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Keep crushing your enemy in Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun. Based on the long running Command and Conquer franchise is Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun.In this installment of the popular series, this game now takes place 30 years after the events of the original game.

Skirmish. Single player campaings What does not The game crashes periodically if you have a multi-core CPU Copy protection prevents the game from launching Workarounds To prevent crashing you must:. Disable CSMT in WINE. Then either:.

Find a no-cd and use taskset to set the process to a single core e.g. Taskset 0 wine Game.exe.


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Install the community patch ( ) then in tsconfig.exe. Select 'Default' under Video/Rendering. Check 'No CD' and 'Single Processor Affinity' under Game/Game Options What was not tested. Multiplayer Hardware tested Graphics:.

GPU: Nvidia. Driver: proprietary Additional Comments Set the screen resolution in SUN.INI. If you have a screen with a resolution larger than 3000x1400 you will need to choose a resolution lower than that or use the community patch and tick 'Graphics patch' in the configuration.

足 Improving performance. Run 'wine regedit', browse to HKEYCURRENTUSER Software Wine.

If there is no key (the stuff with folder icons) called AppDefaults, then create it. Right-click on that key and create a new key game.exe. Create a new subkey Direct3D. In that key create two string variables: DirectDrawRenderer with value opengl RenderTargetLockMode with value readtex General instructions, with or without opengl. Press cancel when the installer wants to update system files. To avoid copy protection issues (in my experience it did not work even on Windows 98SE, just 95), upgrade to the.

Tiberian Sun Trainer

If you are not using the opengl mode as described above, after saving a game, the menu becomes invisible, but it appears for a second or so first, so it is easy to find the resume mission button. The menu appears again if you ALT+TAB out of the game and back.

In order to play network games, IPX will have to be enabled in the kernel, and you need some userspace utilities, usually called ipx-utils; and IPX must be started (there should be an initscript). Also note that Tiberian Sun's network support is only available when it is run as root 足.

The last time EA offered up a free C&C title it was C&C: Red Alert to. That game and C&C: Tiberian Dawn are still free to download and play, but now a third game has been added.

In an effort to help promote the forthcoming, EA has made C&C: Tiberian Sun + Firestorm expansion free to download and play. At 1.2GB its a big download, but well worth the time to play another classic game in the series for zero dollars. You can access all game downloads at the.

Just scroll down to find the download button for each game. EA would also like you to click the big pre-order button for C&C 4 while you are there.