Ulysses Is Now A Damn Good Wordpress Editor For Mac

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To open it, right-click and chose open, and then click the open button. Now the app can run normally. Place it in a convenient place on your Mac (~/Applications is a good place), and then select it as the app Ulysses will export to. Ulysses-wp-password.json: The settings file where your WordPress login information is stored. Problems & Bugs. Red Falcon Editor (Mac, NES Contra ROM Editor) Posted in 2 - Contra Made Fans; Fans Made Contra, 2A - Fans>Konami on June 19. Then of course, the forum post has a bunch of butthurt nobodies who play along and say the game is really damn good. Or maybe their lives are so damn meaningless, this piece of shit excuse of a game is fun to them. The press kit contains our latest press releases, an app description, release notes, images. Ulysses is now a damn good WordPress editor for Mac and iOS.

Over the past decade of my career, I’ve used so many writing apps that you’d turn blue in the face if I listed them all. From to, to, they’re all really good for their intended uses. But for my general writing needs these days, I’ve settled on and from. It’s just damn good. These are a few of my favorite things. Check the gallery below to see some of this in action:. Ulysses goes beyond text editing to help organize files in the app right next to where I’m working.

Also: customizable folder icons to help me find them faster. Yet it’s really easy to hide the sidebar and focus on writing.

Call it distraction-free if you like. A favorites section, so I don’t have to drill into Finder folders for the stuff I’m working on right now. An easily collapsible panel to store notes, keywords, and attachments for each piece (which sync with iPad). This is invaluable to me in a writing app, yet so few do it (on Mac, toggle it with Cmd-4. I haven’t checked whether the iPad edition supports keyboard shortcuts, I mostly touchscreen type these days). That panel also has a Goals tool (see screenshots) where you can set a goal of writing, say, “at least” 1000 words a day on a big project, or “at most” 800 words on a piece with a hard word count.

A really nice, useful touch. Excellent Markdown support with a running preview so I don’t have to look at icky URLs while I write. It supports footnotes (admittedly I haven’t had to use them yet, but I intend to). A Cmd-O panel to quickly open any file in your library, no matter how buried in subfolders. Type a couple letters to search and go.

iCloud sync that works. I don’t know if they’re wielding some special magic, but it’s been rock solid for me between iPad and Mac. Just in case sync ever fails (because hey, it’s sync), Ulysses has its own custom backup and restore tool built on Apple’s Time Machine tools. It looks great, but over the last six months or so I honestly haven’t had to use it once.

A great, quick word count panel on iPad at the bottom of the document and a popoover on Mac (Cmd-7). A good set of export and publishing options: copy a piece to the clipboard as Markdown or HTML, open in other apps, create PDFs or eBooks (yep, even on iPad!), and more recently, publish directly to Medium as a draft I could probably make this list three times as long, but why bother. If you write, Ulysses is just fantastic and worth its price, hands down. You can buy it via my affiliate and links, or you can get. I can’t recommend it enough.

In one corner, we have cranky reporters, who have been embedded in lodgings around Beverly Hills for the past two weeks for the Television Critics Association press tour. In the other, Aaron Sorkin and his show for HBO, The Newsroom, which is bringing in good ratings, but terrible reviews.

The two met yesterday for what should have been an awkward, bloodbath, but instead, it was a stalemate, with critics calling Sorkin out on his sh.t and Sorkin refusing to admit that The Newsroom is anything but amazing. On bad reviews: “For sure we all know that there were critics who did not enjoy watching the first 4 episodes — and there were critics that did. Anytime that people are talking this much about a television show, it’s good for televisiongood for people who watch television and good for people who work in television.” On reportedly, except his ex-girlfriend: “A couple of weeks ago, an unsourced and untrue story appeared on the Internet. The writing staff was not fired. I love the writing staff. I thought we did great this year, and it’s a fantastic group of men and women to come to work with. But at the end of each season, you get together with the producers and the department heads and you talk about ways that you can get better.

So, a couple of staffing changes were made — including promoting two of our writers’ assistants.” Sorkin also mentioned that, contrary to rumors, he never dated staff writer Corinne Kingsbury, who not only briefly appeared in episode five as a stripper, but also, as commenter Alvis, played the “brunette topless from Old School.” RANGE. On new consultants: Newsroom‘s second season will include a vast range of behind-the-scenes “paid consultants” who will contribute to the series, as opposed to the handful of sources Sorkin utilized during the series’ freshman run. On working in the past: Sorkin revealed that the series will “always be about 9-12 months behind” real-life current events addressed on the show-within-a-show.

This has been one of my biggest gripes about The Newsroom so far, and it looks like I’ll be bitching about it for (gulp) seasons to come. Setting the show nine months in the past is cheap in two ways: 1) It takes advantage of a viewer’s emotional attachment to a real-life tragedy, like Gabrielle Giffords being shot, and reduces it to a pile of Coldplay-assisted mush; and 2) Sorkin can always make Atlantic Cable News seem perfect. Sure, all the OTHER networks immediately pronounced Giffords dead, but NOT NEWS NIGHT. Something something Cronkite! On Newsroom‘s problems writing for female characters: Sorkin says he “completely respects” the opinion that the show’s women are portrayed in a less flattering light than its male characters, “but I 100 percent disagree with it.

I think the female characters on the show are every bit the equals of the menCaring about other people more than themselves, being thoughtful, serious, plainly smart, being great team players — those to me are what define the characters, and by the way, I’d say the same thing for the actresses who play them. Once you have that down, you can have them slip on as many banana peels as you want. That’s just comedy.” He’s so full of himself here. To put things in perspective: Olivia Munn is the most fully formed female character on The Newsroom, and during a dramatic scene in last week’s episode, she freaked about her weight.

