Toast V8.0 For Mac

Posted : admin On 29.07.2019
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Following last week's, has issued, bringing a number of Leopard-specific fixes, and some other bug fixes as well. The update resolves a few cosmetic issues that resulted from using Toast under Leopard, and a problem where the OS would produce poor quality music DVDs. A few errors have been fixed: Error 9011 will no longer occur when burning a DVD with MPEG-2 video and PCM audio, and -2009 will cease to happen when using PCM pass-through audio, while the 'Optimize on-the-fly' setting will no longer result in error -35 in Custom Hybrid and Mac Volume projects. Toast will now use the correct video quality settings when they are selected, and a hanging issue has been fixed from when the app was trying to process video footage from TiVo after it had been updated with the Fall 2007 patch. The accompanying applications have been updated as well. TiVo Transfer 1.1.1 resolves an issue where video footage wouldn't transfer properly, and all clips should properly display all metadeta. Toast Video Player 1.0.2 has also had a TiVo-centric update, allowing HD recordings to play back at the proper speed.

Toast V8.0 For Mac

Motion Pictures 2.1.4 now functions properly with Quicktime 7.2 and 7.3, and CD Spin Doctor 4.0.2 can now display audio previews in Leopard without hanging, while the CDSD Recorder Widget displays correctly in Leopard.

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