveat: you need to know when the sprinter is available and when he's off endorsing soft drinks making you run the race yourself on your tired ass 75 year old legs—even if you've got 12 of them. Barefeats tests are accurate and show you get full use of the GPU, even two of them, under the right circumstances.

But the apps Barefeats use are handpicked to show that. It's not random 'pro apps'. His 3D apps use GPU and Resolve does too. In a line towards the end he says you won't see the same benefit in FCPX or PPro 'because they are CPU limited'.

I don't agree with that simplification, but you don't get the same boost in those apps.

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Ti V Syncios For Mac Review

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