Emily Mortimer’s MacKenzie McHale constantly has gum stuck in her hair and was defended by Sorkin at the panel because of the “loyalty” she showed by staying with Will McAvoy, a man, while Alison Pill’s Maggie signed a condolence card “I’m sorry about your loss, LOL” because she thought “LOL” stood for “Lots of Love” and has a lady friend who barges in the newsroom and begins screaming about Valentine’s Day. Todd VanDerWerff discusses this over at the, but I think what bugs so many people about The Newsroom — other than what’s listed above and the middle age white guy bloviating that makes you want to scream — is that it doesn’t feel like an HBO show. If it was on USA or TNT, we’d expect and accept any number of problems, but because it airs on Sunday nights on HBO, the same night and channel as The Sopranos and The Wire, we want it to be amazing, to feel like we’re watching something special. Instead, we’ve got Dev Patel raving about Bigfoot.

Sorkin does one have strong defender, though: Why, Kristen? It doesn’t seem like an HBO show. It seems like an NBC show, just like Studio 60 and The West Wing. There’s no stylistic difference that I can see. This will go to syndication on another channel without much need to chop out the “racey” moments because there aren’t many.

Ulysses Is Now A Damn Good Wordpress Editor For Mac Torrent

I don’t think it’s perfect. It’s something I DVR and watch later. I enjoy it and it beats the hell out of every single thing on the big 3 right now. Sorkin will never admit to the massive recycling he does, and to me that’s the thing that holds it back. I spend too much time now thinking about all the places his characters have already said and done these things. Once I can lose that stigma I’ll go back to enjoying it more. It’s not an HBO show, because that doesn’t mean anything.

It’s an Aaron Sorkin show, and a damn good one at that. You know what else airs on Sunday nights?


True Blood, which is a pile of shit this season. The Newsroom has smart characters that are relatable. Yeah, it’s not a perfect representation of news, but that’s not the point. The point is to call out Fox News and all of the other assholes in the media who don’t do the news right. I get the critiques, but it’s Sorkin. Deal with it.

Ulysses Is Now A Damn Good Wordpress Editor For Mac

Why was anyone surprised? I actually watch the politically driven dram/rom/com because surprisingly, i like polotics! It’s basically a love/hate letter to the news world and i appreciate what they’re doing. What bothers me is that people are actually confused by the idea that women can actually be dumb and smart in the same scene. Everyone has moments of stupidity and genius throughout they’re lives.

I know plenty of women who are complete messes who worry about their hair and body weight and who make mistakes daily but it doesn’t make them any less intelligent and amazing. If anything the guys are pretty sloppy and ridiculous. There’s the asshole boyfriend who constantly insults and aggrivates everyone on set and behind the scenes. There’s the nerdy pakistany guy who writes the blog and was obsessed with bigfoot (for one goddanm episode, give it a break) and the quiet but caring shy guy who suffers almost daily from foot in mouth syndrome. They’re all a little eccentric and thats fine. It’s interesting. And on top of all that, they’re saying things that i agree with about polotics and world.

I couldn’t be more thrilled in front of a tv screen. I agree with everything said in this line of comments. I like the show and honestly, until someone points out one of these little bitches and moans, I don’t notice them. After seeing what they consider to be a deal breaker, I still don’t care. Also, McAvoy bought a ring that costs more than most people’s houses because he’s an emotional mess about Mac but I don’t hear people losing their fucking minds about him being Emo. Find another show to bash already.

There’s a great little article on this very site about pregger Teens and their pregger Moms that these people really should be focusing their attentions on. Thank you, WRS. All these people who talk about the “weak” female characters seem to miss the fact that Jim is a bumbling idiot at least half the time; Neal is a colossal, sometimes caricaturish nerd; Will is a major-league asshole, to his own detriment; and Charlie is constantly drunk, and a minor-league asshole. Those are significant flaws, approximately on par with those of the female characters. If you wanna say all the characters are weak, that’s fine, and I think it’s true (thus far); but don’t make it an issue of sexism.

Every time I read about Newsroom, I realize just how repetitive Sorkin’s characters and writing are, and I always find something else that someone seemed to miss. An old officemate and I used to play West Wing/Sports Night/American President trivia with each other, until we came down to identifying which lines of dialogue had been repeated and trying to remember which episodes or scenes they came from. Newsroom isn’t as much fun a Sports Night and it isn’t as good as West Wing, but I’m still enjoying it because, for as much as every episodes seems unpleasantly familiar, Sorkin still writes better than almost everyone on TV and he creates characters that I can buy into. I believe that Will McAvoy could exist and that his character would pay the ransom for an Egyptian stringer. I believe that Neal would insist on contributing. I believe that Leona Lansing would undermine her own talent to protect other elements of her business.

Yeah, most of the women are somewhat flat, but they’re not stupid and they’re not incompetent and they are still relatable. So, I’ll probably keep watching Newsroom because spot-the-Sorkinism is mildly amusing and because even this half measure of the West Wing’s gravitas and other half of Sports Night’s fun is still a better-crafted universe than 90% of what’s on TV. All of this (the show, critics’ rambling, blogs, and comments) is sad. I think the media and politics (national and local) is a circus and arguing for any one side makes you as imbecilic as any other side. Sorkin and subsequently his characters feel they are outside of this circle and therefore are prophets giving us real truth. But in reality he is just another voice trying to hide under the illusion of art and the last episode was a perfect demonstration of it.

And the comparison argument that this is better than other shows so we should like it? I like Ong Bak 2.

Ulysses Is Now A Damn Good Wordpress Editor For Mac Download

Just don’t dress it up as high minded and I’ll drink the koolaid. But as soon as you start pretending to teach us, please, oh dear LAWD, please don’t pander.